Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Course
(2 day course)

Russian Volume Course

Our Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Course is suitable for those that have never taken a Russian volume course before or feel that their initial volume training was poor. This course is “Advanced Lashing” therefore students taking this course must already be trained in Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions. Russian volume is an add on skill to Classic lashing, therefore students are required to be a competent Classic Eyelash Artist with at least 6 months Classic Lash experience.

If you have not completed your Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions training yet, then do not worry, we offer this course HERE!

This is a 2 Day Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions course.

  • Day 1 is home study covering the course theory.

  • Day 2 is practical classroom training: Morning session working on 4 pickup techniques. Afternoon session is practical application onto a mannequin head.

The key to the volume technique is creating perfect fans, and this takes time to perfect. As such, we choose to use a mannequin head in our Russian volume eyelash extensions course. This takes the pressure off the student, who can then focus their time on creating perfect fans with correct attachment. Students do not need to worry about completing a full set of eyelash extensions on their model, instead work solely on 100% perfection and finesse of their new volume skills.

The Russian Volume eyelash technique has taken the lash industry by storm. The use of handmade lightweight volume fans allows the therapist to create varying levels of fullness on their clients to suit their desired effect.

Russian volume is such a versatile treatment that now allows the lash artist to cater for every client out there. If your client has damaged or weak/sparse natural lashes, we can use Russian volume fans to create a fuller look. Maybe that client already has thick full lashes but wants an even more dramatic look, we can use Russian Volume to create that effect.

Russian volume is an advanced form of lashing, as such should only be attempted by the competent lash artist. Sadly, many are bypassing this super intense training, trying to learn off YouTube or teach themselves and then “butchering” their clients.

The key to this technique is safe lashing, using the correct lash weights so that we do not overload the natural lashes. However, we are seeing severe damage caused to clients from those artists either poorly trained or bypassing correct training, see images below:

Here at Eyelash Excellence, we have the benefit of being experts at this technique. Frankie Widdows (our course developer) has spent her career perfecting the volume technique which is taught in our Russian Volume Eyelash Extension course. As an international lash judge, she is at the top of her lash game especially when it comes to her niche (Russian Volume). Take our Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions course and your will be learning the most technical and in-depth Russian Volume techniques out there. You will be taught absolute perfection and competition fans from the very start. Setting your volume work apart from your competition. You will be hard pushed to find another Russian volume eyelash extension course that is as in-depth and as technical as this, check out what is covered below.

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Course?

Day 1
(Home study online theory content)

  • What is Russian volume?

  • Correct vs Incorrect Russian volume fans

  • Client expectations when it comes to Russian volume

  • Different Russian volume effects

  • In depth Russian volume volumetric guide (lashing safely)

  • Pre-made vs handmade Russian volume fans

  • Crystalizing your volume fans

  • The perfect handmade Russian volume fan (precise/consistent)

  • Wide/narrow fans?

  • Long bases/short bases?

  • Which type of Russian volume fans to use on your clients

  • Russian Volume tweezers and correct holding

  • Russian Volume eyelash extension adhesives, how to work with them

  • Perfect Russian volume base volume trick

  • Volume styling

  • Balancing your volume sets

  • Correct distance to lash line/length/direction/coverage

  • Working with layers (top line, reverse/eyeliner/hybrid effects)

  • Textured Russian volume eyelash extensions

  • 4 Russian volume pickup techniques

  • Correct attachment and wrapping of your Russian volume fans

  • System of Russian volume lashing

  • Building you Russian volume sets

  • Trouble shooting your sets

Day 2
Practical classroom  (10am-6pm)

  • How to hold your Russian volume tweezers correctly

  • Loading your Russian Volume fan

  • 4 Russian volume techniques

  • Correct Glue dipping techniques

  • How to create wide and narrow fans

  • How to create long and short bases

  • How to attach correctly – wrapping the fan

  • How to correct a less than perfect fan

  • Creating your volume set

  • Building structure

  • Correct direction of fans

  • And more…

The Courses Cost?

We offer a variety of different courses across the globe. As such, prices do differ depending on the course, the trainer and the location you choose.
To see course prices, click on the Trainer of your choice, then click on the drop down menu to select your course type and preferred date. This will then display the price for that chosen course option.

Provide a Model?

Due to the technical nature of this course and the emphasis on perfecting multiple techniques, students will work on a mannequin head during the afternoon session of this Russian volume eyelash extension course.

Eyelash Extensions Kit?

Our Russian Volume Eyelash Course provides you with your own Eyelash Excellence kit free of charge.

You will have all you need for the day, from Hand tested tweezers, to lashes, volume glue etc. That’s a free kit worth £75.

We also offer all our Eyelash students’ lifetime 15% discount off Eyelash Excellence lash products. Therefore, students can top up their lash kit over time whilst making extra savings.

Russian Volume Kit
*Picture may differ to actual course kit

Who Is My Trainer

We have a variety of locations across England and the rest of the world, as such your trainer will depend on which course location you choose. Each Eyelash Excellence trainer has passed the strict criteria to be an Eyelash Excellence Trainer, which takes many months so that only the very best trainers make up part of our Eyelash Training academy.

Click on the link for your preferred trainer to learn more about them and the course dates available.


Kent, UK


London, UK

Do I Receive a Certificate

All students will receive their certificate/diploma on successful completion of 4 case studies.

All students will receive their certificate/diploma on successful completion of 4 case studies. Our Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions course is accredited by the Guild of Beauty Therapists who is one of the major accrediting bodies within England. This diploma will allow you to gain insurance and offer this treatment to your clients.

If you choose to take this eyelash course outside of England and with one of our International trainers, then please check the regulations for your country as to whether our Classic individual eyelash extensions course is recognised.


What If I Need Extra Help

Our team of eyelash trainers are always here to assist and offer unlimited ongoing support. Just get in touch and we will get back to you ASAP.

What Benefits Do I Get

We offer all students who take our eyelash extension courses lifetime 15% discount off all Eyelash Excellence lash supplies, as well as other additional discounts off the other training services we offer.

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