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I am founder and CEO of Eyelash Excellence Ltd. and have worked hard to build an impressive reputation within the lash industry for my standard of work, willingness to share, excellent courses and superior Eyelash Supplies.

My name is Frankie Widdows, I’m a Master Lash Artist, International Trainer, Lash Judge, Guest speaker, shop owner and working Lash Technician. I am the creator of LTT, an idea that was presented to me by one of my original followers on YouTube – to set up a platform where people learn my techniques, and all things lashes.

I wasn’t always in the beauty industry; in fact my previous career couldn’t be any more different to what I do. I served for 10 years in the Police, working as a response officer and dog handler, before making the decision to leave and follow my true passion for creativity and beauty.

I entered into this industry providing a range of treatments to women and, over time, realized that I have a passion for eyelash extensions. However, I wasn’t very good, in fact I was terrible and, as a result, my clients never came back! My initial eyelash extension training was of poor quality and there was no on-going support, and nobody out there who was willing to help me. My confidence was knocked time and time again by clients who left unhappily, because I did not know what I was doing, and I was unknowingly causing damage to their lashes. I was spending so much money on advertising, and none of it worked. I had only a few clients, and those that did come for lashes never returned. I soon realised that the little money I was earning was not enough to live on, and my decision to leave the Police to pursue my dream seemed to have been a major mistake.

Frankie Widdows
Frankie Widdows

However, one day I met one of the UKs leading Internet Marketing Coaches, and we got talking about my past career and my new failing one. I listened to his story and he told me about his financial success since he was made redundant from his previous job (he’s now worth £10+ million pounds). He explained how he now offers seminars and business courses, where he teaches people the secrets he used to become successful. I went away and carefully decided to invest some of my dwindling savings into one of his 3-day courses, which he assured me would help build my business. This is something that I needed, as I had no business skills whatsoever, and no idea how to sell myself and attract clients – and my previous attempts had all failed.

At the same time I treated myself to a set of lash extensions and was amazed at how uniformed they looked, compared to my messy sets of lashes. I remember studying them in the mirror and trying to figure out how I could get my lashes like that – so I set to work on my mother, who was a willing volunteer.

I figured that if I controlled the direction of the extensions, then they would surely look straighter, rather than swiping them on top of the natural lash – as I had been taught. I tried really hard, and was pleasantly surprised with how much better my set looked, and it was from then that I started to teach myself, rather than just follow what I had been taught. However, back then other eyelash extensions technicians were still not willing to share information or help, so I was very much alone in my development. There was only one online group that allowed Lash Techs to showcase their work, and I would read all the posts and offer my own advice. I started to open my mind as to what I could do to make my sets look better, and share with other techs what I had done. Then, one day, I was asked if I could make a YouTube video to demonstrate a technique, so I had a go and the response was amazing. So I started making more, and the more I uploaded, the more people started to follow me.

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Then one day I received a message from an Australian lash tech, who asked if I had ever considered running a mentoring group – a group where I would upload advanced tutorials, show how I grew my businesses etc. I couldn’t see how this would be popular, or that I could compete with platforms such as YouTube, where I already had very basic videos, but she said she would love to join – so I started to think about it.

I made tentative inquiries and the response was incredible and within the first week we had nearly 80 members!

As time has gone on LTT has grown in strength and evolved into what it is today. The feedback from all members has been so positive, and it has become global, with members from all over the world, and of all standards, sharing their passion for lash extensions and wanting to better themselves.

The purpose of LTT has always been to share, teach and improve the standard of our industry, and this is exactly what it does.

In addition to LTT, I am also still a working lash tech, as well as a trainer. I train students both in the UK and Internationally, therefore I spend a lot of time travelling, with the US, Canada, Europe, South America and Australia being some of my most recent destinations.

I also offer online training, designed for those that prefer distance learning, or cannot attend my in-person courses. The course content is exactly the same as in my class, but filmed close up, in HD and put online. Students get their own manuals to download, have the option to purchase the online student kit, and must submit case studies for certification. They also receive the same unlimited on-going support from me, for as long as they need it.

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Guest speaking and Lash judging is another area that allows me to travel, where I get to meet with all of those that share the lash passion as well as see some of the amazing lash work being produced.

In addition to the above, I have my online shop “Eyelash Excellence” that we introduced in December 2015. This shop only sells products that have been stringently tested by me. Every product retailed is of the best quality, and is what I solely use on my clients. I would never put my name to a product that did not offer the level of quality I expect from the products I work with. As a working lash tech that has over the years worked with a lot of products, I knew exactly what I was looking for, and only after months of hunting for them and intense testing, could I select those that made it to my online shop.

Every day I feel truly blessed to have found an industry that I love. I am my happiest when I am lashing, and couldn’t imagine my life without it. My obsession with lashes makes me want to share this passion with those that love it too, and I have over the years met and formed so many friendships with like-minded techs from around the world.

LTT is not only a learning zone, but has opened the doors to a community of lash lovers that share their passion of all things lashes.

Frankie x

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