On your lash journey so far you’ve been learning the fundamental skills of lashing and building up your lash skillset. In this mostly theory-based course you will learn how to pull it all together as you learn what to use, where to use it, how to use it and who to use it on. We examine each of the curls and how they can be used in different effects. I also explain how different curls interact with each other and how their differences can be used to benefit your clients. Next I’ll expand on your lash knowledge by explaining how to create different effects with the lashes you now understand so well. Finally I show you how to consider what will best suit your client or give them the specific effect they want for a special occasion.

Below is all the official product information you need prior to purchase – and make sure you check out my video for more about why this is all so important.

Eye Styling Course - Eyelash Excellence

This course is for…

…Lash techs who have mastered the fundamentals and are now ready to learn how to build bespoke looks for their clients.

What you will learn…

In this course I make it easy for you to learn:

Lashes for styling: examining curl structure, differences and interactions.
Core styling principles: correct lash direction, angles and lengths.
Creating effects: using lashes to define, enhance and adjust eye shapes.
Bespoke perfection: face shapes, eye shapes and using lashes.
Style guides: lash charts for eye shapes and desired effects

  • The curls
  • Types of natural lash
  • Mixing curls
  • Elongate the eye
  • Textured curl effects
  • Seamless sweep
  • Creating direction
  • Perfect uniformity
  • Correct lash angles
  • Correct use of length
  • How extensions are measured
  • Capping and stacking
  • How to safely use multiple extensions
  • Creating effects
  • Feathering
  • Eyeliner effect
  • Creating texture
  • Use of colour
  • Eye shapes
  • Eye styles
  • Eye style charts
  • Face shapes
  • Style guides

What you will need

Time to learn and time to practise.

Equipment list:

  • Classic pick up tweezers
  • Isolation tweezers
  • Advanced adhesive
  • A variety of eyelash extensions (curls, lengths, thickness – personal to the technician)

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What to expect

  • Downloadable Eye Styling Manual: 60 pages of practical information and charts
  • 6 hours of video content: step-by-step guides on eye styling and how to apply the techniques to your clients
  • Lifetime access to your content, your password never expires
  • Free course updates/videos when course content is updated
  • Downloadable styling sheets to practise your new techniques
  • 15% lifetime discount off Eyelash Excellence shop products
  • Unlimited lifetime support from Frankie and her team

I’m going to give you the skill breakdown and knowledge shortcuts you need, however there is no shortcutting the practise you will need to do. So be prepared to follow through on what I show you in the manual and videos with your own practise time.

How you will benefit

  • You will further develop your knowledge of lashes
  • Expand your lash skillset with additional techniques
  • Have a handy reference guide to different face and eye shapes
  • Gain a set of lash charts for different effects and eye shapes
  • Cater for every client you meet

Use your 15% discount, which can be located under the first video in your course, to purchase your supplies from my shop at www.eyelashexcellence.com

This course may not be for you if…

You are new to lashes and need to learn the basics. Instead my Beginner’s Lash Course will be the perfect start for you.

When you take the time to create each client’s perfect look, you create the reason for each client to return to you.

Frankie x

Here’s why you need to know about eye styling.

Eye Styling Course - Eyelash Excellence

When you’re starting out as a beginner lash tech your first priority is to build up your knowledge of lash fundamentals and start developing your lash skillset.

Once you’ve got these lash basics you then need to move your focus to knowing what to do with the skills you’re building.

And that’s where eye styling comes in.

Styling is about knowing which lash to put where and which combination of lashes to use to create a specific effect.

You also need to learn how to compensate for and accentuate different eye shapes on different face shapes. After all how you style a deep-set eye on a long face is not how you style them on a round face. This is where experience comes in.

There’s a lot to learn and there’s no escaping a need to learn it.

Or at least there isn’t if you want to be successful like me.

If you leave your knowledge at just learning different skills and techniques then you end up applying the wrong lashes to the wrong person.

Sure you might do them technically correct but they’re not going to suit the person you’re doing them on.

And if we’re not giving each person what’s right for them – why do we pick up a lash in the first place.

We’re aiming to give everyone their perfect lashes.

So you now need to move on from your lash fundamentals to developing your style know-how.

Now you could learn all of this over time, gradually building up your eye styling skills as you work on different clients over the years.

But why take the long road round, when you can shortcut all that by getting the benefit of my knowledge and experience.

The sooner you have my style know-how the sooner you’ll have happier clients who keep returning.

Okay, let’s recap and focus on what I need you to remember about why we lash techs learn to eye style…

Every face is as unique as every person is individual. Therefore lashes need to be unique too.

Bespoke by you means not by the salon two doors down. Bespoke by you means clients need to return to you.

Perfect lashes for your clients makes perfect business sense for you.

Plus, you’ll never get bored as each set of lashes is totally different.

So, come on… let’s get you the style know-how to go with your lash skillset.

Next up is why clients need eye styling.

Eye styling is about using lashes to create bespoke looks.

It’s never a one style suits all. Mainly because there is no one style that suits all – and equally because who wants to look exactly the same as everyone else.

Each person is as unique as their face is and each deserve the perfect set of lashes for them.

That’s where we come in – or at least those of us who invest in ourselves to be able to create bespoke lashes.

Each face needs a look that’s individual to them, so each lash tech needs to know how to apply lashes on an individual basis.

And if you’ve ever looked at someone and thought ‘Whose lashes are you wearing’ you’ll understand why this is so important.

You think I’m joking? I’m not – take a look around.

Don’t just shop, people watch. If you commute on public transport, don’t just read, look up and see what some people are doing to their eyes. When you go to functions look at the time and money people have invested in their eyes and you’ll see what I mean.

Lovely, fabulous people walking around with eyelashes better suited to someone else.

Eye Styling Course - Eyelash Excellence

Lashes need to be as individual as we each are.

And often the best lashes don’t even look like eyelash extensions.

For when lash experts get it right you don’t always know they’ve done the work.

You may if they’ve done a set of eye catching fashion lashes or deliberately given a client a very different look for a specific occasion.

But mostly when lash experts work their true magic – clients don’t look like they’re wearing eyelash extensions – they just look the best they’ve ever looked.

And that’s what we want – clients looking their best and feeling good doing so.

There’s also a solid business reason for investing in my Eye Styling course and your lash skillset.

Ultimately with this course you’ll transition from being a lash tech to a lash artist and secure more clients as you do so.

I say ultimately because you don’t become a lash artist the moment you stop reading the manual and watching the final video.

You’ll become a lash artist when you learn the knowledge I give you in this course, master its techniques and practise, practise, practise creating effects on different people.

After all, anyone can apply a “one look suits all”, but only a Master can offer bespoke sets to suit the individual.

Sounding like a lot of hard work?

Well yes, it is to be honest.

You see whilst I and fellow master lash artists may make it look easy. Creating perfect bespoke lashes is anything but easy.

It’s intricate work needing a lot of skill.

Now before you start to despair – look at me and remember this is me – Frankie – and as usual I’m about to make your life easier and more fun.

I know what you need to learn at this point – I’ve been there, I remember what it’s like and I don’t want you to have to waste your time and money on things you don’t want or need. Especially on products and techniques that don’t even work well.

With this course I’ve worked out the skills you absolutely need to master now and given you charts and style guides to show you how to pull it all together.

I’ve also included a few practical demonstration videos so you can see exactly what I’m talking about in the manual.

I will help you discover how to move on from lash fundamentals to building up an in-depth knowledge of how to apply the techniques and products to suit each client.

Then when you sit down in front of a client you’ll feel confident and inspired about how you can accentuate their natural beauty or give them a unique look for a special occasion.

You’ll leave those lazy lash techs languishing behind you and wondering how you do it and what your secret is.

Your secret is – you invested in me to invest in you.

And as you do you’ll become a smart, successful lash expert who delivers perfect lashes and delights their clients.

And with this course you can do it all from the comfort and convenience of your own home or workplace.

Sometimes I’m asked how I became so successful with lashes and I tell people it’s simple.

I’m successful because I invested in my knowledge and skillset so I can do what I do.

All I’ve ever wanted to do is give each person their perfect lashes.

That’s why I invested the time and money I have in

learning skills,

trying new products,

practising techniques

and experimenting with lash combinations.

My clients love that I give them their perfect lashes. I give them the lashes that put a smile on their face, confidence in their mind and a spring in their step.

You can too and I’d love it if you did.

I don’t need a queue of people at my door desperate for me to fix their lashes.

I’ve already got a closed client book and a waiting list.

My heart breaks when I hear a message from another desperate voice, who has had an incorrect set of extensions applied.

I don’t have enough time to be able to do everyone’s lashes. However I can show lash techs – like you who care about your clients – how to create perfect lashes – and that’s what I’ve done with this course.

Okay, let’s recap and focus on what I need you to remember about eye styling…

‘One look suits all’ suits no one.

Nor will it suit what success should look like for you.

When you take pride in your work, your clients take pride in being your client.

When you give your client your best work, you give your client their best reason to return to you.

Plus you never get chance to get bored as each set of lashes is totally different. And I’ve always loved that.

So don’t let those lash fundamentals go to waste.

Let me show you how to apply your knowledge to great effect and delight your clients with their perfect looks.

Sign-up today and let’s upgrade your lash skills with style know-how.

Let’s develop you from a lash tech to a lash artist.

Then together – we can give everyone their perfect lashes.