• Are you ready to learn the latest eyelash extension technique to take the world by storm?
  • Would you like to extend your lash menu, increase your lash revenue by up to 90% and be able to cater for every client that walks through the door?
  • Would you like to be the Master of your craft and set yourself apart from your competition, with your beautiful Volume masterpieces?

If the answer is “Yes”, then this is the course for you.

What you will need for this course:

  • 1x pair of volume tweezers
  • 1x pair of isolating tweezers
  • 1x tray of mixed lengths 0.07 in C curl
  • 1x Volume glue (non-wicking)

You can also purchase an Eyelash Excellence Volume kit at the checkout of your online course, just select the option.

Russian Volume is a technique developed in Russia. It is the use of ultra-fine extensions (0.03, 0.05, 0.06, 0.07 – and sometimes 0.10), that are picked up in a “multiple lash pickup” technique, to create a “fan” or “bouquet” of eyelash extensions. These are then applied to the natural lash to give a fuller look than can be created with Classic lashes, where we can only apply one extension to one natural lash (i.e 0.12, 0.15, 0.18, 0.20).

The use of these “ultra fine” lashes allows us to keep the lash weight light, yet still create added volume, and with the fan or bouquet effect we can create extra fluff and coverage to give that “volume” effect that our clients desire.

The level of volume that we use can vary, depending on the look desired by the client, as well as what their natural lashes can safely support – so although we have the ability to create more volume, we must always ensure that we do not overload the natural lashes and cause damage.

The Benefits of Russian Volume:

Skill Enhancement:

Firstly, I think that the progression into learning the art of Russian Volume is a ‘must have’ for any experienced Lash Artist – BUT, this technique MUST only be undertaken by the “experienced artist”

“You must be a Master at Classic Lashing, before you can attempt to Master Volume”

You can now cater for every client you meet:

(N.B – when I used the term “she”, I am using this as a “generalisation” only. Eyelash extensions can also be worn by men too, and are therefore an amazing treatment for both sexes).

Lash technicians tend to attract those clients with very sparse natural lashes, and who dream of a thicker, fuller look. Classic lashing allows us to apply only one extension to one natural lash, and on a client with very sparse natural lashes, she will never get the look she desires. Her set can still look sparse; as one-on-one extensions will do little to create extra fullness or hide her “gappy” lash line.

However, by using multiple extensions onto one natural lash, she can now see that extra fluff and coverage that she dreamed of.

Good lash artists will also see a lot of clients who have been the victim of poor lash technicians, and as such will spend a lot of time not only re-educating clients, but trying to repair the work and damage caused by others. As a result of this, you will see a lot of damage and frazzled natural lashes, and lash lines with “bald” areas, where severe damage has been caused – usually as a result of the overloading of extensions.

The volume technique is perfect for this type of client where a lightweight, fluffy set is required so that the damaged lashes can repair underneath.

Increase of lash revenue:

The application of Russian Volume is an art that requires skill and perfection, and we must charge our clients accordingly for our skill. Russian Volume is a “luxury” treatment and, as such, you will attract those clients that are prepared to pay a higher price for this service, which in turn will increase your lash revenue.

You will corner the market:

Russian Volume is such a skilled technique to master, and only those that have the passion and determination will succeed. It takes hours of practice and patience to perfect, and many technicians will give up and choose to go back to Classic lashing only.

Lash technicians attending volume courses have no idea how hard the technique is and assume that because they are “good” classic technicians, then volume will be easy – but they are in for a big shock! Some may think they will walk out of the class having mastered the technique, ready for a full day of volume lash clients that will leave with the most amazing set of Russian Volume lashes, that will rival some of the top lash artists out there: – they couldn’t be more wrong!

From the above I am sure that you can now see why Russian Volume is such a popular treatment within the eyelash extensions industry.

Course Content

  • What is Russian Volume?
  • The benefits of Russian Volume
  • Correct level of volume for clients
  • Correct use of length
  • Volume adhesives and the science behind them
  • Working with your Volume tweezers
  • The perfect fan
  • Wide vs Narrow fans, and how to use
  • Fan consistency
  • Correct Volume fan bases (No T Bars)
  • Adhesive control and glue dipping
  • Attachment of the fan- the wrap technique
  • Correct fan angles
  • Volume lash/eye styling
  • Volume aftercare and cleaning
  • Volume infills
  • How to hold your tweezers correctly for perfect fans
  • 4 different pick-up techniques
  • Glue dipping your perfect fan
  • Correcting an “imperfect fan”
  • Fan perfection practice
  • Working on real clients


Once you have made payment for the course, you are wavering your cancellation rights as per the Consumer Contracts Regulations.

To complete the course you need to provide evidence of previous eyelash extension training by certification. This certificate needs to be emailed to info@eyelashexcellence.com at the time of signing up.

On completion of the entire course you will need to submit 4 case studies (photographic evidence of your work). You must complete 4 full sets of Russian Volume lashes on different clients. Please send close up photographs of eyes open and eyes closed, both before and after, from different angles and a description of the lengths and thicknesses that you have used on each client. Photographs must be clear and unedited so your work can be clearly seen and assessed. Please included your name on your email. Please send your case studies to casestudies@eyelashexcellence.com. These will be verified by the Eyelash Excellence Team before you are issued with your accredited certificate.

Please note, if you are paying in instalments, you MUST purchase the chapters in order. You will not be able to start a chapter without completing the previous chapters first.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to make any and all necessary inquiries with the governing body for their respective country in relation to accreditationrecognised qualification regarding this course. Please note that recognised accreditation varies between different countries and The Institute of Eyelash Excellence takes no responsibility for accreditation, or recognition of any such accreditation, outside of the United Kingdom.

The techniques shown and taught within the content of this course, when followed correctly, demonstrate safe application of eyelash extensions. As with any such treatment, there are inherent risks and it is the responsibility of the individual technician performing the treatment to be fully aware of these risks and explain them in full to any client prior to any treatment being performed.

The Eyelash Excellence and Frankie Widdows take no responsibility for the actions of any individual technicians performing this treatment, or for any injury or discomfort caused to any person – be it temporary or permanent, as a result of receiving this treatment, or use of any equipment, materials or techniques demonstrated within this course. The materials and equipment and techniques demonstrated within this course are suggested and recommended. It must be noted and recognised that individuals receiving the treatment differ and the products and methods may not be suitable for all. It is the responsibility of the technician performing the treatment to identify and establish if the client is suitable for the treatment and which products are best suited, if any, for that individual.