Online Eyelash Extensions Skill Building Course

Online Eyelash Extensions Skill Building Course


Are you an existing lash technician and feel that you are ready to take your lashing skills to the next level? Or did you receive initial poor beginners training and want to enhance your knowledge? This course will guide you step-by-step through a variety of Advanced techniques, that will provide you with an army of advanced lash skills ready to use on your clients, and bridge those gaps in your knowledge.

Purchase your Skill Building Lash Kit – selected by Frankie

x1 Skill building Manual, x1 Intermediate glue, x10 Under eye gel pads, x1 Mixed length tray of B curl 0.10mm, x1 Mixed length tray of C curl 0.10mm, x1 Mixed length tray of C curl 0.12mm, x1 Mixed length tray of Flat lash C curl 0.15mm, x1 Dental mirror, x1 Lash cleansing brush, x1 Lash Palette

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This course is the next step in your career from, ‘Beginners’ into ‘Advanced’, and is perfect for the novice technician, those who had poor initial beginners training, those returning to the industry, as well as those wanting to learn advanced Classic lash techniques before they move onto a Master course or Russian Volume. These skills are a ‘must have’ before you can progress further within your lash career, you must master those basics and advanced skills to become a good volume tech in the future.

The Lash industry advances so very quickly and you can easily be left behind, and using out-dated lash techniques. This course will demonstrate the latest and most advanced techniques to speed up your lash time, create extra fullness and fluff in your sets, easy in-fills, create uniformity, capping and stacking techniques, clever use of lash curls, bonus eye styling and lash styling section – and so much more. (See below for full list of the lessons included).

What is covered in this course?

  • In depth theory

  • Bonus Eye Styling section
  • Science behind the products – how your adhesive works

  • Different Types of isolation tweezers – when to use each of them

  • How to hold your tweezers – important for lash control

  • Prepping mannequin head

  • Cleansing

  • Lash Set up – pros and cons to each

  • Pad application

  • Lash Mapping

  • Isolation

  • Adhesive dipping

  • Creating uniformity and lash direction

  • Assessing the natural lashes

  • Different thickness lashes, lengths and curls

  • Mixing curls

  • Flat lashes

  • Volumetric calculations – how to do this to ensure using multiple lashes safely

  • Top line effect – lashing in layers

  • Control of lash height

  • Capping/stacking

  • Feathering

  • Colour lashes – when to use and how

  • Speed Lashing

  • Infill procedure

  • Full removal

  • Washing lashes after set

  • And much more…

What you will need:

Many of you will already have all that you need for this course, however you may wish to purchase some additional lash thicknesses, curls and colours to assist you with the techniques shown in this course. This course will include practical exercises using makeup sponges and a mannequin head, therefore I recommend that you purchase these to assist you with the course.

Please watch the lessons and decide for yourself what additional lash items you may want to purchase. You can purchase items individually from our online shop, or in a kit form when purchasing the course.

Case Studies & Certification:

Once you feel ready you are to complete and pass 4 case studies, on completion of your 4th case study you will be issued with your certification.

Full case study requirements can be found at please read these before doing your case studies as it clearly sets out the criteria and requirements required for each course.

For the skill building course you are required to show the following skills by the end of your 4 case studies; feathering, capping/stacking, mix of thickness and mix of curls.

IMPORTANT: My online courses can either be purchased in full, or you can spread the cost by purchasing them chapter by chapter – (this option is more expensive). The courses and their content have been developed in order and come as a complete course, and not for individuals to pick and choose which chapter they want to purchase. You cannot access a chapter unless they are purchased in order.


  1. Denise, Ontario, Canada

    What a great way to learn! Eyelash Excellence online courses are very well put together, easy to follow and very detailed. Being able to access the content forever allows you to go back and review any sections when you feel is necessary. Feedback on case studies by Frankie and her staff is prompt, kind, honest, helpful and very precise. Eyelash Excellence’s focus is clearly to help lash techs all over the globe become better at what they do and to understand why!
    Thank you!

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