You must first complete Beginners Lash Course – Chapter 3 before taking this course.
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  • 1x Beginners Manual – Downloadable

  • 1x Intermediate glue
  • 1x Glue de-bonder
  • 10x Under eye gel pads
  • 2x tweezers
  • 1x Jade stone
  • Paper tape

  • Lash palette

  • Mascara wands & Flocked Applicators

  • 1x Pack of micro brushes
  • 1x Mixed length tray of B curl 0.12mm
  • 1x Mixed length tray of C curl 0.12mm
  • 1x Mixed length tray of C curl 0.15mm
  • Mannequin head

  • 1x Tray of practice lashes

You can purchase an Eyelash Excellence Beginners kit at the checkout of your online course – just select the option.

Kit for in person classic eyelash extension course

Are you ready to learn the Beauty treatment that has taken the world by storm over the past few years?

Eyelash Extensions have soared in popularity across the globe, and the industry shows no signs of slowing up. Eyelash Extensions are the ‘must have’ beauty treatment for all women (and some men), and with the rapid advancements in the eyelash industry, extensions are now perfectly safe to be worn by clients for the rest of their lives – with no damage to the natural lashes.

Clients can now have what nature may not have given them; thicker fuller-looking lashes, that require little maintenance. They wake up to beautiful lashes every morning with no need for mascara ever again, saving time in the morning, and no more of the ‘panda look’ when caught in the rain.
It’s easy to understand why this treatment is increasing in popularity, day after day, with therapists struggling to meet demand for these highly sought after treatments.

The ability to be able to give clients something they do not naturally have, makes this treatment a popular and rewarding choice for therapists, with clients returning week after to week to maintain their beautiful lashes.

Are you ready to start your new career, become a master of your craft and watch clients flock to you to receive a set of beautiful eyelash extensions? What are you waiting for? Get learning now and join the thousands of other therapists who are offering this amazing treatment.

With my “Intense” online course I will set you up with a wealth of knowledge and technical skills to help you take your first step into the industry of Eyelash Extensions. As a beginner myself, my training was very poor and I understand the importance to train our students well. Our industry is heavily saturated by poor lash techs, usually as a result or poor training, so make sure that you take a course that will teach you all you need to know, so that you do not become another poor lash technician within the industry that I love so much.

This course is intense, so get ready for not only the super advanced and in-depth theory section, but also the step-by-step videos that will guide you through the course, taking you gently to creating beautiful sets. I have left nothing out of this course, and have structured it in such a way that you will learn all you need to know as a beginner, but without overwhelming you.

On-going and unlimited support is offered to all of my students, not only whilst you are taking your course but after. Learning is not just about one day but will continue throughout your career, therefore it is important that each student always has the ability to access their mentor when need be.

Each beginner, on successful completion of the course, will also have the option to join my advanced mentoring page

Course Content

  • UK Legislation
  • UK Health & Safety
  • Anatomy
  • Contraindications & Contra-actions
  • Client consultation and patch testing
  • Growth cycles and lash sheds
  • Client expectations and how to meet them
  • Types of natural lashes – weak, healthy, strong
  • How to assess the correct length, curl and thickness for the client
  • The science behind your products
  • Lash direction, correctional work, creating uniformity and direction
  • How to lash map
  • Lash styling for beginners
  • Creating symmetry between the eyes
  • Infill procedure
  • Why we don’t infill others work
  • Client aftercare
  • How to price your sets


22-1 – Full Set

Length: 33 minutes

See how Frankie performs a full set, from start to finish, on her client.