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Eyelash Excellence Beginners Lash Course - Level 1

Beginners Lash Course

Price: £499.00 (excluding VAT)

Eyelash Extensions have soared in popularity across the globe and the industry shows no signs of slowing up. Eyelash Extensions are the ‘must have’ beauty treatment by all women (and some men), and with the rapid advancements in the eyelash industry, extensions are now perfectly safe to be worn for the rest of their lives with no damage to the natural lashes.

Are you ready to start your new career, become a master of your craft and watch clients flock to you to receive a set of beautiful eyelash extensions? What are you waiting for, get learning now and join the thousands of other therapists who are offering this amazing treatment.

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Eyelash Excellence Skill Building Lash Course - Level 2

Skill Building Course

Price: £499.00 (excluding VAT)

Are you an existing lash technician and feel that you are ready to take your lashing skills to the next level? This course will guide you step-by-step through a variety of Advanced techniques, that will provide you with an army of advanced lash skills ready to use on your clients.

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Eyelash Excellence Volume Lash Course - RV Level 1

Volume Lash Course

Price: £499.00 (excluding VAT)

Are you ready to learn the latest eyelash extension technique to take the world by storm? Would you like to extend your lash menu, increase your lash revenue by up to 90% and be able to cater for every client that walks through the door?

Would you like to be the Master of your craft and set yourself apart from your competition, with your beautiful volume masterpieces?

If the answer is “Yes” then this is the course for you.

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Eyelash Excellence Mega Volume Lash Course

Mega Volume Lash Course

Price: £499.00 (excluding VAT)

Are you ready to go thicker, fuller and even more dramatic?

This MEGA volume online course is for the Lash Artist that is already trained in the treatment of Russian Volume eyelash extensions. This is an advanced volume treatment; therefore you must already be skilled at creating volume fans. This online course will teach you advanced MEGA volume techniques (9-16D) and help you perfect your existing volume skills.

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Eyelash Excellence Eye Styling Course

Eye Styling Course

Price: £399.00 (excluding VAT)

On your lash journey so far you’ve been learning the fundamental skills of lashing and building up your lash skillset. In this mostly theory-based course you will learn how to pull it all together as you learn what to use, where to use it, how to use it and who to use it on.

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Fan Perfection Course

Price: £399.00 (excluding VAT)

If you are looking to perfect your volume fanning technique, then this course is for you. I will show you how I create perfect fans every time using precision and skill, meaning no more guess work, or getting lucky for that perfect fan.

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Volumetric Calculations Mini Course

Price: £79.99 (excluding VAT)

I have developed this mini course to make learning this subject fun and easy. I will guide you step by step through the process, breaking it down in easy to follow calculations which you will be able to easily understand and apply every day to either your clients or students.

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Train the Trainer Course

Train the Trainer Course

Prices: from £995 (excluding VAT)

Are you ready to take the next step in your career and step into the world of training? If the answer is yes, then this Train the Trainer course is for you?
You have spent the years learning and perfecting your craft and now you feel ready to teach your skills and techniques to others so that you can continue to uphold the high standards of our eyelash industry.

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Both our Skill building and Russian Volume course are accredited by Lash Inc. UK, and Insurable by Balens UK.

Please check with either your insurance company or Governing body as to whether our courses are recognised by them, as this varies all over the world.