Beginners Online Eyelash Course

Beginners Online Eyelash Course


Classic Beginners Course

PRICE: £399 + VAT if applicable

Our Fully Accredited Online Beginners Eyelash Extensions course is available to those across the globe and the best out there. Why, because it has been developed by Master Lash Artist Frankie Widdows the CEO of Eyelash Excellence. She is an International Trainer, Guest speaker and Lash Judge at the world’s biggest Eyelash Competitions. As such, you can rest assured that the content covered and taught in this online beginner’s eyelash extensions course is the highest standard within the lash industry.

Our courses are not the cheapest out there, but there is a reason for that. Good trainers that teach the correct techniques do not sell their skills for peanuts. The lash industry, like many others has seen the introduction of cheap and quick courses that now seem to be becoming increasingly popular. It is hard not to be attracted by the low price, especially in the current climate. Please do not fall victim to these poor inexpensive trainings. You really do get what you pay for and budget training will 99% of the time result in having to retrain correctly therefore being much more expensive in the long run.

As a Lash expert, you will be taught Frankie’s techniques which are top level lashing, setting you up for nothing less than competition standard. You will finish this accredited and certified online beginner’s classic eyelash course with an in-depth understanding of all the techniques, feeling confident and competent to be able to offer this treatment to your clients.

Sadly, many Beginner online eyelash extension courses teach only the very basics, leaving students lacking the important lash skills. This sets students up to fail, as well as having to retrain investing yet more money. At Eyelash Excellence we still see so many students taking our refresher beginners or skill building online eyelash courses who were victims of just this. They then had to retrain to learn the basic yet fundamental skills that were not included in their course content.

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(Choose the kit option in the drop down box)

  • Adhesive: Onyx Strong hold glue, 2-3 seconds cure time, flexible, great grab, excellence retention, thin viscosity. EU approved and safe
  • Tweezers x2: One short tip angled pickup tweezer, one long tip angled isolation tweezer
  • Glue Debonder / Remover
  • A selection of classic & flat: C curl 0.12mm mixed lengths (for weak/strong natural lashes). C curl 0.15mm mixed lengths (for strong natural lashes). C curl 0.15mm mixed lengths Flats (super lightweight that create a thicker and more dramatic effect)
  • Under eye gel pads: eye pads secure the lower lashes during the treatment
  • Cleanser sachets (add to client aftercare packs or make up your own cleanser)
  • Tile Acrylic hand Palette: attach to your hand
  • Micro-brushes: for intricate cleaning
  • Flocked applicators: for cleansing
  • Mascara wands: To brush through and give to your clients in their aftercare kits
  • Micropore tape: (use for taping down pads, lifting the eye, or stretching inner corners)
  • Jade Stone: Dispense you adhesive onto your stone, keeps your glue cool.
  • Face Mask
  • Mannequin Head: to practice on away from clients to develop your skills
  • Training lashes for use on mannequin head
  • Dental mirror: to check the set from below


Who does this Beginners Online Eyelash Course suit?

This Beginners Online Eyelash Course ideal for those ready to learn about Individual Eyelash Extensions (no previous experience or beauty background necessary) Our Beginners Online Eyelash Course will teach you all you need to know so that you can start offering this to your clients. This is a comprehensive online course, which will guide you step by step through all of the theory, then onto the practical training videos.

Eyelash Extensions have taken the world by storm over the past few years. This treatment gives you the ability to be able to give clients something they do not naturally have: thicker, fuller looking lashes, making this treatment a popular and rewarding choice for therapists, with clients returning week after to week to maintain their beautiful eyelash extensions. Extensions are the ‘must have’ beauty treatment and are perfectly safe to be worn year after year with no damage to the natural lashes providing they have been applied safely.

You can now learn the technique of Classic individual Eyelash Extensions through this easy to follow Beginners Online Eyelash Course, developed by Frankie Widdows – one of the leading  Artists, Educators and Judges within the  industry.

We offer the best Beginners Online Eyelash Courses there are. We were one of the first Training companies to offer online eyelash extensions courses and have thousands of successful students passing through our Academy every year. We are passionate about maintaining high standards within the eyelash extension industry, as such our Beginners Online Eyelash Course reflects just this. Want to see some of our student work from our Beginners Online Eyelash Courses, then check out our student gallery at:

So, are you ready to start your new career in Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions? If so, what are you waiting for, sign up now to our Beginners Online Eyelash Course.


The answer is yes, as proved by our many thousands of successful students that have taken our Beginners Online Eyelash Course over the years. The key to learning online is to ensure that you take a detailed and structured classe that will guide you through every step of the way, teaching you to run before you can walk.

Our Beginners Online Eyelash Course contains the same content as taught in our in person 2 day classes that run from 10am-6pm. Therefore, this Beginners Online Eyelash Course we offer is at least 16 hours long and packed full of detailed content that you won’t find elsewhere.

Our team of Trainers are ready to assist you in the event that you require our help. Just drop us an email at and one of our trainers will be in touch ASAP.

You can learn from our Beginners Online Eyelash Course with the reassurance that you have our unlimited ongoing support for however long you require it. Our students are with us for life, as such we are always here to offer guidance.

Students also receive 15% lifetime discount off all our Eyelash excellence  supplies as well as 15% off any additional Online courses purchased.


1 – Purchase your Online Beginners training lash course and log in to your account

2 – Click on your Beginners Online course to access the videos (all there and ready to view)

3 – Download your Student Manual (located under the first video)

4 – Work your way through the theory videos of your online course (use your manual to follow along)

5 – Work your way through the practical eyelash videos of your online Beginners course

6 – Start practising your techniques before moving onto real models

7 – In your own time, submit your online case studies for assessment in in depth feedback from our Eyelash Excellence Trainers.

8 – On successful completion of 2 case studies, receive your Eyelash Excellence certificate.

What is covered in this Beginners Online Eyelash Course?

  • Legislation

  • Health & Safety

  • Anatomy
  • Contraindications & Contra-actions
  • Client consultation and patch testing
  • Growth cycles and lash sheds
  • Client expectations and how to meet them
  • Types of natural lashes – weak, healthy, strong – and assessing which type of lashes your clients have

  • How to assess the correct length, curl and thickness for the client
  • The science behind your products – this is paramount for getting good retention
  • The different curls you can use
  • The different thickness of extensions
  • The different lengths of extensions
  • Lash direction, correctional work, creating uniformity and direction
  • How to lash map
  • Lash styling for beginners
  • Creating symmetry between the eyes
  • Isolation tips and tricks

  • Applying a full set of lashes

  • Infill procedure

  • How to peel the lashes off

  • Full Removal of Eyelash Extensions

  • Why we don’t infill others work

  • Client aftercare

  • How to price your sets

  • And much more…

What you will need to complete this Online Eyelash Extensions course:

Beginners training kit

If you haven’t completed a Classic course previously, then we recommend that you purchase your Beginners Online Eyelash Course Kit which you can select from the options near the top of the page.

This Premium kit is jam packed with all the lash supplies you will need to work your way through your Beginners Online Eyelash Course.This kit is specially selected to contain the highest quality products in the industry, the key to producing beautiful sets on your clients. There are many cheap lash products/kits out there but sadly they are usually poor quality and will make it difficult to complete your sets as well as lashes falling off in few days. This is why we provide an optional kit, so that you can work with the products that we use in our own salon and train all of our students on.

Eyelash Excellence Online Eyelash Extension kit:

Intermediate Eyelash glue (Onyx),  Eyelash Extensions Glue de-bonder/remover, Under eye gel pads, 2x tweezers (Long tipped & short tipped tweezers), Glue Jade stone, Micropore Paper tape, Eyelash Lash palette, Mascara wands, Micro brushes, Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions in C curl 0.12mm, Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions in C curl 0.15mm, Classic Flat Individual Eyelash Extensions in C curl 0.15mm, Training Mannequin head,  Tray of Mannequin head practice lashes, face mask, dental mirror and cleansing sachets.

Add your Online Eyelash Extensions kit to the “purchase option” near the top of the page

Online Training Case Studies & Certification:

Once you have worked your way through this Beginners Online Eyelash Course  and feel ready, you are to complete and pass 2 case studies. There is no time limit to complete this Online course.

On Successful completion of your 2nd Online case study, you will be issued with your fully accredited certification and can gain insurance.

Case study requirements can be found by clicking here , please read these before doing your case studies as it clearly sets out the criteria and requirements for each course. Failure to meet the criteria set may lead to a fail. Full guidance is in the link above.


Our Online Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions Training course is accredited with Lash inc and will be recognised by many insurance providers, but we can’t guarantee all, as some have different requirements. Lash Inc recommends insurance companies such as Westminister Indemnity, AXA, Directline for Business, Towergate Insurance, Hiscox, Aviva. These are just a few of the very affordable insurance companies out there.

If you are outside the UK, please check with your own governing body as to whether they will recognise our Online Beginners Classic Eyelash Extensions course.

Want to be the best, then train with the best. Sign up now and start building your own career.

If you have any questions then please get in touch at or using the contact us form.

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