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Welcome to the most advanced Online Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Course, designed to impart the art of creating flawless handmade fans. Anything less than perfection is simply not acceptable!

I'm Frankie Widdows, a renowned lash expert specialising in all areas of Eyelash Extensions. I have been a lash artist since 2012 and in that time have travelled the globe training thousands of students in my advanced lash techniques, judging at the global lash competitions and speaking at the biggest lash events.

I was one of the first lash artist's in the UK to master the Russian Volume technique when it was first invented in Russia back in 2012/2013.  I originally trained under the esteemed Nadia Afanaseva in New York, and from there honed my Russian Volume skills in the pursuit of perfection, qualities I instil in my students.


Course Suitability:

This course is recommended for lash artists with a minimum of 12 months of classic lashing experience. While prior experience is preferred, confidence and proficiency in classic lashes, along with a strong grasp of fundamental lash techniques, are prerequisites. If you can create a classic set in 2 hours or less and have a good understanding of lash mapping, eye shapes, and isolation, you're ready to delve into the advanced world of Russian Volume.


Why Choose This Course:


Lash Mapping & Eye Styling


Accessing Video Content:

All of my content is there and ready to go, no having to tune in to webinars at set times. Watch and rewatch as many times as you want and at a time that suits you.

Login to your online account, find the course you purchased, click to download your online manual, click on the first video and off you go. It could not be simpler!


Bonus Material:

Downloadable resources include consultation forms, patch tests, aftercare forms, release forms, lash design guides, lash styling and mapping sheets, client wall guides, an editable certificate, and more. Additionally, enjoy 100 free editable Canva social media templates for effective marketing.


Russian Volume Course 3

Russian Volume Course 4

Time limit

Take your time; there's no rush. The course content never expires, and you'll receive free lifetime updates to stay current.



This course is designed for students all across the globe. Each country has its own regulations for eyelash extensions and the qualification/certification required to work legally. Please check with your local governing body as to whether this course is accepted.

For students that require certification by Frankie Widdows Eyelash Excellence, please purchase our case study option which you can learn more about here.

This course is accredited by Insync and the IICT.

If you do opt for the case study option to gain an accredited certificate, you are required to submit x4 case studies for assessment, showcasing your understanding and application of the techniques taught.


Aftercare Support:

Count on me for continuous support throughout your lash journey. Reach out via [email protected] for assistance and updates.


Student Discounts:

Enjoy a lifetime 15% off Eyelash Excellence products and 25% off other online eyelash courses.


Invest with Confidence:

Join me on Instagram @eyelashexcellence and on YouTube for insights into my work, teaching, reviews, and upcoming high-quality videos.


Russian Volume Course 2



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]


Are you ready to go thicker, fuller and even more dramatic?

This MEGA volume course is for the Artist that is already trained in the treatment of Russian Volume extensions. This is an advanced volume treatment; therefore you must already be skilled at creating volume fans.

This course will teach you advanced MEGA volume techniques (9-16D) and help you perfect your existing volume skills.

Who does this course suit?

The experienced Russian volume technician who has mastered the art of working with volume up to 6D using 0.05mm and is now ready to progress onto creating over 6D with 0.03/0.04s.

Who this course does NOT suit?

The inexperienced Russian volume technician, who still struggles with fan work and hasn’t yet worked with lashes thinner than 0.07mm.

If this is you, then our fan perfection online course would suit you better: Click Here

What is Mega Volume?

Russian Volume is the use of ultra-fine extensions namely 0.05, 0.06, 0.07 that are picked up in a ‘multiple lash pickup’ technique, to create a ‘fan’ or ‘bouquet’ of eyelash extensions from 2D-8D.

However Mega volume is the use of much thinner lashes, 0.03mm and 0.04mm in 9D-16D to create a much fuller look than can be achieved with Russian volume.

The use of these ultra-fine lashes allows us to keep the lash weight light, yet still create the Mega volume effect that clients desire.

The level of Mega volume that we use can vary, depending on the look desired by the client, as well as what their natural lashes can safely support.

So, although we have the ability to create more volume, we must always ensure that we do not overload the natural lashes and cause damage.

There are many benefits to gaining the skill of Mega volume including;

So, if you want to take your lashing to the next step and develop your career then this is the course for you.


This course is for those that are already trained in Eyelash Extensions and would like to improve their knowledge of Lash Mapping & Eye Styling. I recommend that students have at least 6 months lash experience under their belt so that they already possess the basic skills of performing the treatment of eyelash extensions.

This Lash Mapping and Eye Styling Online Course is accredited and insured by ABT, the UKs largest beauty and insurance membership provider, as well as insured and accredited by Insync and recognised by the IICT. Please check the regulations provided for your own State/Country to check that our courses are recognised.

This course content is brand new for 2023. You will be taught the most up to date and advanced Lash Mapping and Eye Styling techniques. Taught by myself, Frankie Widdows, Master Lash Artist, Lash Trainer, Speaker and Top lash judge at the World’s largest lash events.

Why should you train with Frankie Widdows from Eyelash Excellence?

Please let me introduce myself and explain why I am the best when it comes to the subject of Lash Mapping & Eye Styling. I am an Award-winning lash expert, specialising solely in eyelash extensions. I have been a lash artist since 2012 and in this time, I feel like I have built up an impressive reputation and resumé in the lash world. As an award winning top judge at the world’s largest lash events, I really know my stuff when it comes to the subject of Lash Mapping & Eye Styling. I have studied this subject in depth over the past 11 years and not to blow my own trumpet, my passion and dedication to this advanced subject means that if you want to learn the high end, competition standard of precise lash mapping & styling, then you will be hard pushed to find someone that understands and can teach this subject the way I do.

In addition to the above, I have over the years, travelled the world teaching my lash techniques to thousands of students across the globe. Not only do I run my own international eyelash extensions courses, but also get invited by salon owners to offer my trainings to lash artists who want me to teach them my high-end knowledge of all things lashes.


Lash Mapping & Eye Styling



Not only can I teach this subject to high level, but I can also execute my high-end techniques on my own clients. Very early on in my career, I understood the importance of being able to style my clients correctly, something that other lash artists seemed unable to do: instead applying the “one look suits all on every client”. My expertise in this subject soon got me noticed, leading to a full client base and long waiting list of clients wanting to be lashed by me.

My niche also became working with mature clients, who require very intricate lash styling to correct mature features of the face. Sadly, most lash artists fail to realise the importance of understanding the facial features of a person (especially mature clients) therefore would lash them incorrectly resulting in sets of lashes applied to mature clients that were too overbearing for their ageing features.

See below for some of my work on a variety of different clients:








Ask yourself this, how often to you get the opportunity to train with a real Lash Mapping & Eye Styling expert like me who has travelled the world teaching my techniques as well as judging the best lash artists across the globe? The simple fact is, that many lash trainers do not and cannot teach what I do due to their restricted knowledge and lack of practical experience of this subject. I live sleep and breath eyelash extensions, ask me any question on any subject or lash technique and I can answer or teach it.
Of course, there are lots of other great lash trainers out there, however unless you are an expert in the subject of Lash Mapping & Eye Styling, then it is impossible to understand this subject in the depth that I do and be able to teach your students to top level.

How does this Lash Mapping & Eye Styling Online lash courses work?

This course is 100% theory based, why?.... because when it comes to the subject of Lash Mapping & Eye Styling, this subject is endless. It is not possible to teach this subject using real models, as we would need hundreds of them to demonstrate how each technique works and your course would never end. However, all of the content in this course is visual, this is how we teach this subject so that you can understand all the technical elements of working on every different type of client you will ever meet. Once you learn and understand the concepts, you can then apply them to your real-life clients.

All the content is pre-recorded, this means you can access whenever you want and don’t have to be free at “set times” to join live webinars etc. When you purchase the course, it will automatically be added to your Eyelash Excellence account. Log in to your account and you will see it under your courses section. Click on it and the magic will start to happen……

Download your digital manual, save to your device, print at home or you can purchase a physical copy on the website along with the course:
Click here to purchase your manual!


See below for some of the content from the manual:



How do I access the video content?

To access the tutorials, simply click on video 1 and off you go. Follow me step by step through each subject of lash mapping and eye styling. I will start you with the basics, and then guide you into the super advanced subject of Lash Mapping & Eye Styling. At the end of the course, you will be armed with “every’ advanced styling technique you need to be an expert in this subject.

But be warned, this course is long and technical, I do not teach the basics, I will blow your mind with what really goes on behind the scenes when it comes to advanced lash mapping and lash styling.
There is so much to learn in this super in-depth Lash Mapping & Eye Styling Course so please take your time to work through it, there is no rush. Your course content NEVER expires, it is there to watch and re-watch as many times as you want.

I have also included Bonus material (downloads) to assist you with your lash skills as well as business. (Consultation form, Patch test, Aftercare forms, Release forms, Lash design guide, lash styling and lash mapping sheets, client wall guides, editable certificate etc). Some of these files are fully editable so you can customise them to suit your business. Full instructions are included in your downloads section.




I have also included 100 free editable Canva social media templates to help you create beautiful Lash Mapping & Eye Styling posts as well as other content ideas to assist you with marketing your lash business.




How long do I have to complete the course?

As I said before, there is no time limit to complete this online lash course. Work through it at your own pace, whether 5 days or 5 years, it’s up to you. Also, you get free lifetime updates every time I revamp my courses to stay current. You don’t need to do anything, just login to your account and start watching the new content.

Can I gain certification with from this course?

If you have chosen to add the case study option to this course, then yes. This means that you will submit your work for assessment (this is called a case study) and on successful completion of case studies you will be issued your accredited certificate. This is a digital certificate that we email you, however students can request a hard copy at an additional cost and postage fees.

What if I choose not to gain certification?

That is completely up to you as I appreciate that not all students will choose the case study option. However, in your downloads section you will find an editable certificate of completion, which you can print at home and display.

What are case studies and how many are there for this course?

Case studies are where you send us photographs and videos of your work for us to assess to ensure that you have understood the content taught and that you can apply the techniques safely and correctly to real models. I require 4 case studies for this Lash Mapping & Eye Styling course and these are assessed by me.

If you would like to purchase the case study option - Click Here

For more information on what is required for our case studies - Click Here

What happens if I fail my case studies?

Each student can re-submit their case studies twice (so three attempts in all at one case study) before I step in for extra assistance. If you follow all that has been taught, it is very rare for students to fail case studies, but if you do, don’t worry I am here to assist you every step of the way.

Do need to buy an eyelash extensions kit?

There is no requirement to buy a kit for this course. Many of you will already have the supplies you need; however, all my students receive lifetime 15% off Eyelash Excellence products (code can be found inside your course content).

Do I get aftercare support?

Absolutely and for however long you need it. I am always on hand to assist my students so just reach out and I will get back to you asap. Your lash journey is not just about the course, but the real journey starts after, and it is paramount that you have a trainer/mentor on hand to assist you. build wonderful relationships/friendships with my students and love watching their journey over the years. I want you to become part of the Eyelash Excellence family, so please always reach out and keep me updated throughout your lash journey.

You can contact me at [email protected] and I am always happy to assist.

Do I get a student discount?

Yes, all students receive lifetime 15% off Eyelash Excellence products as well as 25% off my other online eyelash courses. Your student discount code can be found in your course content.

Is your Online Lash Mapping & Eye Styling Course fun?

I really hope so. I always try to make learning fun for my students: if we can enjoy the journey then learning is easy. I do not class myself as an academic, I am much more hands on practical and therefore structure my courses in this way so that anyone of any ability can learn.

I am a bit unsure whether to invest in this course, can I see examples of your work, your teaching, reviews etc.?

I understand, it is a big decision to invest in one of my courses, especially when there are so many other trainers and online courses to choose from and probably at a fraction of the cost. But please remember, you get what you pay for and sadly our industry is now saturated with so many “quickly put together” online courses which are just terrible.

You can see more of what I get up to on my Instagram channel @eyelashexcellence as well as on my YouTube which can be found here. Bear in mind I do have some very old videos on there, which are poor film quality/old school techniques, but I leave them live due to the great feedback on them. I do have some more fab new high-quality videos coming soon so stay tuned.


My Instagram

PIC10 e1693910896887

My YouTube Channel

example lash training videos


Also don’t forget to check out some of my student reviews at the bottom of this page.

If you do choose to shop around here for another Lash Mapping & Eye Styling course, here are some top tips to assist you:


Research the company, are they lash experts or an academy that offers lots of online courses?  Sadly, you will tend to find that “overall academies” teach only the very basics because it is very rare to be a specialist at multiple subjects due to the time it takes to learn your craft in detail as well as stay up to date.

Who is the Trainer/course developer: are they a lash expert? Again, find out who has developed or taught the content. Anyone these days can design an online course so do your research. Google that lash artist, what are their qualifications, have they won awards, do they judge, share their knowledge, can you find examples of their own lash work or see their teaching style on YouTube etc. Really go to town and find out all you can about them.

Price… avoid cheap courses, they are cheap for a reason. I know we all love a bargain but remember if it seems too good to be true it probably is. Good trainers do not sell their knowledge for cheap, Trainers like me have invested years into learning this subject. I have spent thousands of pounds on my own education, travelling the world to take training with the best lash artists there are so I can be the best and teach my students to be the best. I cannot afford to give away my knowledge to others for peanuts. If you want a Ferrari, you have to pay for it, you want a nice meal, you have to visit a fancy restaurant, simple……the same applies to lashes. You are investing into your future here, so be prepared to invest if you are serious about this journey. If someone is willing to sell you their knowledge for super cheap and to set up your own business, then you need to run. Do not be another person to learn the hard way.

Ensure that you get unlimited aftercare support from your lash trainer, you will need it, trust me. There will be times you will have an urgent question and need an ASAP reply from your trainer, so ask their policies on how long you expect for a reply.

Ask questions, don’t just take what you read as gospel. A good lash trainer loves to be contacted, I know I do, so you can feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions: [email protected]

I do hope all the information above has assisted in you understanding what is included in this Lash Mapping & Eye Styling course. I also hope that I can be part of your journey and that you join me and all my other amazing students in our lash community. And don’t forget, if you have any questions, just reach out and I am always happy to assist

Frankie has developed this course so that it is suitable for both the Classic only trained lash artist as well as those trained in Russian volume.

The Strip lash look is the very latest lash technique to hit our industry. Now clients can have that wispy/spiked effect giving that more dramatic and edgy look for those clients who prefer to step away from that ‘perfect topline’ effect.

This technique requires the use of volume lashes to create the level of volume needed to add texture, depth and darkness to the effect. However, with the use of Pre-made fans or YY lashes, even the non-volume trained artist can offer this technique to their clients, increasing their lash menu, thus increasing their lash revenue.

You will be able to set yourself apart from your competition, creating a very different look to what most are used to. With Eyelash extensions you can now give your clients the illusion of wearing strip lashes but without the hassle of having to apply them every day.

Although the Strip lash effect looks like that “deliberately messy hairstyle” don’t be fooled by the precision and careful mapping that goes into creating this effect. Although not easy to create by the untrained Strip lash artist, Frankie will show you how to create this effect in her easy to follow step by step techniques, broken down to make creating this look easy and fun.

If you are looking to perfect your volume fanning technique, then this course is for you. I will show you how I create perfect fans every time using precision and skill, meaning no more guesswork, or getting lucky for that perfect fan.

This course has been developed to make learning fun and easy. I will guide you step by step through the content and show you how to achieve finesse and perfection in your volume work.

Ok, we all know that volume isn’t easy to perfect, if it was then we would all be awesome at it. Instead it takes hours of practice to perfect and only those that are willing to put in the practice will succeed. However, I will share with you all my hints, tips, tricks and techniques that make creating those perfect fans pretty easy once you know how.

I have done the hard work for you, spending years practicing and perfecting the volume technique. I have travelled the world to train with some of the other great trainers out there, I have taught my techniques worldwide and judged some of the best volume technicians in the world. As such I have an excellent understanding of not only the theory behind volume, but the practical application, and I have simplified all this and will show you how you too can achieve perfection in your volume work.


You MUST have at least 2 years classic lashing experience at applying individual eyelash extensions. We also recommend that you have at least 1 years Handmade Russian Volume experience (2-6D), however this is not a necessity if you only wish to teach Classic Lash Courses.

By purchasing this course, you understand that access to the course will ONLY be granted on submission of proof of your certificate/diploma. You will be UNABLE TO ACCESS your course content until this has been received and assessed by Eyelash Excellence. You have to send the proof of your certificate/diploma via email to [email protected].

This online Train the Trainer Lash Educators course will teach you all you need to know to take the next step to becoming an Eyelash Extension Trainer.

However, it is not always as simple as it sounds. It’s one thing to be a great lash technician but to be a great Eyelash Extensions Educator is another. If it was easy then everybody would be an eyelash extensions trainer, and offering awesome lash training, yet sadly we are still seeing so many lash techs falling victim to inadequate training. In this Train the Trainer Eyelash Educators course, we will teach you ALL you need to know, we have left nothing out. This course will guide you step by step through EVERYTHING, even the tiny details that are often overlooked.

Ours may not be the cheapest Trainer courses out there but there is a reason for this. Sadly, we have many artists that have taken cheaper trainer courses elsewhere, come to us for advice and guidance due to a lack content covered in their budget course. This is why you have to be prepared to invest into the correct training if you want to become a trainer. This means learning from someone like Frankie who is an expert in this field and teaches this subject to the highest standard. there is.

She shares with you the technical aspects of becoming an eyelash trainer, as well as drawing on her experiences over the years (something many other Train the Trainer courses fail to include). This combination will assist you in being the best eyelash trainer you can be. If you want to be the best you need to learn from the best.


Frankie Widdows has built a solid reputation over the years for offering some of the best Eyelash Extension trainings out there. This has given her the reputation of being one of the Top Eyelash Extension Educators across the globe – now she shares her training secrets through this Online Train the Trainer Lash Educators course.

As a victim of many poor trainings, Frankie knew things had to change. In 2014 she set out on a journey to open her Lash Training academy and to offer the best Eyelash courses she could. Frankie now travels the globe offering her eyelash trainings worldwide, from Beginner through to advanced level and now how to become an Eyelash Educator with her Train the Trainer courses.

Through her years of training students, she has learnt how to teach people of all abilities and get the best out of them. She has now put all of this together in this Online Train the Trainer Course so that you can learn from the comfort of your own home and learn to be an Eyelash Extensions Educator.


You MUST have at least 2 years classic lashing experience at applying individual eyelash extensions to apply for this course. We also recommend that you have at least 1 years Hand Made Russian Volume experience (2-6D), however this is not a necessity if you only wish to teach Classic Lash Courses.

Access to the course will ONLY be granted on submission of proof of certificate/diploma after purchasing off the website. You will be unable to access your course content until this has been received and assessed by us.

You must be confident and proficient in your techniques as you will be teaching students from novice to experience level. As such those lacking excellent lash skills or with poor knowledge of the industry are not suitable to take this course.


This is an online Train the Trainer Lash Educators course, with many hours of content already there for you to work through at your own pace. Access to a good WIFI network is required for you to view the videos in this course. There are no live online classes, instead access your course content (which never expires) at a time that suits you. Revisit your content as many times as you wish. Our Team of Trainers are always here to assist, just drop us an email at [email protected] and one of our team will get back to you ASAP.

Would you like to be able to cater for the client with the super sparse natural lashes and know how to safely lash them to give them a beautiful set of eyelash extensions?

We have all had it, that client with either severe damage, or just naturally sparse lashes who desires a thicker fuller look. To be able to cater for that client and lash them correctly is a super advanced skill and can only be untaken by the therapist that understands this advanced technique.

Now Frankie will show you how to deal with this type of client, sharing with you her experience over the years with dealing with super sparse natural lashes, an area of lashes she now specialises in.

This course is for the already trained Russian Volume technician and not designed for those who are Classic trained only. If you only hold a Classic lash certificate them please take our Russian Volume course.

Frankie will show you how to advance your current Russian Volume skills and be able to cater for the client who has super sparse natural lashes. No more will you have to fear this type of client or turn them away, instead you can give them a set of lashes that they will love.

This course will show you how to create the perfect fan for this type of client, using finer lashes to give the extra coverage that they require, plus the super in depth theory surrounding this advanced technique of lashing. In addition to this, Frankie will show you her “go to” fan making technique to create her precision fans that are a must for the sparse natural lashes.

Now you will be able to show clients the magic that you can create, as well as assisting those with lash rehab from poorly applied sets. You can now cater for the client with naturally sparse lashes or the more mature client who’s lashes naturally thin out overtime.

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