Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions Course
(2 day course)

Our Classic Eyelash Extensions course

Why choose Our Classic Eyelash Extensions courses?

Our Classic Eyelash Extensions courses are suitable for complete beginners (no previous experience or beauty background is necessary) as well as those that may be re-entering lash the industry or felt that their initial eyelash training was poor.

This is a 2-day Eyelash Extensions course.

  • Day 1 is home study covering the theory elements of the course.

  • Day 2 is practical classroom training, where students will spend the morning perfecting their skills on a mannequin head, before moving onto a real model in the afternoon.

The use of synthetic extensions offers the appearance of thicker, fuller and longer natural lashes, a beauty treatment that has become increasingly popular over the years and shows no signs of slowing up. With the correct training and application, eyelash extensions can be safely worn week after week, month after month with zero damage.

Sadly, the Lash Industry still has a reputation for causing damage to client’s natural lashes, however this is untrue. The abundance of poor training, cheap training and lack of education is what causes lash artists to apply incorrect eyelash extensions to their clients.

This is why our classic eyelash extensions courses are seen as some of the top courses in the industry! We pride ourselves on offering top quality content and training materials as well as products to all in the eyelash industry.

Our Classic Eyelash Extensions course

Why Do Your Our Classic Eyelash Extensions Course With Us?

Here at Eyelash Excellence, we are passionate about upholding the high standards of the lash industry and offer only the very best and intense Classic Eyelash Extensions course. Our Beginners eyelash extensions course is 2 days long and requires the student to work on a real model. We are shocked at how many Beginners eyelash extension courses train students that are new to lashing on mannequin heads only. Although mannequin heads are a great tool to develop the student’s skill, it is no substitute for a real model with real lashes and if students are to leave the course confident and competent in their new skills, they must be trained on a real person.

Classic Eyelash Extensions Course?

Day 1
(Home study online theory content)

  • Health and safety

  • Legislation

  • Anatomy

  • Contraindications & Contra-actions

  • Client consultation and patch testing

  • Growth cycles and lash sheds

  • Client expectations and how to meet them

  • Types of natural lashes – weak, healthy, strong

  • How to assess the correct length, curl and thickness for the client

  • The science behind your products

  • Lash direction, correctional work, creating uniformity and direction

  • How to lash map

  • Lash styling for beginners

  • Creating symmetry between the eyes

  • Infill procedure

  • Why we don’t infill others work

  • Client aftercare

  • How to price your sets

  • How to build you lash business

Day 2
(Practical classroom session) 10am-7pm, models required from 2.30pm 

  • How to hold your tweezers

  • How to pick up your extensions correctly

  • Isolation skills

  • Glue dipping techniques

  • Placement and direction of your extensions

  • How to prepare your models lashes

  • Under eye gel pad application

  • Select the correct length, curl and thickness for the model

  • Lash mapping

  • Full set application on your model

  • Building the fame work of your set

  • Working back and forth for symmetry

  • How to infill your set

  • Checking for stickies

  • Checking for uniformity

  • Finishing your set

  • Maintenance Infills

  • How to perform eyelash removals

Our Classic Eyelash Extensions Courses Cost?

We offer a variety of different courses across the globe. As such, prices do differ depending on the course, the trainer and the location you choose.
To see course prices, click on the Trainer of your choice, then click on the drop down menu to select your course type and preferred date. This will then display the price for that chosen course option.

Provide a Model?

Students must provide their own model for this course. Models must be over the age of 16, have a good foundation of strong natural lashes and be able to lie still, with their eyes fully closed for long periods of time.

Models are to be patch tested prior to the course which will be sent out by us. Models are required from 2.30pm on the physical day of the course and required until approx 7pm.

If taking this course outside of the UK and with one of our International trainers, then a patch test may not be required due to different countries regulations. Course start and finish times may also vary.

Eyelash Extensions Kit?

Our Classic individual Eyelash Extensions course provides you with a comprehensive lash kit and we do not charge extra for this.

That’s a free eyelash extension kit worth £90. Want to know what goes into our classic eyelash extensions kit? View here.

In your eyelash kit you will have all you need during your eyelash course as well as being able to complete your case studies and clients once qualified. We offer all our Eyelash students’ lifetime 15% discount off all our Eyelash Excellence lash supplies.

Therefore, students can top up their lash kit over time whilst making extra savings.

Classic Eyelash Extensions
*Picture may differ to actual course kit

Who Is My Trainer

This will depend on your location and which trainer you choose from our Team. Click on the link for your preferred trainer to learn more about them and the course dates available.

Remember you also get some great free content to go alongside our classic eyelash extensions courses all through our learning zone and YouTube. 


Kent, UK


London, UK

Do I Receive a Certificate

All students will receive their certificate/diploma on successful completion of 4 case studies.

Our Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions course is accredited by the Guild of Beauty Therapists who is one of the major accrediting bodies within England. This diploma will allow you to gain insurance and offer this treatment to your clients.

If you choose to take this eyelash course outside of England and with one of our International trainers, then please check the regulations for your country as to whether our Classic individual eyelash extensions course is recognised.


What If I Need Extra Help

Our team of eyelash trainers are always here to assist and offer unlimited ongoing support. Just get in touch and we will get back to you ASAP.

What Benefits Do I Get

We offer all students who take our Classic Eyelash Extensions course lifetime 15% discount off all Eyelash Excellence lash supplies, as well as other additional discounts off the other training services we offer.

So if you are on the fence or balancing up what other classic eyelash extensions courses offer then please have a look at the quality we offer, the support and the bonuses after course completion. You will be very hard pressed to find better.

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