Just wanted to say how grateful i am for the Lash Tech Tutorial group!

As a ‘worrier’ it gives me peace of mind that there is help 24/7 with a safe environment to post queries or pictures of my work. Frankie, Amy and Sarah-Jane are angels and must be fed up with all my questions!! (Although they never make me feel that way.) If it wasn’t for this group i wouldn’t be striving to be a better lash technician and i would definitely have given up by now!!

Thanks for everything!

Louise B
Thank you very much for all the information.

Want to say big big thanks for the videos.

I learnt most of tricky and clever techniques from you than my courses.

I bought lots of products from your website too. Hope to buy more stuff soon. Thanks again for the videos. They are very helpful.

Keep up the good work !!

Sam V
I am a member of your lash tutorial group. I love the group and am learning a lot from everyone. I do believe in continued education as much as you do. I look forward to learning much more from you. Once again, thank you for being a great inspirational lash artist and a great teacher. And, I thank you for the student discount and for your team support.
Katelyn Vo
I love this group! When I was first told about it, I thought I don’t need to join – I am confident in classic lashes and know what I am doing. Pahaha how wrong I was (well I am still confident) but I was confident because I was trying nothing new and doing pretty much all the same sets on everyone, with just the alteration of lash size. Now I am in love with the sets I am producing (not being big headed) and can’t thank Francine enough, and all of you girls on here. So one of my regulars came tonight for a removal of her old lashes and a fresh set put on. I took my time doing the lashes and loved the outcome, all thanks to this group. They looked perfect and she was extremely pleased. Thank you all
Rebecca L
I have a new addiction, I have just been a member since this morning and have since watched every single tutorial, and read pretty much every post and comment. I’m so excited to go to work and Lash tomorrow!! Thank you Francine (you are awesome) for giving a newbie like me a platform for some much needed advice, ideas and technical skill education :) and what a great forum for lash techs who are CONSTANTLY searching for information like I am (which is how I found you), oh and I have 1 million questions. I love this group so much, everything I have improved on and learnt is down to Francine Widdows. I have been a paid member from day 1 and it’s worth every penny. Thank you xxx
S. Chadburn
Ladies, I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it is to be here with you! You ladies are such sweethearts! Always helpful, respectful, inspiring, supportive and never have one unkind word to say….love this beautiful and unique group. Just a ‘thank you’ to Miss Widdows for this group. Without her extension knowledge and advice, a lot of us would be clueless. I feel like I have a much better knowledge, which gives us a competitive edge on the local lash techs. So this is a massive thank you. I never thought I would be knowledgeable enough to offer advice out to others, but it’s a great feeling.
R Sillivan
I trained with Frankie two weeks ago. She taught me so much, and improved my confidence. Frankie was patient and tailored my training to specific issues I was having. I love this forum and I have learnt more from Frankie and this forum in nearly three weeks than I did in the previous year, after spending over £3000 on previous courses, which nearly bankrupted me. I wish this forum had been available when I trained with the so-called ‘industry leaders’.
S .Wareham
I’ve been lashing for over 3 years, but I only started to take it to the next level after training in volume. After finding this fabulous group I have taken my lashing to the next level, I’m getting recommendations and new clients every weeks, and it’s amazing. The things I’ve learnt here have transformed my lash sets ten-fold. And I couldn’t have done it without your group Francine and my fellow WALAD family. Thanks Guys.
J. Suttill
I just have to say Francine you are amazing. I have learnt so much in these few hours of watching your tutorials (fiancé was not impressed as I didn’t take my eyes off the I-pad). I feel more motivated and excited now to go and try these tips and tricks on my clients, and do an even better service. Best group ever!
I’ve been working really hard on my technique to set me apart from the competition. I have received some great feedback with these photos on my page, reaching over 1000 people. And it’s all thanks to this group, tutorials, feedback and continual learning. Thank you xxx
I get asked quite a bit how I progressed quickly in my lashing technique (I’ve been lashing just over a year) the answer is Lash Tech Tutorials, an amazing forum by Master Lash Tech Francine Widdows! I’ve learnt so much from advanced techniques to business savvy.
Fiona M
Just wanted to say I love this group so much, all ladies are so friendly and helpful and have helped so much when I have constantly doubted myself. Thank you so much for setting this group up.
Becca C.
Francine this was only made possible by you and this amazing tutorial page. So grateful.
J Nedelkovski (Salon student of the year)
Hi all! I’m a newbie to this page and just wanted to say its INCREDIBLE! Such great content Im so pleased. I did some skill building with frankie a few weeks ago and I love that there is this page to help me even further! I am really building a passion for lashing and I’m sure if any of you have trained with frankie you’ll know how amazing she is at what she does, will definitely be doing volume next.