I still see many lash artists recommending baby shampoo as a lash cleanser – this is a big NO!!!

Why? – baby shampoo is not an eye cleanser and as such should never go anywhere near the eyes and is certainly not suitable for cleaning eyelash extensions.

Baby shampoos contain fragrance, artificial colours and mineral oils, that overtime with long term use will break down the integrity of the adhesive causing lashes to have shorter retention.

Although many say oil free, they have an added numbing agent ‘no more tears formula’ which will also cause premature shedding.

Eyelash cleansers are designed for eyelash extensions;

-To be safe on the eye

-To have antibacterial properties

-To not affect the bonds

This is why we MUST only use designated lash shampoos.

We have ready made up lash cleanser and also lash cleansing sachets on our website that can be retailed to your clients at an affordable price and you know that it is safe and will not affect retention or you can have on your own lash trolly.