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The aim of this group is to give qualified Lash Techs a safe place to learn, develop and be the best they can in this competitive industry. This mentoring group allows Lash Techs from around the globe to have 24/7 access to the in-depth and technical content surrounded lash extensions that you will not find anywhere else. Navigate through our Beginners, Advanced, Volume and Business sections and learn advanced techniques that you never knew existed. Please note, that I do not “teach” the volume lash pickup techniques on here, but have advanced content to assist already trained volume techs.

It’s the only place for lash techs to keep up-to-date with the latest lashing techniques, as well as interact with hundreds of other techs from around the globe who also share your passion – and that’s just the start.

This industry advances so quickly; therefore it is paramount that you also continue to keep up-to-date with the latest and most effective eyelash products that are entering the industry. Frankie tries and tests these products, so that you don’t have to. No more wasting your money on products that do not do what they promise – this group alone will save you hundreds of pounds that you may have spent testing these products yourself.

This group will help you very quickly develop your lashing skills, but sometimes that’s not enough to attract clients; you must also understand how to make a success of your business – this is something you do not get taught on your eyelash extensions courses. You will not only be shown the “Do’s”, but also the “Don’ts” in the industry – saving you hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds in investments that do not work.

You will be mentored by one of the Industries leading Lash Artists – Frankie Widdows, who has single-handedly built a very successful career within this profession. Here she teaches you everything that she has learnt and put into practice over the years. Frankie has not only spent many hours perfecting her lashing skills, but also attending Business Courses to learn for herself how to turn her business into a profitable one. She has been mentored by one of the top Internet Business Marketers in the UK and, as such, used the skills and techniques taught to her to build her own successful business – not only in her salon work and Training Academy, but also online – and this she teaches to all LTT members.

You too can learn all of the trade secrets and turn your eyelash extensions business into a profitable one, with the scope to take your career wherever you want. Frankie has done it, and now you can too!


All members become part of WALAD (World Association of Lash Artistry and Development).

This is an organisation that shows others that you are serious about your industry, and that you keep up to date with the latest techniques and products within the eyelash extensions industry.

You will receive:

  • Your own membership number
  • A certificate for you to print and display on your wall and to your clients
  • The WALAD logo file to use where you wish

LTT group has gone from strength to strength and we are now approaching our 3rd year, welcoming new members daily from all over the world and at all levels and abilities.

So how does all this work?

This group uses a variety of platforms to make your lash learning experience easy.

WALAD Certificate

The chat element of the group is on Facebook (because everyone knows how to use and interact on Facebook) and with Facebook notifications, you know you will never miss out on the latest tutorial, post etc.

This Facebook group is a secret group, which means that no one can search for it, or see any of the content outside of the group. Every comment and post is confidential and cannot be seen by anyone who is not a member of the group, so that you can be confident that your posts are only seen by the other lash techs on the group.

All of the video and written content are located on this website. You will be given your own unique username and password to access this whenever you wish.

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Check out just a few of our LTT Testimonials


My name is Frankie Widdows, I’m a Master Lash Artist, International Trainer, Lash Judge and working Lash Technician. I am the creator of LTT, an idea that was presented to me by one of my original followers on YouTube – to set up a group that people could join and learn my techniques.

I wasn’t always in the beauty industry; in fact my previous career couldn’t be any more different to what I do. I served for 10 years in the Police, working as a response officer and dog handler, before making the decision to leave and follow my true passion for creativity and beauty.

I entered into this industry providing a range of treatments to women and, over time, realized that I have a passion for eyelash extensions. However, I wasn’t very good, in fact I was terrible and, as a result, my clients never came back! My initial eyelash extension training was of poor quality and there was no on-going support, and no one out there who were willing to help me. My confidence was knocked time and time again by clients who left unhappily, because I did not know what I was doing, and I was unknowingly causing damage to their lashes. I was spending so much money on advertising, and none of it worked. I had only a few clients, and those that did come for lashes never returned. I soon realised that the little money I was earning was not enough to live on, and my decision to leave the Police to pursue my dream seemed to have been a major mistake.

Frankie Widdows - Eyelash Excellence

However, one day I met one of the UKs leading Internet Marketers, and we got talking about my past career and my new failing one. I listened to his story and he told me about his financial success since he was made redundant from his previous job (he’s now worth £10+ million pounds). He explained how he now offers seminars and business courses, where he teaches people the secrets he used to be come successful. I went away and carefully decided to invest some of my dwindling savings into one of his 3-day courses, that he assured me would help build my business. This is something that I needed, as I had no business skills whatsoever, and no idea how to sell myself and attract clients – and my previous attempts had all failed.

At the same time I treated myself to a set of lash extensions and was amazed at how uniformed they looked, compared to my messy sets of lashes. I remember studying them in the mirror and trying to figure out how I could get my lashes like that – so I set to work on my mother, who was a willing volunteer.

I figured that if I controlled the direction of the extensions, then they would surely look straighter, rather than swiping them on top of the natural lash – as I had been taught. I tried really hard, and was pleasantly surprised with how much better my set looked, and it was from then that I started to teach myself, rather than just follow what I had been taught.

However, back then other eyelash extensions technicians were still not willing to share information or help, so I was very much alone in my development. There was only one online group that allowed Lash Techs to showcase their work, and I would read all the posts and offer my own advice. I started to open my mind as to what I could do to make my sets look better, and share with other techs what I had done. Then, one day, I was asked if I could make a YouTube video to demonstrate a technique, so I had a go and the response was amazing. So I started making more, and the more I uploaded, the more people started to follow me.

My lash work started to get better, and so did my business skills, and as a result I finally started to get clients. The more clients I had, the more pictures I took and posted. The more pictures I posted, the more clients I then got and my business began to grow. I enjoyed speaking other Lash techs and would always be willing to help them, make a tutorial or just ‘talk lashes’ with them. My YouTube followers started to grow and my work was getting better and better, because I had the clients to practice on.

Then one day I received a message from a lady, who asked if I had ever considered running a mentoring group – a group where I would give people advice, upload tutorials and teach them how to run their businesses. I didn’t see how people would pay for this, as I was already helping people for free, but she said she would join – so I started to think about it.

So, I made tentative inquiries and the response was incredible and within the first week we had nearly 80 members!

As time has gone on, this group has gone from strength to strength with new members joining all of the time. The feedback from all members has been so positive, with the improvement in the standard of work being incredible. We have members from all over the world and of all standards, sharing their passion for lash extensions and wanting to better themselves.

The purpose of this group has always been to mentor people, and this is exactly what it does. This group is an extension of my training academy “ Eyelash Excellence”, and is my job. Therefore this group is run and monitored by me 365 days a year, with every post being read, answered and new tutorials being uploaded all of the time, whether my own topics or those requested by members.

Each member of this group is a valuable member, and makes the group the success that it is. With members from all over the world, there is always someone online at every time of the day. This group continues to go from strength to strength, assisting technicians to be nothing but the best.

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