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Cater for Sparse Natural Lashes

Would you like to be able to cater for the client with the super sparse natural lashes and know how to safely lash them to give them a beautiful set of eyelash extensions?

We have all had it, that client with either severe damage, or just naturally sparse lashes who desires a thicker fuller look. To be able to cater for that client and lash them correctly is a super advanced skill and can only be untaken by the therapist that understands this advanced technique.

Now Frankie will show you how to deal with this type of client, sharing with you her experience over the years with dealing with super sparse natural lashes, an area of lashes she now specialises in.

This course is for the already trained Russian Volume technician and not designed for those who are Classic trained only. If you only hold a Classic lash certificate them please take our Russian Volume course.

Frankie will show you how to advance your current Russian Volume skills and be able to cater for the client who has super sparse natural lashes. No more will you have to fear this type of client or turn them away, instead you can give them a set of lashes that they will love.

This course will show you how to create the perfect fan for this type of client, using finer lashes to give the extra coverage that they require, plus the super in depth theory surrounding this advanced technique of lashing. In addition to this, Frankie will show you her “go to” fan making technique to create her precision fans that are a must for the sparse natural lashes.

Now you will be able to show clients the magic that you can create, as well as assisting those with lash re-hab from poorly applied sets. You can now cater for the client with naturally sparse lashes or the more mature client who’s lashes naturally thin out overtime.

Who is this course suitable for?

The already trained volume technician. You MUST already hold a Volume certificate within the volume technique. If you are not already volume trained, then you MUST take a “Beginners volume course” which we have both in person and online on the website. This course is to assist you with your current techniques only and how to apply them to clients with sparse natural lashes.

  • Those who struggle to cater for the more mature client, or those with sparse natural lashes.
  • Struggling with creating fluff on clients that need that fluffy effect.
  • Those that fear the client with a less than full lash line or damage from elsewhere.
  • Struggling on creating those wide fans to help create a fuller look – Frankie will show you her go to fan making technique for these clients.

What is covered in this course?

  • 58 Page Manual to download
  • Client expectations

  • My client Cheryl (her story)

  • Correct lash thickness

  • The correct type of fan for this client

  • Fan precision

  • The effects of different fans

  • Correct fan bases for fine/sparse natural lashes

  • T Bars – right or wrong?

  • Seamless base trick (perfect pointy bases every time)

  • Correct use of adhesive

  • Closed fans?

  • Correct distance to lash line

  • Volume styling

  • Styling rules for mature clients (Frankie’s speciality)

  • The correct length

  • How to balance the set on sparse/gappy clients

  • Correct placement of fans to correct gaps

  • Correct fan dimensions for large gaps

  • Textured sets

  • Frankie’s overall lashing tips

  • How to wrap and attach to weak lashes

  • Client aftercare on sparse lashes

  • Infills on this type of client

  • How to price this type of set

  • Frankie’s go to fan making technique

  • Full set application on Cheryl (Frankie’s most challenging client)

What you will need for this course:

As you are already volume trained you might already have the products required for this course. However you can purchase a volume kit or if you prefer to purchase the products individually you can at https://eyelashexcellence.com/online-shop/ what you will need to practice your fans:

  • 1x pair of volume tweezers
  • 1x pair of isolating tweezers
  • 1x tray of mixed lengths 0.05 in C/CC/or D curl
  • 1x Volume glue (non-wicking)

Case Studies & Certification:

Once you feel ready you are to complete and pass 4 case studies, on completion of your 4th case study you will be issued with your certification.

Full case study requirements can be found at https://eyelashexcellence.com/case-studies/ , please read these before doing your case studies as it clearly sets out the criteria and requirements required for each course.