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The best tweezers

This is always going to be personal choice of the lash tech using them, which is why there are so many different types out there, with each tech favouring their own. Types: (the main ones you will see) Straight Angled Curved X tweezers – avoid! Footed/Axe Straight tweezers Exactly what is says – [...]

Adhesive storage

This is a subject that can be a little confusing for many so I will go over how I store my adhesives. I always put my unopened adhesives in the fridge, just to help keep them cool, and according to Doug Schoon (Cyanoacrylate expert and friend of Jill form Lash FX) this is fine. Please [...]

Health and physical safety – masks, exercises, chairs, glasses

Your personal health and safety is paramount if you want a long and healthy career within the lash industry. However so many techs forget this and seem to focus only on the health of their clients and neglect themselves. Actually I have been there, too consumed in my business, lashing long hours and neglecting myself [...]