Eyelash Excellence - Russian Voluse Lash Course

Volume Eyelash Extensions is a new lash technique that has taken the world by storm. This is the “must have” lash technique for the experienced therapist.

This technique will allow you to cater for every client that comes into your salon, from those that desire the thickest, fullest look possible, to those that want lightweight Volume with major “fluff”. You can now extend your lash menu and offer your clients a look to suit their requirements and budget – from a natural look, to major fullness.

  • Price: £350 +VAT (£420 inclusive)

  • Course time: 10am – 6pm

  • Location: Eyelash Excellence, Unit C, The Marketplace, Brogdale Farm, Brogdale Road, Faversham, Kent, ME13 8XZ 

  • Trainer: Frankie Widdows

  • Course Schedule:

  • 10am – 12.30pm – In-depth Theory
  • 12.30 – 1.30pm – Lunch (light lunch provided)
  • 1.30 – 3.30pm – Pick-up techniques
  • 3.30 – 5.45pm  – Application techniques
  • 5.45 – 6pm – Q&A and Finish


The volume technique was developed in Russia, hence the name. It involves the use of ultra fine lashes that are applied to the client in a fanned effect, to create full and fluffy lashes.

Each fan is skilfully made by the therapist at the time of application, and attached in a method called the ‘wrap’, which ensures a seamless bond and excellent retention.

This technique is suitable for experienced classic trained (1 on 1) eyelash technician, as well as those who have already taken a volume course and would like to perfect their pick up, application and technical knowledge.

Students must have a minimum of 6 months Classic lashing experience and be a confident, competent and busy lash tech. This technique requires you to be very skilled with your tweezers, as well as having an excellent understanding of the lash industry and techniques. The Russian Volume technique is an ‘add-on’ advanced and intricate lash treatment, and will not turn you into an amazing tech alone.

The Eyelash Excellence team cannot teach novice lash technicians, or those that lack the Classic skills required to move onto the advanced and difficult technique.

If you are in any doubt as to whether this course is suitable for you, then please email us with some of your most recent work to: info@eyelashexcellence.com and we will guide you to what course is most appropriate for you.

What is covered in this course?

Morning session:

  • What is Russian Volume?
  • The benefits of Russian Volume
  • Correct and safe level of volume for clients
  • Correct use of length
  • Volume adhesives and the science behind them
  • Working with your Volume tweezers
  • The perfect fan
  • Wide vs Narrow fans, and how to use
  • Fan consistency
  • Correct Volume fan bases (No T Bars)
  • Adhesive control and glue dipping
  • Attachment of the fan- the wrap technique
  • Correct fan angles
  • Volume lash/eye styling
  • Volume aftercare and cleaning
  • Volume infills

Afternoon session:

  • How to correctly hold your tweezers for perfect fans
  • 4 different pick-up techniques
  • Glue dipping your perfect fan
  • Correcting an “imperfect fan”
  • Fan perfection practice
  • Application to mannequin head using the wrap technique

Models are not required for the day

We do not use models on the one-day volume courses. The technique of Russian volume requires the precise creation of consistently perfect fans and this takes many hours of practice. The Eyelash Excellence team teaches a variety of techniques, so that each student can find a technique that best suits them. We spend a lot of time with our students perfecting the chosen pick up technique, including the correct glue dipping, placement and wrap of the fan onto the natural lash.

The above techniques all take time and can be practiced and perfected away from a real model, and applied correctly to a mannequin head.

The use of models on one-day courses, limits the time students have to practice and perfect their pickup techniques. This can mean that students lack the necessary practice time and confidence in the techniques taught and are asked to work on real models without having mastered the pickup correctly.
As a result, students either rush their volume work in attempt to create a full set, or the model leaves unhappy with a half-finished set of Russian volume extensions due to the limited lashing time available on a one-day course.

Every student that attends, is expected to be an experienced therapist who is confident and competent working on real models. As such, the techniques taught during the day can then be applied to their clients in their own time.

Eyelash Excellence - Volume Lash Kit

Volume Lash Kit

Student’s are provided with their own Complimentary Volume kit  for use on the course and future case studies.

(NB – kits may vary)

Students will be provided with:

  • UK-Accredited and fully illustrated manual
  • Eyelash Excellence Ltd certificate on successful completion of 4 case studies
  • Complimentary Volume kit
  • 15% discount code to use on the online shop
  • unlimited aftercare support

Assessment and Case studies:

Students are required to practice and perfect their volume lashing techniques and skills on mannequin heads and live models after the course. Students must provide and pass 4 case studies to evidence their work before they become certified. Any student that does not meet the required standard will be invited back for a free refresher day. Students that pass their 4 case studies will be sent out their Eyelash Excellence certificate, this can then be provided to your chosen insurance company.

Case studies are photographic evidence of your work as such photos must be clear and unedited and be taken both before and after eyelash extensions have been applied.

Full requirements can be found at: www.eyelashexcellence.com/case-studies please do read these as it clearly states out the criteria and what is expected for your course case studies.

Please complete one case study at a time emailing it to: casestudies@eyelashexcellence.com and wait for feedback before completing the next case study.

Each case study will be assessed against the required standard by the Eyelash Excellence Team.