Eyelash Extensions Kit (Classic)

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Our Eyelash Extensions kit contains everything you need to create stunning sets.

Whether you are new to the industry or have been offering this treatment already, our huge professional Eyelash Extensions kit is here to offer all the products you need.

Perfect for use with our online courses, if you took your training elsewhere and didn’t receive a kit or on the lookout for a comprehensive kit to assist you.



Out of stock

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Eyelash Extensions kit contains:

  • Adhesive: Onyx Strong hold glue, 2-3 seconds cure time, flexible, great grab, excellence retention, thin viscosity. EU approved and safe
  • Tweezers x2: One short tip angled pickup tweezer, one long tip angled isolation tweezer
  • Glue Debonder / Remover
  • A selection of classic & flat: C curl 0.12mm mixed lengths (for weak/strong natural lashes). CC curl 0.15mm mixed lengths (for strong natural lashes). C curl 0.15mm mixed lengths Flats (super lightweight that create a thicker and more dramatic effect)
  • Under eye gel pads: eye pads secure the lower lashes during the treatment
  • Cleanser sachets (add to client aftercare packs or make up your own cleanser)
  • Tile Acrylic hand Palette: attach to your hand
  • Micro-brushes: for intricate cleaning
  • Flocked applicators: for cleansing
  • Mascara wands: To brush through and give to your clients in their aftercare kits
  • Micropore tape: (use for taping down pads, lifting the eye, or stretching inner corners)
  • Jade Stone: Dispense you adhesive onto your stone, keeps your glue cool.
  • Face Mask
  • Mannequin Head: to practice on away from clients to develop your skills
  • Training lashes for use on mannequin head
  • Dental mirror: to check the set from below
  • 33% Discount voucher for money off any future online training courses

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Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 8 cm


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