BELOW WE HAVE A HELPFUL GUIDE TO ALL THINGS LASHES – information to assist both Lash Artists and clients.

New clients: always invite them for a mandatory patch-test and consultation prior to their lash treatment. In the UK this is mandatory for 99% of insurance companies covering eyelash extensions. This appointment should take approximately 20-30 minutes, with a consultation form being completed and the application of all products to be used as well as a few extensions attached to the clients natural lashes. Ask your client to arrive to their patch test appointment wearing no eye makeup (if possible), as this will need to be removed prior to the patch test.

Deposits: We recommend to take a booking fee/deposit from your client to secure their appointment (this fee will be redeemed against the full lash treatment) Deposits are important in the event that a client fails to show – you will now have wasted appointment that could have been offered to another. Deposits can be taken online or be paid at the patch test appointment via cash or card.

Client Expectations: It is paramount that all clients have a realistic expectation of what can be achieved on them before the commencement of any lash treatment. This is why the consultation prior to any lash set is paramount. Although lash artists are skilled at what they do, they can only work from a platform of natural lashes and cannot create something out of nothing. If a client has naturally sparse, fine and short natural lashes, the extensions that they can wear safely will be much finer and shorter than a client that presents a thicker, fuller and longer set of natural lashes. Eyelash Extensions are nothing like Strip lashes that are attached to a band which is glued with a latex based washable adhesive. Eyelash Extensions can only extend the natural lashes. They are glued with a “super glue” based adhesive to isolated individual natural lashes – therefore the lash artist is limited to the natural lashes she is working off. If a client that desires a ‘strip lash’ look, then eyelash extensions are NOT for them .

Damaged Lashes: It takes no skill to create a thick full look of eyelash extensions on every client – simply “dump” a load of heavy long extensions onto the natural lashes, glue some to the eyelid and load more on top. This will give the client what they want, but be painful and extremely damaging causing the natural lashes to fall out after a few weeks and permanent damage caused to the lash follicle. Natural lashes are very delicate, as such if lash artists cause damage they will grow back much finer and be damaged forever – natural lashes do not recover well from an overloaded set of eyelash extensions. Lash artists take training to understand what each client can safely wear, it is never one type of lash look for every client.

Classic natural set - Eyelash Excellence

Classic and Flat lashes

Classic eyelash extensions:  These are the application of one extension to one isolated suitable natural lash and tend to give a more natural look of all the lashes offered. The final result will always vary from client to client which is why they MUST always have realistic expectations as to the result that can be achieved on their natural lashes. All synthetic eyelash extensions are made out PBT (also used for tooth brushes, paint brushes etc). PBT is a very safe and cruelty free product, which is why it is a great product for the use in eyelash extensions.

Classic Eyelash extensions are applied to only suitable natural lashes. Natural lashes grow in 3 stages from baby to mature lashes. Baby lashes are too fragile to support extensions, so these should never be lashed, instead allowed to grow to maturity before an extension can be applied. Sometimes a client may have more natural lashes on one eye than the other, or areas where lashes grow more densely. As such, the artist will choose to leave some natural lashes so that they can balance the eye for symmetry.

Check out our range of Classic Lashes at:

WANT A SLIGHTLY BOLDER LOOK ? Flat lashes were introduced in 2005, a new design of extension that is designed to be a flat shape compared to the conical shaped classic lash. Due to the shape of these Flat lashes, they give a much darker and bolder look compared to classic lashes, yet are still lightweight.

We have a great video on youtube which explains all about Flat lashes and how they can be used on clients:

We sell a variety of Flat lashes which come in either Matte or Shiny, so there is a look to suit every client, you can find them at:

Classic natural set - Eyelash Excellence

Eyelash Infills

What are infills?

If a client would like to maintain their eyelash extensions (whether Classics, Flats, Pre made fans or handmade volume) then they must return within 3 weeks for an infill. Natural eyelashes grow and shed daily with each eye losing approx 3 natural lashes per eye per day – this of course takes the extension with it. Lash ArtistS apply approx 80-120 extensions to each eye (80 extensions on clients with low lash count/100 on clients with medium lash count/ 120 on clients with high lash count).

In 7 days that client will have lost 21 extensions

In 14 days that client will have lost 42 extensions

In 21 days that client will have lost 63 extensions

Now you can see why clients must return for infill within 2-3 weeks if they wish to maintain their extensions.

Check out our youtube video on how to properly infill lashes:

Important: Infills should only be performed if there is at least 40-50% of  the lashes remaining, any less then the set will be classed as a full set due to the amount of loss.

At the infill, the lash artist will remove any outgrown and twisted extensions and top the set up to a full set. Clients should arrive with clean lashes, however will still receive a complimentary cleanse of their extensions. If a client arrives with dirty lashes, the artist may charge a cleaning fee (for failing to follow aftercare) as well as having less lashes applied due to the extra time that now needs to be taken to clean makeup off the extensions –  this cleaning eats into the allocated time set for that client. If a client arrives with very dirty lashes, then it is very likely the whole set will need to be removed and a new set applied. The extensions will be too damaged to be saved, as well as dirty lashes being a breeding ground for bacteria therefore a full removal and clean will be required. The artist will unlikely have enough time to apply a full set, as the appointment time scheduled was for a fill only, therefore that client will then need to re-book but will still be charged.

Infills should be charged at approx 50% of the full set price, plus £5-£10 to cater for the delicate cleaning and removal of outgrown extensions. Therefore, if your set costs £60 then your infill will be approx £35-£40

Pre-Made Russian Volume

Pre-Made Russian Volume eyelash extensions:  This is the application of pre made volume fans. This treatment is a more affordable lash service for those that desire Volume ( a fuller effect than can be achieved with Classic lashes) but may be on a budget, as well as a speedier treatment for those short of time or who struggle to lie still for up to 3 hours.

Lash Artists that use pre mades do so because they are either not yet trained in making “handmade” volume fans, or do not want to spend the time or money learning this advanced technique. However, we sadly see a lot of artists that use pre made volume fans, using them incorrectly and overloading the natural lashes. This is due to lack of understanding of safe volume lash weights which is taught when learning hand made volume. 

This treatment is suitable for the client with either sparse natural lashes, or a client that requires a slightly fuller look than can be achieved with Classic lashes. The use of 3-4 extensions in that fan applied to one natural lash will create a fluffier and fuller look than can be achieved with classic eyelash extensions.

The final result will always vary from client to client; therefore they again MUST always have realistic expectations as to the result that can be achieved on their natural lashes. We also educate on our product website, how to safely use them.

We offer a variety of pre made fans which you can find at:

We also educate on our product website, how to safely use them on your clients.

Check out our in-depth video that talks all about pre mades:

Hand Made Russian Volume

Russian Volume Handmade eyelash extensions : The application of multiple, ultra fine and lightweight Hand made fan eyelash extensions to one natural lash (please do not get these confused with pre mades or clusters/flare lashes).  These can only be applied by the skilled and trained therapist – it is an advanced skill that takes many months to master by an experienced artist who has been in the industry for several years.

Russian volume is very versatile, whereby we can offer lightweight (3/4D), medium weight (5/6D) and heavy weight (7/8D) volume)

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Those that want to learn this skill MUST take a good class (there are many cheap and poor ones out there). To do Handmade Russian volume well, takes excellent training and hours of practice. This is why many now favour pre made fans, because they do not want to invest in training, or have attempted volume either through trying to self teach or by taking a volume class and finding it to be a lot harder than anticipated.

We offer some of the best Russian volume classes out there, check out:

In person Russian Volume course:

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 Eyelash Removals

It is very rare that we need to do a full removal of eyelash extensions. Most clients choose to have their extensions infilled week after week, or let them fall out naturally. At times we can recommend that clients have a fresh set every 9-12 weeks (to coincide with the clients natural lash cycles). This allows the lash artist to remove remaining outgrown extensions, give the eyes a through clean and apply a fresh new set.

Many lash artists prefer not to remove work done by others, as they do not know how much or what products have been used to apply the extensions. There are many therapists that use cheap, unsafe super strong glues bought from unapproved sellers on the internet. These glues can be extremely strong and impossible to remove.

If you are looking for quality, affordable and approved Strong Eyelash Extensions glue that is the safest on the market, then check out just one of our wide range:

All of our Eyelash Extensions Glue is produced in the UK and meets the strict EU regulations.

In addition to this, when removing another artists work, you can not always see if the extensions have caused damage by either overloading or incorrect application and do not want to be blamed for damage that was caused by another.

However, there are times where a client has fallen victim to a poor set of lashes and needs them removed asap. They may not want to visit their original artist, so will look for someone that will take them off. In this instance, ensure that you still do a full consultation with that client and have that client’s signature to protect you from the above.

The use of a good cream Eyelash remover is paramount, as lash debonder can be very strong and sting if used incorrectly. We have a safe and gentle organic debonder at:

If you do remove others work, you must consider the factors above. It can take several hours to remove a poor set of extensions or an unknown product, compared to the 15 mins it should take.

Removal of work done elsewhere: Consider a price bracket of  £25 -£30

Removal of own work without re-application : Consider £10

Removal of own work ready for new set: Free