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Cancellation Policies

Written on  June 8, 2021
Cancellation Policies

I started my lash journey in 2015. I was a complete newbie. I did a basic foundation course and off I went to embark on my new found passion of lashing. I got the basics from my course, but felt I needed more, so I enrolled in a couple of Frankie’s (Eyelash Excellence) courses and quickly realised there was SO much to learn. In fact, the lash industry is evolving so quickly it's sometimes hard to keep up.

I would like to touch on something today which is hard to implement at the start but if you do, it will save you serious anguish, frustration, time and money.

No shows, last minute rescheduling and Cancellations……… We have all had them but how we manage them is really important. Having a cancellation policy written down is vital for every lash artist. it doesn’t matter if you have a home salon or if you have a studio in town. Clients need to be able to understand your set of rules for your business. It is very common these days to request a non refundable payment (deposit) at time of booking to secure their appointment and also safeguard yourself against the potential of that client, at the last minute wanting to reschedule or cancel.

We are expected to pay for services IN FULL if we miss a specialist appointment, a PT session or physio appointment.

In New Zealand, (and i am guessing this is the case in some other countries), the beauty industry has been too relaxed/trustworthy and either do not take deposits or have not implemented a cancellation policy. Clients have been able to cancel at the last minute and merely say, “Sorry” This is not acceptable or respectful to you as the service provider. Don’t get me wrong, there are genuine times that a client is unable to attend their appointment and this is where you are able to use your own discretion. They might be really unwell, have had a family crisis or children are ill. You would use your own discretion in regards to this.

It is a wonderful thing to be generous and kind but in the lash world you will do yourself a favour by implementing a cancellation policy and sticking with it. Even if you were unable to fill the appointment you still also have a life and could have done something else productive with your time. Time is VALUABLE….. and by having this policy in place it will nearly 100% cut out time wasters and people that think they can book but cancel at the last minute with no consequences. You also get the loyal and genuine clientele which is ultimately what we are all looking for in this industry.

Written by Eyelash Excellence New Zealand Trainer – Keren Clayton

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