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Cost Per Service & Tracking Your Usage

Written on  April 18, 2023
Cost Per Service & Tracking Your Usage

Do you have drawers and shelves full of lashes and lash products? Do you scramble to find the length and curl you need during an appointment? Are your boxes of lashes messy, with half used strips and in a jumbled pile? It can be a struggle to keep your workstation tidy when you have a full day of clients and are using different products for each appointment. However, if you find a way to keep your stock organized, tidy and tracked, your days at work will be much smoother.

There is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to store and organize your lash trays, but there are some tips you can use to maximize profit and reduce product loss.

Firstly, do you know how much stock you need? Do you know what you have on hand? I would recommend starting a list of everything you have.

C Curl Flats :
6x1, 7x2, 8x3 etc
C curl YY : 6x2, 7x4 etc.
D curl promades 10x1, 11x2
White tape 4
Nexcare tape 8

Track Everything

On each box of lashes, mark the date you opened it. This will help you assess how quickly you go through your different sizes, and the amount the reorder. You may be surprised at how many boxes or 9mm lashes you actually need!

When setting up for your day of clients, how much do you prepare in advance? I like to precut 10+ thin strips of 3M tape, as well as preparing my eye pads just before each client arrives. I prepare the lashes needed by cutting each strip I need into smaller pieces. i.e: 1/4 of a strip of 6 mm, 1/4 strip of 7mm, 1/3 strip of 8 mm, etc.
This method is ideal for minimizing waste and cross contamination.

Whether you use a lash tile or the back of your hand, you don't want any chance of contamination from one client to another, and you don't want to put used lashes back in the trays.

If you spend a few minutes preparing for the arrival of your client, you can start lashing the second they arrive. This makes the most of your appointment time, and clients can feel the organization, and it will instil confidence in their service provider.

Top Tips

  • Track your products
  • Don't over order
  • Keep your stock fresh. (Our industry evolves so quickly that you may find yourself with boxes of unusable and unfashionable lashes (.30 classics anyone?)
    Minimize waste.
  • And finally, at the end of your workday, prepare your space for your next day. It takes a few minutes, and is a nice treat for yourself :)

Blog by Adrienne Raczki (Eyelash Excellence Brand Ambassador)

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