Eyelash extensions in Kent - Eyelash Excellence

Eyelash extensions are the amazing beauty treatment that has taken the world by storm.

During the treatment, synthetic individual eyelashes are applied to your own natural lashes to create a thicker, fuller look. One extension is applied to one isolated natural lash in a manner that does not inhibit or damage the natural growth patterns of your own eyelashes.

A correctly applied set of eyelash extensions will not cause damage, contrary to belief, however as a client you must ensure that you research your therapist thoroughly, as not all technicians uphold high standards that are set here at Eyelash Excellence, and as such we still continue to rectify or repair the damage caused by others.

It is not ‘one look suits all’, but a variety of looks than can be created, from very natural to a more dramatic effect.

We custom create our Eyelash Excellence sets to suit the individual client, taking into account their face shape, eye shape and requirements. We are not just lash artists, but experts at eye styling, to ensure that you receive a set of lashes that are perfect for you.

A good set of eyelash extensions do not look fake, and this is the key.

The Eyelash Excellence Salon can be located at Unit C, The Marketplace, Brogdale Farm, Brogdale Road, Faversham, Kent, ME13 8XZ.

Parking is free at the venue, enter the complex and turn left down the steps and we are located in the far left corner.

Why choose Eyelash Excellence?

Here at Eyelash Excellence we are passionate about Eyelash Extensions, and giving our clients the very best extensions out there. We only do eyelash extensions, and therefore are specialists within this subject, and know all there is to know about eyelash extensions.

We are always up to date with the latest techniques and products used within our industry, and all of our techniques and products are safe. We are working hard to educate our clients, and others, that eyelash extensions do not cause damage if applied correctly and are the perfect treatment for anyone; male, female, young and old.

Who is behind Eyelash Excellence?

My name is Frankie Widdows and I am the CEO of Eyelash Excellence Ltd. I am a former Police dog handler, but decided to change careers and enter the world of Eyelash Extensions.
Over the years I have built a solid and global reputation within my field of Eyelash Extensions.

I am an international judge, guest speaker, product developer, trainer and mentor to thousands of Lash Technicians from around the world.

My passion is Eyelash Extensions, and I am one of the top lash technicians and trainers in the world. As such, I spend most of my time between the UK, US, Canada, Brazil, Australia as well as a variety of other countries where I deliver my training to others in the industry.

I also have an impressive celebrity clientele, where by I offer bespoke lash treatments within the luxury of their own homes both in the UK and abroad.

Eyelash Excellence Ltd is global brand, yet I still maintain my small intimate salon here in Kent.

Are the products used safe?

  • All of the products used at Eyelash Excellence Ltd are of the highest quality, and safe.
  • All of our glues are formaldehyde free, medical grade and meet the strict EU and ISO approval required for us to use them for treatments. Client safety is our priority here at Eyelash Excellence Ltd.
  • New clients are patch-tested with our products prior to their eyelash treatment.

Are they safe to wear?

Yes, if applied correctly. The therapist will assess the length and health of your own natural eyelashes and apply a bespoke set of eyelash extensions that can be safely supported by your own. Each natural lash is isolated, and an eyelash extension applied to it, close to the lash line but without touching your skin.

Eyelash extensions can be safely worn, week after week, month after month, year after year, with no breaks, if desired.

However, there is still a lot of “bad press” stating that eyelash extensions cause damage.

A well-applied set of extensions that are custom created by the technician for the client will not cause damage. Sadly there are a lot of either untrained, or poorly trained, lash technicians continuing to apply extensions that are too thick, too long, or use too much glue. As such, lash extensions still have a bad reputation for causing damage.

It is paramount that clients thoroughly research their lash technician prior to any lash treatment.

Are they comfortable to wear?

A correctly applied set of lashes should feel comfortable and lightweight and you will not know that you are wearing them. The treatment should be pain-free and relaxing, with most clients falling asleep.

Can I choose the look I want?

Within reason, however here at Eyelash Excellence Ltd we can only work from a platform of natural lashes, therefore clients must have realistic expectations of what we can safely achieve on them.

If you are blessed with a good set of strong natural lashes then you will achieve a fuller look, where as if you have naturally sparse lashes then your set will look more natural.

We can only apply one extension to one natural lash, with eyelash extensions only enhancing what you have; they do not create something out of nothing.

However, we offer a large lash menu and use a variety of advanced and clever techniques to create extra fluff and density (if requested) within your sets. Every set of extensions that we apply here at Eyelash Excellence Ltd is styled and shaped for the individual client.

Each set applied is custom created for the client with the correct thickness, length and curl used. All of this is discussed at your client consultation.

Our eyelash extensions do not look fake, and we pride ourselves on quality work, where no one should know that your extensions are not your own.

We will never overload your natural lashes or cause damage.

Can I change my look/style over the weeks?

Here at Eyelash Excellence Ltd we understand that you may want to change the appearance of your sets over the weeks. Some clients may have a special event to go to and require longer lengths for a period of time etc. Our team will always assist you with any adjustments needed at your infill, to create the look perfect for you. However, please note that if your adjustment is extreme, then you may require a removal and a full set, due to the different type of extensions required.

Eyelash extensions in Kent - Eyelash Excellence

Do I need a patch test?

Client safety is paramount and here at Eyelash Excellence Ltd and this is always our main priority. The treatment of eyelash extensions works on the delicate eye area; therefore it is paramount that every new client is patch-tested with our products, to ensure that they do not have any negative reactions.

You will be invited in for a 20-30 minute patch-test where we will also go through your initial consultation. We will ask that you complete a client consultation form to check for any contraindications that may prevent you being able to wear a set of eyelash extensions. If there are no contraindications, then we will apply 2-3 very short and fine eyelash extensions to your own natural lashes, as well as patch-testing you for the other products used during the treatment.

We will also consult with you and discuss the look that you would like to achieve, using the variety of curls, thicknesses and lengths that we have here at Eyelash Excellence Ltd.

If your patch-test shows no reaction within 48 hours, then you are safe to wear extensions and we will look forward to seeing you at your appointment.

Important – UK insurance governing the application of eyelash extensions requires the patch-testing of all new clients at least 48 hours prior to their treatment. No patch test – No treatment.

How long does the procedure take?

The application of a full set of eyelash extensions can take anywhere from 1.5 -3 hours. This is because the therapist must carefully isolate out each natural lash, and apply an extension to it. The average person has 60-100 natural eyelashes per eye, and we aim to apply an extension to every suitable one, therefore you can see why this is a time consuming and highly skilled treatment.
Maintenance infills usually take 1-1.5 hours

Are there any restrictions to wearing Eyelash Extensions?

Here at Eyelash Excellence Ltd, we apply extensions only to those aged 18 years and over, with some of our oldest clients being in their 80s!

Clients that desire at set of eyelash extensions must already have a reasonable set of natural lashes present, because we attach our extensions to the natural lashes only, and never the skin. This means that any client that has very little, or no natural lashes, may not be a suitable candidate. However, at Eyelash Excellence Ltd we specialise in clients with fewer natural lashes, or those post-chemotherapy and, with the use of our advanced Russian Volume techniques, we can really work miracles on some clients.

Clients must be able to lie flat, with their eyes fully closed for up to 3 hours. Any client that suffers with claustrophobia, flickery eyes, or is of a nervous disposition may not be a suitable client for eyelash extensions, however we will always discuss this at your initial consultation.

Each client must complete a client consultation form and be patch-tested in accordance with our insurance, to ensure that they are safe to wear eyelash extensions.

How long do they last?

Natural eyelashes grow and shed daily, with the average person losing 2-5 natural lashes per eye, per day. This means that if you wish to keep your eyelash extensions looking their best, then maintenance infills are required every 2-3 weeks.

If you choose to have your set for a special occasion only, then you can let them fall out naturally over the course of 3-6 weeks.

Are they easy to maintain?

Yes, however you do have to treat them with a little care and clean them regularly, which will all be explained to you at the end of your appointment.

You can still wear eye makeup, but you must not apply mascara to the extensions or use any form of liquid or gel eyeliner to the upper eyelid – you will not need to. These products will break down the lash glue, saturating the extensions and causing them to stick together, and will cause damage. Mascara and eyeliner cannot be cleaned from the extensions without damage, and can lead to bacterial infections such as Blepharitis.

Any client that arrives to an infill appointment with dirty extensions, or evidence of the use of mascara or eyeliner will require a removal and a full set again. We do not tolerate dirty eyelash extensions here at Eyelash Excellence Ltd.

Why do eyelash technicians charge higher prices?

The application of a set of quality eyelash extensions is a very intricate skill that can only be undertaken by a highly trained and skilled professional. Good therapists invest heavily into their training, and continue to take training every 6-12 months (and usually abroad). Clients put their absolute trust in their therapist, who work on their delicate eye area while using sharp tweezers and strong adhesives. The products used are of the highest medical grade quality and, as such are expensive to purchase. The lash products used on clients are applied in large quantities by the therapist, with between 200-600 extensions being applied, depending on the lash service you have.