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What Adhesive Should I use?
Adhesive choice depends on a range of different factors. What is the humidity and temperature of your working environment? How quickly do you work? Are you an advanced lasher or a beginner? We have a wide adhesive range so you should be able to
find the adhesive best suited to you and your environment. In our online shop you will find a detailed description of each adhesive including curing time and optimum temperature and humidity levels however if you feel you would like further guidance when selecting an adhesive please contact us at

The Pigments of my Adhesive Are Separating
This is a sign the adhesive needs shaking. We advise you shake your adhesive bottle for around 2 minutes at the beginning of each lashing day to ensure it is well mixed. It is also advisable to discard the first drop of adhesive as it is likely this has been sat in the spout of the bottle and may not have been mixed properly. If the pigments still seem to be separating after dispensing a 2nd drop then shake the bottle further. Please bare in find the thinner the viscosity of the adhesive the more shaking it will need.

The bottle I have received looks different that previous purchases, have your recipes
We have recently rebranded and although the design of the bottles and names of our adhesives have changed the product itself are exactly the same. Please see below the list of our newly name adhesives and their previous names:
Onyx (previously Rebel)
Pearl (previously Ice)
Topaz (previously Tender)
Sapphire (previously Storm)
Quartz (previously Tornado)
Ruby (previously Rapid)

My Clients Lashes Fall Within a Few Days
This is such a complex subject as there are so many reasons this can happen and it is often difficult to identify the cause. Some key things to consider are: Are you using an adhesive with the correct cure time for you? If an adhesive is too quick for you it will have started to cure before you have attached it to your clients natural lash which will mean it has not fully bonded. Are your clients lashes squeaky clean prior to application? Any residue from mascara, eyeliner, strip lash glue or if your cleanser hasn’t been thoroughly removed will all prevent a good bond between the extension and natural lash. Medication that your client is currently taking can cause retention issues, particular if they are taking any form or steroids of hormone replacement. It is also likely that your client hasn’t followed your aftercare, check if they have got their lashes wet within 24hrs of application, have they used a stream room/sauna or had a hot shower within 48hrs of application? Please bear in mind that these are just some of the reasons your client may be suffering with poor retention.

Do you sell a sensitive adhesive?
We do not stock or manufacture sensitive adhesives. Lash techs tend to try and source sensitive adhesives when their clients show a sensitivity to regular lash adhesive. However a ‘sensitivity’ to lash adhesive usually means that they are either intolerant to the cyanoacrylate or inhibitors in the adhesive. ‘Sensitive’ adhesives although in lower levels, still contain cyanoacrylate and inhibitors. If a client has shown an allergy or intolerance previously it is our opinion that they should not be knowingly exposed to these ingredients at any level, for this reason we chose not to supply sensitive adhesives.

How long does a bottle of adhesive last?
If stored correctly we recommend changing your adhesive every 6-8 weeks. Adhesive should be stored upright in a cool, dry room out of direct sunlight. If you are a busy tech and opening your bottle multiple times a day you may need to change your bottle sooner than 6 weeks. Ensure you shake your adhesive well (it needs a good few minutes) at the start of each day and then give it a quick shake before each dispense. Always shake with the lid off and with a piece of lint free paper over the nozzle.

Does your adhesive require me to patch test?
Here at Eyelash Excellence we strongly believe all clients should be patch tested at least 48hrs prior to treatment. Patch testing should be carried out by applying 3-5 short lashes across the lash line of each eye. If no reaction is shown then you are safe to go ahead but please be aware patch testing does not 100% guarantee that your client won’t have a reaction to a full set of lashes.

What Volume Tweezers Should I Use?
Tweezers are such a personal choice that it is difficult to advise which are best for each individual. As a general guide, if you are a highly skilled volume lasher and are looking for a precision set of tweezers suitable for 6D+ fans then we would suggest a set of Dumonts or our exclusive Orion tweezers. If you are new to volume lashing or a little heavy handed so looking for a more robust tweezer why not give our Volume Axe Tweezer a try. All of our tweezers are hand finished so please bear in mind that no pair are identical and it may take a bit of experimenting when you receive your tweezers to find their individual ‘sweet spot’

My Tweezers Don’t Grab the Fan
All of our tweezers are hand finished and therefore no pair of tweezers are identical. You may need to adjust your pressure or hand position to find the ‘sweet spot’ of your new tweezers.

My Tweezers Are Bent/Broken
All of our tweezers are hand tested and checked before being shipped. If your tweezers do arrive damaged please contact us straight away with pictures of the damage and we will assist you