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Russian Volume is an advanced technique of lashing, that allows you to offer your clients a much fuller look than the classic technique.

By using multiple extensions that create a fan, you can now offer more coverage than can be achieved with the classic technique where we can only apply one extension to each natural lash.

The Russian technique is so versatile, offering your clients variety of sets from lightweight, medium to heavy weight volume, as well a hybrid sets and the Strip lash look where spikes and volume fans are used together to create this spikey effect which is taught in our Strip lash online course.

What is covered in this course?

  • What is Russian volume

  • Correct vs Incorrect fans

  • Client expectations

  • Different volume effects

  • In depth volumetric guide (lashing safely)

  • Pre-made vs handmade fans

  • Crystalizing fans

  • The perfect handmade fan (precise/consistent)

  • Wide/narrow fans?

  • Long bases/short bases?

  • Which type of fans to use on your clients

  • Volume tweezers and correct holding

  • Volume adhesives, how to work with them

  • Perfect base volume trick

  • Volume styling

  • Balancing your volume sets

  • Correct distance to lash line/length/direction/coverage

  • Working with layers (top line, reverse/eyeliner/hybrid effects)

  • Textured volume

  • 7 pickup techniques

  • Correct attachment and wrapping

  • System of volume lashing

  • Building your sets

  • Lashing real clients

  • Trouble shooting your sets

  • And much more…

Why not take a look at a few videos from the course to see some of the content included?

Who is this course suitable for?

Russian volume is an advanced technique of lashing, as such students MUST already hold a certificate/qualification in Classic (1 by 1) Eyelash Extensions.

Students MUST be confident and proficient in all aspects of Classic lashing, as such should be experienced at working on a variety of different clients and be a busy lash artist. As such, students are recommended to have at least 6 months to 1 years Classic lash experience and be confident and proficient in the following skills;

Isolation, lash placement, creating direction, uniformity, infills, eye styling, lash retention etc.

As stated, Russian volume is an advanced technique of lashing, as such Frankie cannot teach this advanced technique to Lash Artists that lack the above skills and who would then struggle to grasp the Russian Volume techniques.

Sadly, there are lots of trainers out there that will offer Russian volume training to complete beginners. The new craze of straight to volume is one Frankie disagrees with. To attempt an advanced form of any skill, requires that student to possess the fundamental skills before they can move on  – you wouldn’t attempt to drive a lorry/18 wheeler if you had not already learned to drive a car first,  Russian volume is no different!

Why should you take Frankie’s online Russian Volume course when there are so many other courses to choose from?

As an International Trainer, Judge and speaker to the industry, Frankie’s level of knowledge is exceptional. As such you can rest assured that the content that she teaches in all of her classes, both online and in person is the most up to date and technical that you will find. Frankie started her career as a full-time working lash artist, quickly making a name for herself through her exceptional lash work, and willingness to share her techniques.

This then led her to start her own academy, online shop and receive invites from across the globe to teach her techniques, judge at competitions and guest speak at events.

Frankie was one of the first trainers out there to offer online courses to the industry, so that students that could not get to her classes could learn the same techniques she teaches in her courses but from the comfort of their own home.

In this Online Russian Volume course, Frankie will teach you all you need to know to offer this service to your clients, as well as push you to be the very best, setting the standard for high end exceptional lash work that she expects to see a competition level.

This course, although designed for those new to Russian volume, is super in-depth, as such is also suited for those that felt their initial Russian volume training was poor or want to refresh their volume skills.

We do also offer a Fan Perfection course, for those that feel they have grasped the fundamentals of volume lashing, but may need some finesse in their fan work, if so check out https://eyelashexcellence.com/product/fan-perfection-course/

Some of Frankie’s lash work:

Frankie's lash work

How does Frankie’s online training work?

Purchase your course online and the optional volume kit, access your content, download your 70 page student only manual and start working your way through the course, starting with the in-depth theory, before moving onto the practical elements.

All of the videos are there ready and waiting for you. No need to attend live webinars, zoom or skype calls – instead learn at your own pace as and when is suits you.

There is no time limit to complete the course, you have lifetime access to all of the content, which never expires. Enjoy free automatic updates to your course content, this means that every few years you will have access to a brand-new course with the most up to date techniques in an ever-evolving industry.

Submit your case studies for assessment and in-depth feedback, receive your Eyelash Excellence certificate (select case study and certification option at checkout)

You have unlimited access to Frankie and her team for unlimited support for however long you need it – Frankie and her team are always ready and happy to assist.

How in-depth are the courses?

You will be hard pushed to find another course that is as technical and in-depth as Frankie’s as well as super value for money.

These courses are the exact same content taught in her in person courses, as such this course is approx. 8-9 hours long and is made up of 30 different videos that take you step by step through all the theory and practical elements that make up the Russian Volume technique.

Frankie makes learning easy and fun, guiding you step by step through the course – learning to walk before you can run.

What are the benefits of online training?

  • Professional web-based viewer platform

  • Learn from the comfort of your own home – no need to travel

  • Works well around work or family commitments

  • No time limit to complete the course, work at your own pace

  • Re-visit the content, your course content never expires

  • Free updates as and when the course content is revised to stay up to date with industry changes

  • Easy to follow step by step videos

  • Unlimited access and support from Frankie and her EE trainers

  • Certification included on successful completion of case studies – (see purchase options)

  • Lifetime 15% off Eyelash Excellence products as well as lifetime 25% off all Eyelash Excellence online courses

Is this course recognised or accredited?

Frankie’s courses are available to those from across this globe and were originally developed for students outside of the UK that could not attend her courses due to distance.

Each country has its own regulations regarding whether your course will be recognised and therefore you must check with your own Countries’ governing body as to whether your course would be accepted.

All of Frankie’s online courses are the identical content taught on her in person courses which are all UK accredited with the Guild of beauty therapists and have met the strict requirements for UK accreditation. They are also recognised internationally by the IICT.

However up until late, most of the “large” UK insurance companies will not accredit online courses for UK students and instead required UK based students to take in-person classes only so they can gain insurance.

As such, we therefore have our online courses accredited with BALENS – http://www.balens.co.uk/

Our online courses will be recognised by many insurance providers, but we can’t guarantee all, as some have different requirements, as such please contact your current insurance company for clarification or visit Balens to gain your affordable insurance.

Can I gain certification at the end of the course?

Frankie offers 2 option to her students:

Option 1 – access to the course content (£249 plus VAT)

Option 2 – access to the course content and certification of case studies to gain your Eyelash Excellence certificate (£375 plus VAT).

By choosing option 2, you will be required to submit and pass x4 case studies for this online Russian Volume course. Case studies are assessed, and in-depth feedback given to push each student and help them reach their full potential. Case study info can be found at https://eyelashexcellence.com/case-studies/ as well as the last video of the course which guides students through exactly what we are looking for in the case studies.