For you to gain certification and be issued with your Eyelash Excellence certificate, you are required to submit 4 case studies for assessment (photographic evidence of your work).

This is to ensure that you have understood the variety of techniques taught on the day and are able to meet the required standards set by the industry.

Case study requirements:

Photographs must be clear, taken close-up and in focus. Please do not use any filters, skin smoothing apps etc. on your photos; Frankie is looking for the quality of your lash work only.

Please take a variety of photographs as the more the better. Photographs can be taken either by a camera or phone, are to be taken from the following angles and MUST show before and after results.

Taken from:

  • The front (eyes open)
  • The side (eyes open)
  • Behind the client (eyes closed as though you are seated behind them)
  • Please also include a photograph of your used eye pads so that Frankie can see the lash map design of your client

Failure to provide any of the above may result in your case studies being rejected.

We recommend that you send your case studies one by one as you complete each client. This means that if there are any areas of concern with your work then Frankie will inform you of this, and ask that you work on this area before submission of your next case study. If all 4 case studies were to contain the same area of concern then Frankie would have to request submission of another 4 case studies.

Please send your case studies to the following email address:

Please state the following:

  • Your name
  • Your course
  • The date you attended your course
  • Curl(s) used
  • Thickness used
  • Lash map used i.e. 7/8/9/10/11/10/9 etc. (this should match the photograph sent of your used eye pads.)

For the skill building or Master lash Course, please provide a description of either the lash style, thicknesses, curls or the techniques used (ie capping, stacking, feathering etc).

For volume students please provide the level of volume used (3D/4D/5D etc.) as well as the percentage of coverage (60%/70%/80% etc)

Case studies will be assessed as you go and brief feedback given on submission of each. On submission of your final case study, all 4 will be assessed against our criteria and on successful completion of the course case studies, detailed feedback given and your certificate will be sent out to your address.

Unlimited on-going support will always be available to you from Frankie so please do not hesitate to contact her if you require any help in the future.