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Classic VS Volume Lashes

Written on  April 21, 2023

What's The Difference?

The main difference between Classic lashes and Russian Volume is the Volume and fluffiness you get from the Russian lashes rather than a more mascara look you get from the Classic lashes.

Classic Lashes

These are considered the more ‘traditional’ technique when it comes to lashes. These are applied as a 1 to 1 ratio, so 1 false lash to your 1 natural lash. Individual lashes are usually made from a synthetic material. They come in many different lengths, thicknesses, curls and colours to suit.

Classic lashes will give you a more mascaraed look, but they are best suited to people who have naturally thick lashes and a fuller lash line. Each individual classic lash is going to be thicker in diameter than volume lashes. The diameter of the lash also tells us the weight of the lash.

The most commonly used are 0.15, 0.12, 0.10, there are also 0.18 and 0.20 but these are rarely used as they can be too heavy for the natural lash.
The more length the extension has can also affect its weight.

It's important not to overload the natural lashes so depending on what your natural lashes are like; this will determine or limit what can be achieved.

Russian Volume Lashes

So, this style did actually originate from Russia, hence the name.

Volume lashing is a hand made technique where 2-6 lashes are created into a fan from a strip using tweezers and then applied to 1 individual natural lash. These are customised again to the individual to suit the client’s natural lashes, eye shape and style.

Volume lashes aren’t to be mistaken for cluster lashes which are already premade and bonded into a glued knot at the end, these are too thick to be applied individually. The Russian volume technique requires skill and patients.

Volume lashes come in a smaller diameter than classic lashes as you are applying more than 1 to a natural lash. Therefore, they need to be a lot lighter so your natural lash can hold them safely. The most commonly used are 0.03 0.05 and 0.07 this type of lash creates a lovely soft 3-dimensional fluffy look.

Which Technique Is For Me?


⦁ Great if you have naturally thick lashes.
⦁ If you have a lot of natural lashes.
⦁ If you want a mascara look with added length.
⦁ Great as an introduction into wearing lashes.
⦁ Can look very natural.

Russian Volume

⦁ If you want more volume and depth even if your natural lashes are thick.
⦁ If you like wearing strip lashes and want a more dramatic look.
⦁ If you have sparse natural lashes.
⦁ If you have fine or weak natural lashes
⦁ If you want a soft fluffy look.

To summarise, whatever lash treatment you decide you can guarantee that this treatment will minimise your morning routine & enhance your appearance, you’ll wonder why you didn’t book your appointment sooner!!! Happy Lash Napping xx

By Andrea Martin, The Beauty Room (Eyelash Excellence Brand Ambassador)

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