What a great way to learn! Eyelash Excellence online courses are very well put together, easy to follow and very detailed. Being able to access the content forever allows you to go back and review any sections when you feel is necessary. Feedback on case studies by Frankie and her staff is prompt, kind, honest, helpful and very precise. Eyelash Excellence’s focus is clearly to help lash techs all over the globe become better at what they do and to understand why!
Thank you!
Denise S

Just bought Frankie’s Online classic lash skill building course… its absolutely amazing … so much to learn and practice while we are on lockdown !!

Sorrel Cooper
Thank you so much for the course it was amazing and helpful, I’m grateful for your effort, tips and advice that you gave me during the course.
I’m beyond happy that I got the certificate.
Abeer S
Thank you so much for the feedback from all the case studies and any questions I have. I really love all the online courses. It’s really great how detailed the information and pointers I get back.
Zoudee Ros
Your eye styling course has been such a a big help and especially today! I had a young girl come in with heavy eyes, wide set and droopy outer corners. Oh man! If I didn’t take your eye styling I’m almost 100% sure I would’ve given her the wrong style which would’ve accented some flaws :(
The good news is the client was happy and has already booked her next appt with me :)

Thank you Frankie!

Lani - Lashes By Lani

Thank you so much!

This course has been amazing. So much content and I have a lot more understanding of lashing in general, from styling (which I was never taught on my first classic course, with a different company) to creating those perfect fans (which took a bit of time to master).

I’m very excited to keep progressing and I’m definitely interested in doing other courses with yourselves. The feedback has been very thorough and I feel like there’s a lot of support, for not just students but anyone who is interested in doing any sort of lashes. I will highly recommend your courses! One very happy customer!!

Thank you again!

Kim Weston
I just want to write and say thank you so much for basically changing my lash life! After your class, I have grown my own business so much that I have hired 3 lash artists to help take on all of my clientele. Now that you have a US distributer, I have been exclusively using your products after a horrible experience with my previous lash supplier that certified me 10 years ago. I am obsessed with your products and so are my clients! Your lashes are at such a higher quality than anyone else and I love your tweezers too!

I continue my studies, as I am getting ready to take an advanced lash volume course in LA and I am sad I missed out on hearing you speak at the Hollywood Lash Conference in May. I just wanted to send a thank you (a year late) for being an amazing instructor and inspiring lash artists like me to continue to learn and get better everyday! So thank you again so much and I look forward to possibly taking some online courses with you again soon!

Rebecca J
I just enrolled in your advanced class…I watched 3 or 4 tutorials last night, I can’t even begin to explain how much it helped me just in ONE day. I have the same isolation tweezers so I held them like a “dart” and I isolated like a expert! I did a full set in 2 hours!! It was taking me about 3 hours!! Thank you so much. Best money I’ve spent so far and I’m not even done with the tutorials.
E Brittain
I thought the online course was absolutely amazing! I loved the pace of the course. At no point did I feel overwhelmed with the content. I also liked how I could pause when I needed to. That was very helpful when there was an interruption at home. I spent an hour or two after each technique to practice. It was also very nice to be able to go back if I needed a refresher on anything :) Overall, I would recommend this course to anyone! I can’t wait to take many more of your courses!

The case studies.
It was hard to take your critique for a minute. Until I sat back and said “This is why you paid for the Frankie Widdows course! You paid for her no non-sense and no sugar coated teaching!” It made me work so much harder! So! Thank you so much!!

I can’t believe I’m Frankie Widdows certified! Eeekkk! I know I have a long way to go, but I look forward to every minute of it! I’m so happy I found lashes! I realize now that I’ve never been happy at any job I’ve ever had! I love lashing so very much and I want to do it forever ❤

Pam Robertson
Yay!!! Thank you so much!! It’s really really helped doing this course I think it should be essential was transitioning feel like I’ve gained a mountain of knowledge that bridges the gap between classic and volume, I’ve fallen in love with classics all over, thank you.
Lisa F
Thank you very much for your online volume course. I have improved and learnt tremendously from your course. A year ago I was certified in classic lash with another company but felt I know very very little of lashing. From watching your youtube videos, I then found your online volume course. I am from the US, so your online course worked great for me. I just wanted to tell you that I’ve learnt more about classic lashing in your volume course than I’ve ever learn before! Not to mention all the advance techniques about volume lashing. I am very greatful to have found you. I just wanted you to know that you have inspired me very much to become good as what you do as a lash artist. I am still a novice in the lashing industry and will continue to strive my best to improve my skills as a lash artist. I have many many more hours needed to perfect my lashing skills. Thank you, Frankie, for being an inspirational lash artist and a great teacher.
Katelyn Vo
Thank you so so much for all your help, you have literally changed my life. I always thought online training wasn’t as good as in person – couldn’t have been more wrong!! xx
Hannah L
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for what you do, and what you’ve taught me! I’ve only been volume lash certified since December, and tonight I had the hardest set of lashes to do, and had it not been for you and your skill building course/volume course… I wouldn’t have known where to begin! This client was AMAZED when I finished, so thank you for being an amazing educator!!
Recently completed the online Skill Building Course. Practicing away on my placement and direction !!! Thank you Frankie my clients and I have noticed my work changing its amazing !!!!!!


Thanks for a fabulous course. The tutorials are very helpful, clear and detailed and I love being able to go back to them when I need to. And of course, I love your online shop. You have many goodies that I cannot get in SA, such as the accelerant and styling sheets, cc-curl lashes and 0.05 lashes….. So I have no doubt I will go shopping at EE again in the near future.

I have to tell you that after I completed my classic course, when I was still very “green”, I found a number of videos on You Tube, but yours were by far the best. I watched as many as I could.Then my joining the LTT site, and doing an online course, buying amazing products and the process executed so competently and swiftly. It has all been amazing! So “thank you”, for all that u do for the industry, and for being such an inspiration and I know from the LTT site that I am not alone in thinking this.

Thanks lots
Cristina C

Fantastic experience doing the beginners course online with Frankie, fantastic tutorials that were easy to understand and always got fast feedback on any questions and my case studies. Highly recommend this course to anyone out there wanting to start in the lash extension business. Frankie is the best!! xo
I have recently completed Frankie’s online beginner’s training course. I absolutely love lashing and the course was amazing. Attention was given to every necessary detail. The passion that Frankie has for proper training of her students is to be greatly admired and is evident in every single video. I have spoken to other lash technicians and I am certain that this course is way beyond the training that they have received. The videos and instruction given are so motivating that I have been lashing every single day since I started the course in September. Already, so many of the existing clients in my business are pleased that I have added this service to my menu. Any questions or concerns that I had throughout the training were answered very promptly.

Lashing is absolutely by far, the service that I love providing the most to my clients. I now understand a statement that my husband has made to me more than once, “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life”. This is it. I get it.

My only regret is that I didn’t take this training earlier. I would love to have been ready for Frankie’s volume training in Grimsby. Frankie was so inspiring in the online training……I can only imagine how great it would be to train with her in person. I am sorry to be missing out this time and am hoping to get that chance to train in person with Frankie in the near future. I must learn Volume Lashing!

Addicted to Lashes…. ????
Clare Robinson
Nice Nails in Shakespeare, Ontario, CANADA

For me, this course was perfect! It was so informative and well filmed that it felt more like one on one course that i could re-live over and over again, in the comfort of my own home! I feel that i have invested in a great education that puts me in the lead because knowledge is power, gives me confidence to do great work and motivates me to always try harder. Thank you for this amazing volume course!! Xx

Anna Lohi

I initially took Frankie’s course because her Volume tutorials on You Tube were always very informative and her method of teaching was easy to follow. You could really see Frankie’s passion for what she loves and she was willing to share it with everyone! I don’t know any other leading lash educator that does this.This really made her stand out from the rest, and taking her online Russian Volume course was the best move for me. It not only made me more confident, but I also acquired a better eye for this skill. As helpful and thorough her videos are, it was during the case study phase is when I learned the most from Frankie and her constructive feedback.

She was studying and assessing each case study and gave amazing pointers on how to perfect each set. She made me feel like an individual, and not a number, and really helped me not fall into bad habits. I love the emphasis she puts on the client’s lash health and making that the priority. I feel I have become more efficient with each set, more aware and above all I have a clear understanding of what Russian Volume is and what you can achieve with this skill. The best purchase I made is the lash dome sold in her online store! It really stepped up my lash game:) I would recommend this course to any lash technician who is looking to further their skill and take an online Russian Volume course with a reputable Lash Trainer. Thank you Frankie!

Nora Johnson

Thank you! Your course has been wonderful!

Theresa Woods

I absolutely loved the course and can not wait for the advanced techniques release.

Valmae Hicks

With your course, feedback, and guidance you have changed my lashing career. I have applied everything I have learned to not only Volume but my Classic Lashing. What a difference!

Thank-you so much, for doing what you do; You are amazing! I am recommending all of your courses to my fellow Lash technicians. I hope that one day I find myself overseas, with the opportunity to meet you.

Krystal Knoeck

Just wanna say BIG THANK YOU to Frankie and her team for creating fabulous tool of learning on line … Take it and don’t hesitate it !!!

If I got it you will get it too !! I am not fast learner and I need to see many times to get it, and that’s what I did …on line !! … If u like me you will learn no prob at all and does’t matter what age u are …

I was starting to think I was to old for volume training …true I did !

Still my first set and a lot to learn as the professionals would say but I didn’t think I could do it

Lijana Matters‎

With your course, feedback, and guidance you have changed my lashing career. I have applied everything I have learned to not only Volume but my Classic Lashing. What a difference!

Thank-you so much, for doing what you do; You are amazing! I am recommending all of your courses to my fellow Lash technicians. I hope that one day I find myself overseas, with the opportunity to meet you.

Krystal Knoeck

I found the videos to be a great resource and invaluable. I cant rate it highly enough. Loads of information, easy to understand and to put into practice. I love being able to go back and review videos and theory information whenever I want. I did the beginners course last year and am now slowly making my way through the volume. I will also be doing the skill building course as well one day but it wasn’t available online at the time when I purchased the volume course. So I am doing it a bit backwards, hence the reason I am taking my time on the volume course. I still did/do courses one on one though as I also like to have that close interaction with trainers and feel that this is also important. I love training for different perspectives and techniques and feel that needs to come from a variety of sources .

I’m doing her volume course and it’s incredible! So I can imagine her classic course would be the same. There’s so much information there and if I had known before, I wouldn’t have spent $1,500 on another volume course.

I would also highly recommend the online Volume course, I was nervous to learn something so practical through videos but it was AMAZING!

C. Hughes‎

Everything is so well done all !!! And the fact that you can play over and over again the techniques. You learn so much … I don’t pick up things that quick , so the fact that I can watch again and again, made it easier for me to learn !!!
Thank you so much! I loved your online course and the help and support that came with it!

Kelli Fraser ‎