Are Eyelash Excellence online courses Accredited/Recognised & Insurable across the globe?

Frankie’s Online courses are available to those from across this globe and were originally developed for students outside of the UK that could not attend her courses due to distance.

Each country has its own regulations/insurance laws regarding Eyelash Extension courses both online and in-person, therefore you must check with your own Countries’ governing body as to whether your course would be accepted in your region of the world.

All of Frankie’s online courses are the identical content taught on her in person courses which are all UK accredited with the Guild of Beauty Therapists and have met the strict requirements for UK accreditation. They are also recognised internationally by the IICT.

Getting insured for your business is the same as getting car insurance. Every insurer has a team of underwriters that look at each business to meet a set of pre-requirements. This could be age, experience, qualifications and treatment risk. Acceptance by an insurer is always done on a case by case basis and a student accepted by one company, another may be refused even with the same certificate.
Therefore, we always advise students prior to purchasing any online course, to first check they can get insurance cover.

All of our online courses are accredited with Lash Inc.

If you are in the UK, you will see that up until late, most of the large UK accreditation companies that will accredit ‘UK based in-person courses’, will not accredit ‘online beginners courses’ for UK students and instead require UK based students to take in-person classes only so they can gain insurance. However in light of COVID-19 restrictions, there are now some UK companies that will accredit online courses so that you can gain insurance if the correct case study guidelines are followed. We have updated our case study requirements to reflect this.

Our online courses will be recognised by many insurance providers, but we can’t guarantee all, as some have different requirements, as such please contact your current insurance company for clarification. Insync is the primary Insurer for the Lash Inc policy in the UK and offers specialist insurance if you are training in only one or a few subjects.

Insync Insurance Quote

or take a look below at a list of insurers that Lash Inc often recommend who have insured courses accredited with Lash Inc.

  • Westminister Indemnity
  • Axa
  • Directline for Business
  • Towergate Insurance
  • Hiscox
  • Aviva
  • Liverpool Victoria
  • Finch Group
  • PolicyBee
  • Lonsdale Cosmetics
  • Beazley
  • Quote 123

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding insurance, we would always recommend contacting your insurance provider first.