Lash mapping

Lash mapping is your road map/sat nav for creating the perfect set. Without your map you will get lost along the way, therefore you must lash map. I am always amazed at how many lash techs do not lash map, or were never taught to lash map and instead just guess where it is that [...]

What products and actvities affect retention

Retention is the constant struggle for any lash technician even the experienced ones. We all think that one day we will reach that point where we will no longer have any issues with client retention and that each one will come back at 3-4 weeks with load of lashes still. Trust me - this isn’t [...]

Correct seating position

This is something that I always teach on my beginner’s courses, but it seems that this is rarely something that is taught, but is so important to know. The first thing I do need to say is that lashing will take its toll on your neck, shoulders, back, wrists and eyes. Athletes are professionals at [...]

Control of your working environment

The ability to control your working environment is paramount when applying eyelash extensions – (this can be impossible if you are a mobile therapist). You will need the following devices to control your environment:
 Hygrometer – a small inexpensive device that measures temperature and humidity Air conditioner – to control and reduce temperature Dehumidifier – [...]

How lash glue works – the secret to great retention

This subject is SO IMPORTANT and if you do not apply the below then your glues will not work and your clients lashes will fall off within a few days. When I was a new tech I did not have the benefit of any one to teach this subject to me and as such this [...]

Lash pressure – why are lashes sticking to the pads

This is a common complaint, that during the set some of the extensions that you apply get stuck to the under eye pads. There are several reasons why this can happen and I have created a video to assist you in understanding why this can happen and how it can be prevented during the set. [...]

Correct client cleaning

Clients MUST clean their extensions if they want them to last as well as prevent the build of bacteria that can lead to infections such as Blepharitis. Each night, clients must clean around the eye area and lash line with a cotton bud and their lash cleanser to ensure the whole area is squeaky clean. [...]

Fluttery eyes

Most of us have had that client whose eyes would not stop fluttering – “like trying to attach an extension to a NL isn’t hard enough without this added challenge.” Luckily most clients eyes will settle down after a while, but they will be that rare client whose eyes will just continue to flutter – [...]

Eyelash mites

Do you actually know about lash mites? The eyelash mite is also known as demodex folliculitis. They are usually innocuous, and most people go about their business never noticing that they are there. The mites are too small to see with the naked eye. They are so small that there may be over 25 [...]

Client expectations

This is probably one of the toughest subjects you will have to deal with during your career as a lash tech; meeting the “expectations” of your clients. Eyelash extensions have soared in popularity because they do just that – they extend our eyelashes. As such we are seeing more and more clients that dream of [...]