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Start your lash journey
with Eyelash Excellence

Our Beginners Courses are for those that have never trained in eyelash extensions before, felt their initial beginner’s eyelash extension training was poor, or are re-entering the lash industry after a break and need to brush up on their techniques.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your lash journey today with award winning lash trainer Frankie Widdows and Eyelash Excellence.
Online Beginners Course

Online Beginners Eyelash Extensions Course


This Classic Online Beginners Course's content is brand new for 2023. You will be taught the most up to date lash techniques, practising with Pre mades, YY and Clover lashes to create full on fluffy looks. Up until now, Beginner’s lash courses have only taught those new to eyelash extensions with Classic lashes: a single strand of hair which creates a very natural, almost too natural lash look on most people. However, it is now it is time to step into the new era of lashing! Now you will learn how to create full on fluffy effects on your clients, using different types of “new technology” pre made eyelash extensions which also include YY, Clover, Easy fans etc..
660 Minutes of On-Demand Theory & Practical Videos
100 Page Beginners Manual PDF download
100 Editable Social Media Templates
In-Person Beginners Course

In-Person Beginner Eyelash Extensions Training

This course is accredited and insured by ABT, the UKs largest beauty and insurance membership provider. On successful completion of case studies, students can apply for ABT insurance, you will then be able to submit your certificate and gain insurance to work legally in the UK as a qualified lash artist.

This course is for those that have never trained in eyelash extensions before, or felt their initial beginners eyelash extension training was poor. You do not need any type of prior beauty qualification to attend this course.

New for 2023, you will be taught the most up to date lash techniques, practising with Pre mades, YY and Clover lashes to create full fluffy looks. For the past 15 years we have been teaching beginners with Classic lashes only, a single strand of hair which creates a very natural, almost too natural lash look on most people. However, it is now it is time to step into the new era of lashing! Learn how to from the “get go” create full on fluffy looks, using different types of “new technology” pre made eyelash extensions and looking at all techniques such as classic, hybrid and “volume effect” looks. These new types of eyelash extensions and techniques that we will be working with, technically still fall under classic lash qualification, which is why we have brought these in to our beginners training for 2023.
Accredited and fully UK insurable lash course
Students will be trained using Eyelash Excellence products
Continued Support

Why should you train with Eyelash Excellence over other lash companies?

Let me introduce myself, my name is Frankie Widdows, I am an Award-winning lash expert specialising solely in eyelash extensions. I have been a lash artist since 2012 and in this time, I feel like I have built up an impressive reputation and resumé in the lash world.

Over the years I have travelled the world teaching my lash techniques to thousands of students across the globe. Not only do I run my own international eyelash extensions courses, but also get invited by salon owners to offer my trainings to lash artists in their areas.

In addition to this, my high-quality technical work and lash skills were recognised early on in my lash career, which opened invites to be a top lash judge at the world’s biggest eyelash extension competitions. I have travelled the world judging some of the best lash artists and offering my expert critique on their work. My role as a top lash judge requires me to constantly be at the top of my game in all aspects of eyelash extensions and these skills I use to teach my students.

My expert knowledge on all things lashes led me to host the very first UK lash conference back in 2015 and over the years I have also been invited to guest speak on the biggest lash stages in the world. Here I share my lash skills and techniques with others.
Lash Competition JudgingTraining Students

What Our Students Are Saying About Our Courses

The absolute best course I have ever taken, online or in-person!
So much information, but not so much that you can't get through it in one go. I loved how I was able to print everything out to take with me to my salon and refer back to when I don't have my electronics on hand to login to my profile. I wish I only knew of this course sooner as I am 5 years into lashing and feeling like I could be so much more advanced if I had prioritized bespoke styling sooner.
Lauren Lirot
100% Worth It!
I completed this beginner’s online lash course during lockdown having been made redundant from my job and was looking for a new career path. I had no choice but to learn online as we were in lockdown and was reluctant to do so as I had always been recommended to do a face to face course. I had heard great things about Frankie Widdows and was not disappointed. It’s evident she is a lash expert as she really does know her stuff. I had no idea the treatment was so detailed, and learning the lash weights blew my mind but now makes complete sense.
Poppy Chandler
Exactly what I was looking for.
I had only lashed for 2 years before I decided to call it quits thanks to covid regulations of opening and closing my business constantly (I’m in Canada). After a 2 year hiatus, I decided to start up again. This course not only refreshed my memory, but gave me ample tricks and tips that I didn’t know before. There was a glitch with one of the videos, but the help desk was super fast at clearing it up (again, I’m in Canada on a different time zone) and I am super impressed. I will definitely be purchasing a few more courses in the future.
So happy I chose this online course.
A really well constructed course, easy to follow and apply all the elements. I purchased the kit too, brilliant, with everything I needed to complete the course and work on more models. 

Great customer service, got back to me straight away when I had a question. Would recommend this course to anyone looking to learn eyelash extensions.
Matilda Davis
Frequently Asked Questions
Great question… All of the content is pre-recorded, this means you can access whenever you want and don’t have to be free at “set times” to join live webinars etc. When your purchase the course it will automatically be added to your Eyelash Excellence account. Log into your account and you will see it under your courses section.

First of all, you can download you digital manuals: Anatomy and Physiology and your super in-depth Beginners Theory content manual. You can choose to print these out too or we also do have an option to purchase a hard copy of the Beginners 100 page manual, simply add to cart when you go to purchase the course, and don’t forget we have kit options too.
100% yes for however long you need it. My team and I are always on hand to assist so just reach out and we will get back to you asap. Your lash journey is not just about the course, but the real journey starts after, and it is paramount that you have a trainer/mentor on hand to assist you (because you will need help). My team and I build incredible relationships/friendships with our students and love watching their journey over the years. We want you to become part of the Eyelash Excellence family, so please always reach out to us and keep us updated throughout your lash journey.

You can contact us on [email protected] and we are always happy to assist.
Yes, all students receive lifetime 15% of Eyelash Excellence products as well as 25% off my other online eyelash courses. Your student discount code can be found in your course content.

If you would like to purchase the case study option - Click Here

Case studies are where you send us photographs and videos of your work for us to assess to ensure that you have understood the content taught and that you can apply the techniques safely and correctly to real models. We require 4 case studies for this beginner’s online eyelash extensions course. Case studies are either assessed by myself or my team of superb trainers.

For more information on what is required for our case studies - Click Here

Each student can re-submit their case studies twice (so three attempts in all at one case study) before I step in for extra assistance. If you follow all that has been taught it is very rare for students to fail case studies, but if you do, don’t worry we are here to assist you every step of the way.

We never force our students to purchase a kit, again this is entirely up to them. However, we have put together x2 different kits for our students to choose from if they wish. As a beginner it can be overwhelming to know what equipment you will need, so we have taken this stress away. You will also know you have all you need to complete the course and thereafter, and will be working with safe, approved products that do work and are the best quality there is. You cannot produce nice sets of lashes with poor products.

Take a look at our kits options which can be found by clicking here

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