Hybrid sets are a popular lash service, therefore can be a great addition to your lash menu as they allow the client to have a mix of the classic and volume technique. Many Lash artists fear attempting Hybrid sets however they are actually very easy to apply. The use of Classic extensions surrounded by either YY lashes, pre-mades or volume fans will create the hybrid effect, simple!

If you are not volume trained, then use either pre-mades or YY lashes as your texture. If you are trained in volume, then create your own fans.


Please do not get the Hybrid and the Strip lash technique confused, they are very different.

The Hybrid technique maintains the top line effect/or can have slight textured tips if you choose to feather. Whereas the Strip lash look is the use of extra long spikes added to the set to create extreme texture.



How do we create Hybrid sets?

Step 1: Decide on the level of mix, i.e will it be a 50/50 split between the two techniques or does that client desire more fluff (volume) or more definition (classic)?

Step 2: Build your classic framework first. It is paramount that your frame is balanced so spaced perfectly apart and even. This is why we suggest applying the classic extensions first because they are darker and thicker and if they are not applied in the correct areas the set won’t balance.

Step 3: Fill your set with your choice of volume.



Always work on your classic frame first, so strip out/replace any classic extensions so that you restructure your balanced frame. Now you can work on the volume parts of the set.



Many clients wrongly believe that Hybrid sets will give them the same look as a volume set or even fuller (no idea why). Remember a Hybrid set is a mix of the two techniques therefore it can never be as full as a volume set. Please ensure that you educate your clients before you commence your lash treatment. It is recommended to have visual images on had to show clients the differences between the techniques and what they can expect to receive.


What thickness should I use for Hybrids?

Hybrid sets work well with the following combinations (if that client can support)

0.15mm & 0.07mm

0.12mm & 0.06mm or 0.05mm

0.10mm & 0.05mm or 0.04mm

Take a look at this stunning Hybrid set by Georgias Beauty Boutique

Flat lashes in Hybrid sets?

We do not recommend using Flat lashes over a 0.10mm thickness. The stark contrast of a thick flat against soft volume is too extreme and does not blend the set together.