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Fluttery eyes

Most of us have had that client whose eyes would not stop fluttering – “like trying to attach an extension to a NL isn’t hard enough without this added challenge.” Luckily most clients eyes will settle down after a while, but they will be that rare client whose eyes will just continue to flutter – [...]

Eyelash mites

Do you actually know about lash mites? The eyelash mite is also known as demodex folliculitis. They are usually innocuous, and most people go about their business never noticing that they are there. The mites are too small to see with the naked eye. They are so small that there may be over 25 [...]

Client expectations

This is probably one of the toughest subjects you will have to deal with during your career as a lash tech; meeting the “expectations” of your clients. Eyelash extensions have soared in popularity because they do just that – they extend our eyelashes. As such we are seeing more and more clients that dream of [...]

Unsticking stickies

This would be a very difficult tutorial for me to film because at my level of experience I no longer get stickies – so to film this I would have to deliberately create stickies and I am not about to do that. Stickies  = Extensions or natural lashes that become stuck together, usually as a [...]

The best tweezers

This is always going to be personal choice of the lash tech using them, which is why there are so many different types out there, with each tech favouring their own. Types: (the main ones you will see) Straight Angled Curved X tweezers – avoid! Footed/Axe Straight tweezers Exactly what is says – [...]

Adhesive storage

This is a subject that can be a little confusing for many so I will go over how I store my adhesives. I always put my unopened adhesives in the fridge, just to help keep them cool, and according to Doug Schoon (Cyanoacrylate expert and friend of Jill form Lash FX) this is fine. Please [...]