Sharon – 45 years young, very weak, poor natural lashes

Sharon - Eyelash Excellence

Sharon has probably been one of our most difficult clients to date, not because of her poor natural lashes, but because of her original unrealistic expectations. Sharon dreamt of big, thick, full and long eyelash extensions and visited many therapists in the search of just that. Sadly most of the therapists they she went to were not experienced enough to deal with Sharon’s naturally poor lashes, and in their desire to please her and give her what she wanted, used extensions that were too thick and heavy as such they caused severe damage to her already poor lashes. Sharon went from therapist to therapist with the same request for thick and full extensions, but without the discomfort and damage. Sadly Sharon was caught in a vicious circle until she came to me, and then the re-education started. Sadly Sharon wanted thick and full, but couldn’t understand that her lashes could never support this and instead she would have to settle for a lightweight Volume set (not classics), as this is all she could safely support. Sharon has a severe hooded eyelid, therefore we have to use longer lengths to extend out from the hood, however we counteract the extra length by using a lighter lash, so that we never cause damage.

Products used on Sharon:

0.05mm volume extensions

Strong Eyelash Extension Glue

Sophie – 21 years old, good, strong natural lashes

Sophie has been a client of ours from the very start and has worn nearly every length, curl, thickness and style of extensions over the years.

Sophie is a natural beauty as you can see and her face loves the camera, therefore she is our Eyelash Excellence Cover girl. Sophie loves that glamorous dramatic look which allows us to be able to “play” with so many different trends of extensions to create that full on look.

We always favour a stronger curl on Sophie, with the D curl being our favourite on her to help open that eye and create a full on glamour look.

Sophie loves our Russian Volume sets using 0.06mm thickness –

We have also created some beautiful Flat lash classic sets on Sophie using –

Take a look at some of her amazing photos of the looks we can create on Sophie.

Chloe – 23 years old, good natural lashes

Chloe has the most beautiful green eyes, and we knew from the moment we saw her we had to use coloured lashes on her.

All of our coloured sets are very subtle, yet classy and get so many comments. Sadly, many clients think that coloured lashes will look far too obvious (almost like carnival lashes) but this is not the case. Colored eyelash extensions are so versatile, from subtle effects to more drama. The skilled lash artist can create a bespoke set to suit that client.

For example, if that client had green eyes and wanted to make them “pop”, the use of a few green extensions used either over the pupil or in the lower layers can look subtle yet bring out that eye colour – and no one would know you had green extensions in!

Here Chloe is wearing our green Russian color volume lashes –

Chloe has also worn our blue and purple color eyelash extensions –

Colour may not be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, but we do love to get creative with our work.

Maureen – 66 years young, poor natural lashes that grow in clumps

Here at Eyelash Excellence Ltd, we love our clients like Maureen, who show us that you are never too old to wear eyelash Extensions. From these pictures you can see how amazing she is, and how she totally rocks a set of coloured lashes – say no more!

Maureen does like to also wear glitter lashes (for special occasions) but most of the time it’s full on color – she will never go back to the standard black eyelash extensions.

Maureen is such a fun client to work with and over the years we have used every coloured extension that we offer from our website –

She also love to wear our pre made volume fans –

Maureen - Eyelash Excellence

Liliane – 55 years young; short, straight, downward facing natural lashes

Liliane has very difficult natural lashes because they are very short and straight and, even with mascara, she cannot create the look she desires.

She wears a lightweight set of Russian Volume extensions in a stronger curl to rectify the direction of her natural lashes.

From time to time she will wear some colour, so she is a great client who offers us variety.