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Let's Talk Tweezers...

Written on  June 10, 2021
Let's Talk Tweezers

Without them we cannot do our job – simple, but finding that perfect pair is near on impossible. Ok for classic lashing you can get away with a basic pair, they don’t need to be overly precise and you can drop them a few times and still work with them.

But for volume, it's completely different – you need that Ferrari of all tweezers and finding that is hard.

So why is finding a good tweezer so hard?

Most basic tweezers are made out of poor quality steel, as such they are cheap and therefore do not always work. They are mass produced in factories across the globe with little quality control, which is why hand testing tweezers is a must.

Those that make them are not tweezer specialists, as such they do not understand the precision required for them to work especially for volume, and usually if they state they have hand tested them they grab one of their arm hairs to evidence they work!!!

Any precision tool, requires a top quality steel and that costs a lot more for the consumer, therefore you will no longer be spending £10-25 per pair but instead £50-£100. They are made by tweezer specialists that produce tools for the medical or forensic fields and develop these tweezers under microscopes to ensure the tips are super precise – and to develop these takes time, skill and a superior steel.

So if you buy a superior quality tweezer then you know it will work for your right?…… Not always unfortunately, because to find a tweezer that will work for YOU is difficult. It’s like buying shoes, they may be your size but they don’t fit your feet, or suit the way you walk, yet your friend will love those shoes and say they are the best they have ever worn.

Also to work with a precise tweezer and to perform advanced techniques well (such as volume), requires skill from that tech. Many techs naively purchase a volume tweezers and think it will suddenly have them create amazing fans with little effort or skill from them – they can wave it near the volume lashes and it will magically create a fan – that is not the case!

Tweezers also come in different shapes and sizes, some are very upright (90 degree angle like the Axe/ boot or footed tweezer) where as some have a soft curve (35-40 degrees) and that is all personal for that tech. Some tweezers have a soft grip when you squeeze, some have a harder grip, and again this is personal to the tech – a heavy handed tech will twist a soft grip tweezer, where as a tech with gentle hands will find a harder grip hurts their hands.

Some tweezers have the sweet spot on the very tip, some further back, they are all different.

Every high end tweezer is hand finished under a microscope, as such there will always be a variant in every tweezer, so even though it can be the same make of tweezer, it will work differently to the next one and there is no way around this on any hand finished product.

So as you can see, there are so many variants for tweezers and having that one perfect tweezer that suits all is actually impossible.

So what’s the answer?

Sadly there isn’t one, but instead it is understanding that you will over the years have to buy many tweezers to find which one will work for you.

You also have to learn to work with that tweezer, it’s like breaking in a pair of shoes, it can take months. You have to learn how to grip them, use the correct pressure, find that perfect sweet spot and look after them, so not dropping or leaving them in sterilising solutions which will corrode them over time.But once you have that perfect tweezer it will be a game changer for you and they will be your best friend. You will mourn that day when you accidentally drop them or they come to the end of their life (1.5 – 3 years).

So who should you buy your tweezers from?

Always buy them from trusted sellers that hand test them, usually an excellent volume tech who’s work you admire. Ensure that the seller offers some sort of guarantee on them. Will they assist you if you have any issues?

Of course I will recommend that you come to us, not only can you use any student or LTT discount code if you have one, but that you can trust that they have been tested by either myself or one of my skilled team and only the very best go the shop and the rest straight in the bin! Click here to take a look at our range.

So just remember, that search for the perfect tweezer is a hard one, and it will take time, but don’t give up because when you find it it will be the best day ever!!!

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