The aim of this Eyelash Forum is to provide qualified artists a safe place to learn, develop and be the best they can in this competitive industry. This Eyelash Forum gives artists from around the globe 24/7 access to in-depth and technical content to assist you with your journey. Navigate through our Beginners, Advanced, Volume and Business sections and learn advanced techniques that you never knew existed.

Please note, we do NOT “teach” the volume pickup techniques on here (that requires the taking of a Volume Course), but we do have advanced Volume content to assist already trained in the technique.

This Eyelash Forum is place for techs to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques, as well as interact with hundreds of other qualified Artists from around the globe who also share your passion – and that’s just the start!

This industry advances so quickly; therefore it is paramount that you also continue to keep up-to-date with the latest and most effective products and techniques that are entering the industry. This Eyelash Forum will help you very quickly develop your skills, but sometimes that’s not enough to attract clients; you must also understand how to make a success of your business – this is something you rarely get taught on your courses. You will not only be shown the “Do’s”, but also the “Don’ts” in the industry – saving you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds in investments that do not work.

You will be mentored by one of the Industries leading Artists – Frankie Widdows and her team of trainers.

You too can learn some trade secrets and turn your business into a profitable one, with the scope to take your career wherever you want.



The Eyelash Forum part (the chat element) of this learning platform is on Facebook (because everyone knows how to use and interact on Facebook) and with Facebook notifications, you know you will never miss out on the latest tutorial, post etc. This is a secret facebook group, which means that no one can search for it, or see any of the content outside of the group. Every comment and post is confidential and cannot be seen by anyone who is not a member of the group, so that you can be confident that your posts are only seen by the other techs on the group.

All of the video and written content (the practical elements) are located on the EE website, which you login to for access. You will be given your own unique username and password to access this whenever you wish. Work your way through the many videos on there, from Beginners to advanced level – there is something for everybody.

Have a question for Frankie or her team, or even advice from the other members? Just jump back onto the Secret facebook forum and post your question and it will be answered. The benefit of this Secret Eyelash Forum is that it is a safe place to learn. We do not accept bullying or defamatory comments. It is a safe supportive platform to learn and be supported by like minded others.


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Frankie Widdows is a Master Artist, International Trainer, Judge and Guest Speaker at some of the World’s top events. She created this Eyelash Forum after the idea was presented to her by one of her original followers on YouTube – to set up a group that people could join and learn her techniques.

Frankie wasn’t always in the beauty industry; in fact her previous career couldn’t be any more different to what she does now.  She served for 10 years in the Police, working as a response officer and dog handler, before making the decision to leave and follow her true passion for creativity and beauty.

Frankie entered into the industry providing a range of beauty treatments and overtime realized that she had a passion for extensions. However to start she was terrible and as a result, her clients never came back! Her initial training was of poor with no ongoing support, and no one out there who was willing to help. Frankie’s confidence was knocked time and time again by clients who left unhappy, because she did not know what she was doing.  She was spending so much money on advertising and none of it worked. Frankie only had a few clients, and those that did come never returned. She soon realised that the little money she was earning was not enough to live on and her decision to leave the Police to pursue a dream seemed to have been a major mistake.

Frankie Widdows - Eyelash Excellence

However, a chance meeting with one on the UK’s leading Internet Marketers (Simon Coulson) lead her down the path of becoming one of his students and that is where the real journey began. With Simons mentoring, Frankie soon learnt the secrets of how to get her business online and that was the start of her Global Brand and the creation of this Eyelash Forum.

However, Frankie realised that her “lash game” needed improvement but with a lack of good training back then, it was up to Frankie to try to train herself so that she could retain her clients. Sadly at the time, there were no forums for Frankie to learn from despite the industry screaming out for help, so Frankie and many others were alone on their journey. Through hard work and determination, Frankie’s work started to get better, and with the combination of her new business skills she finally started to get clients. The more clients she had, the more pictures she took and posted online. Her worked started to get attention from other artists and she enjoyed speaking and assisting other artists.

Then one day Frankie received a message from a fellow artists asking if she had ever considered running a mentoring eyelash forum. Frankie couldn’t see how people would subscribe to this. However Frankie made tentative inquiries and the response was incredible and within the first week her Eyelash Forum had nearly 80 members!

As time has gone on, the Eyelash Forum has gone strength to strength with new members joining all of the time. The feedback from all members has been so positive, with the improvement in the standard of work being incredible. There are members from all over the world and of all standards, sharing their passion for extensions and wanting to better themselves.

The purpose of this group has always been to mentor people, and this is exactly what it does. This Eyelash Forum is run and monitored 365 days a year, with every post being read and answered by both the team and other members. New Tutorials are uploaded or updated to the website every  6-12 months to ensure that members have access to the most up to date techniques in an ever evolving industry. Members are also invited to give their video requests.

Each member of this group is a valuable member, and makes the group the success that it is. With members from all over the world, there is always someone online at every time of the day. This group continues to go from strength to strength, assisting technicians to be nothing but the best.