Capping and stacking – correct hand angles

We have already covered capping and stacking in a previous section, but I want to break this down even more so that the technique is executed precisely. Re-cap Both techniques are more suited to the classic trained tech that has yet to progress into volume –so it’s that stepping stone to the next level. Capping [...]

Coloured eyelash extensions – the rules

I love it when I get the chance to do coloured lashes, because its something different from what I usually do and it allows we to get creative. I also get to take some super photos and this helps to promote me and my work. However, applying a set of coloured lashes take correct understanding [...]

Guy lashing – male clients

I have only ever lashed one male client (there isn’t the demand where I live) but when I did get to lash a guy I had so much fun, and I got to do colour lashes. If you do have male clients its unlikely that will want to have a dramatic set but more so [...]

Taping techniques – exposing difficult natural lashes

I’ll be honest – I am not a fan of this technique and as such I do not teach it, but there are lots of techs out there that use this, and lots of trainers that teach this. This technique is used to assist with isolation and locating “difficult lashes”. It is generally used towards [...]

Different style creations with a variety of curls

The use of a variety of curls can create some amazing effects on our clients, so really we need to consider how we can use them to create the look we want. Over the years the lash industry has grown and as such we now have a variety of curls available to us to allow [...]

Eyepads – how to fit every clients

Getting those “pesky” eye pads to fit every client we see has always been a struggle, and as a young tech I was always searching for that perfect pad that would fit everyone. Sadly it doesn’t exist – but I did find a pad that fits 95% of clients and I now sell in my [...]

Phone apps – the best

Most of my pictures are taken on my I phone, because its simple, quick and easy and can be uploaded to every social media platform at the click of a button. I am a bit of an apple fan, therefore I am only familiar with the I phone and the apps on there, so if [...]

Speed lashing

Every lash tech always has the same complaint: “How can I speed up?” Now it’s important to remember that lashing is an intricate skill, and to perform a full set cleanly takes time. We aim to lash 80-120 natural lashes per set, and to do this will take time (think about it). There are techs [...]

Feathering technique

The feathering technique is one of my favourite classic lash techniques out there, and I remember when I first discovered this technique and saw my sets go from “boring and flat” to “textured and fluffy”. Before I was just using the same lash length per zone, but when I realised I could use multiple lengths [...]

Aesthetically pleasing sets

So many lash techs seem to be obsessed with covering 100% of lashes – why??????? Take a minute to ask yourself this question – Do you actually need to cover 100% of all lashes, and are all lashes suitable to be lashed? However, I must admit that I too was once obsessed with this - [...]