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Online Eye Styling Course

On your lash journey so far you’ve been learning the fundamental skills of lashing and building up your lash skillset. In this super in-depth theory-based course you will learn how to pull it all together as you learn what to use, where to use it, how to use it and who to use it on. Suitable for both the Classic and Volume trained lash artists. We examine everything you need to know so that you can style each bespoke client to perfection. Using my own experiences, as well as my knowledge of this subject as an International lash Judge, I will show you in my easy to follow online eye styling course, how we can assess each client and become confident at knowing how to give them a killer lash style to keep them coming back time and time again.

£199.00£239.00 + VAT if applicable

Online Eye Styling Course - Online Eye Styling Course (No Assessment)

£199.00 + VAT if applicable

Online Eye Styling Course - Online Eye Styling Course (Assessment with Accreditation)

£239.00 + VAT if applicable

Eye styling is really underestimated by many and in my opinion unless you have the in depth understanding on how to style your clients correctly you aren’t going to shine as a Lash Artist. For example you could be a master at creating beautiful volume fans but unless you know how to correctly style a client the emphasis could be on the bad styling and not on the beautiful fans.

This is mostly a theory-based course whereby you will gain in depth knowledge around eye styling, guiding you from a Lash Tech to a Lash Artist as you create bespoke sets to suit your clients.

I will show you how to consider what will best suit your client or give them the specific effect they want for a special occasion, understanding eye shapes, face shapes, brow shapes, colourings etc and what is likely to accentuate their beauty. Unfortunately a wrongly styled set of lashes can look awful and instead of disguising an undesirable feature it could in fact accentuate it.

When you’re starting out as a beginner lash tech your first priority is to build up your knowledge of lash fundamentals and start developing your lash skillset. Once you’ve got these lash basics you then need to move your focus to knowing how to style your clients to enhance your skillset further to create that suitably styled set of lashes and that’s where eye styling comes in…

It’s not ‘one style suits all’ but bespoke sets for the individual client.

When you give your client your best work, you give your client their best reason to return to you.

You never get chance to get bored as each set of lashes is totally different and I’ve always loved that.

Let me show you how to apply your knowledge to great effect and delight your clients with the perfect styled lashes for them.

Let’s develop you from a lash tech to a lash artist.

Then together – we can give everyone their perfect lashes.

What is covered in this course?

  • The curls

  • Types of natural lash

  • Mixing curls

  • Elongate the eye

  • Textured curl effects

  • Seamless sweep

  • Creating direction

  • Perfect uniformity

  • Correct lash angles

  • Correct use of length

  • How extensions are measured

  • Capping and stacking

  • How to safely use multiple extensions

  • Creating effects

  • Feathering

  • Eyeliner effect

  • Creating texture

  • Use of colour

  • Eye shapes

  • Eye styles

  • Eye style charts

  • Face shapes

  • Style guides

What you will need:

Many of you will already have all that you need for this course, however you may wish to purchase some additional lash thicknesses, curls and colours to assist you with the techniques shown in this course.

Please watch the lessons and decide for yourself what additional lash items you may want to purchase.

You can purchase items from our online shop at www.eyelashexcellence.com

Case Studies & Certification:

Once you feel ready you are to complete and pass 4 case studies, on completion of your 4th case study you will be issued with your certification.

Full case study requirements can be found at https://eyelashexcellence.com/case-studies/ please read these before doing your case studies as it clearly sets out the criteria and requirements required for each course.