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Can we lash pregnant clients? Everything you should know

Written on  July 9, 2021
lash pregnant clients

Here at Eyelash Excellence, we recommend that we should NEVER lash pregnant clients due to the associated risks that can occur: “can” is the important word here!

Why do we suggest this when we see so many lash artists stating that it is absolutely fine as long as they are made comfortable, i.e. lie on their side, prop knees up, allow to move position etc?

The main reason is the following:

Allergic Reactions

If a client “ has” a reaction (and this can happen to any client at any time) there can be a range of mild to severe symptoms that can occur.

Luckily, very few clients ever react to extensions and the odd few that do, react mildly. However during pregnancy, the body is more susceptible to sensitivities/reactions and if reaction does occur the body releases histamine and  “could” if at high levels, result in an internal haemorrhage which can cause severe foetal brain damage.

When a client has a reaction whether pregnant or not, the treatment is usually adrenaline, as well as IV fluids to maintain blood pressure. If there was low blood pressure in the pregnant client due to a reaction to eyelash extensions, this can lead to low blood flow to the organs in the foetus and of course the brain, hence brain damage can occur.

Lying Back During Pregnancy

When pregnant clients lay on their back, the weight of the uterus can compress the major blood vessel called the vena cava. This can disrupt blood flow to the foetus which can cause nausea, vomiting, and shortness of breath in the mother

If blood flow in the foetus is restricted for more than 5 minutes, then brain injuries can occur.

Pregnant women will also tell you how uncomfortable it is to lie on their backs for any length of time, so they would need to be moving about all the time for comfort and to prevent this risk.

So what should we do?

Our lash industry is unregulated across the globe. Some of us are governed by insurance companies who will cover us to lash pregnant clients, yet they have no medical background or knowledge to actually suggest such a practice is safe – they just offer insurance to protect the lash artist in the event of a claim.

Many lash artists will argue this subject, suggesting that if we are using safe lash products then it is safe to lash a pregnant client, however this is not the case we are discussing. What we MUST look at here is the “risks” that “can” occur. It is likely that 99% of pregnant clients will be absolutely fine, just like how those that continue smoke or drink during pregnancy may give birth to perfectly healthy babies. However, it is that expectant mother who chose to ignore the “recommendations”. As a lash artist it should not be you that is choosing to ignore these “risks” now knowing that these risks are present.

Are you now willing to take the chance, what if something was to go wrong and that what has been discussed actually happened? The finger will be pointed at you. Can you sleep at night knowing there were risks that you ignored in the hope all would be fine? Were those few extra dollars in your pocket worth it?

You are the professional here, not the client. It is your responsibility to ensure we take the lead on this and listen to medical advice, not the advice coming direct from a lash artist who posts their personal opinion on a forum who may have “got lucky” over the years that any pregnant clients they saw where “just fine”!

In addition, we now live in a huge compensation culture. Many people want to point blame at another because the legal system now makes this very easy to do, therefore it is very likely the blame will be on you. How do you now defend yourself knowing that there were associated risks that you ignored? These would be just a few of the questions asked of you if that pregnant client took out a lawsuit against you.

It is extremely concerning to see how many lash artists have no idea of these risks, with 90% of answers on forums saying it is perfectly fine to lash pregnant clients.  Is this never taught in trainings, why do lash artists fail to do their research. There are videos on YouTube talking about this subject, ours included. This information has always been out there.

How as an industry are we so uneducated on this subject?

The information provided above has been provided to us by medical experts, we simply share this with the lash industry to assist and help protect the lash artists and the client ‘if” the above was to happen. We urge you to follow the guidelines of such experts and do not ignore the risks than can occur. Are these risks really worth it for a set of eyelash extensions?

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