Pre-Made Volume – Mixed Length

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Pre-Made volume  – Mixed Length Trays

Beautiful quality Pre-made volume fans. These are “pre-made ” and “pre-glued” fans that are attached to an individually isolated natural lash, to create added fullness for clients.

Pre-made volume allows those that are trained in Classic eyelash extensions only, to now offer a form of volume to their clients.


Pre-made volume mixed trays currently available in:

Pre-made 0.07 C curl in 3D through to 6D

Pre-made 0.07 D Curl 3D through to 6D


Pre-made volume – Mixed Length Trays

Pre-made volume fans, the easy way to create extra volume. Each pre-made volume fan is consistent for a perfect full effect. Pre-made volume has become an increasingly popular lash treatment across the globe. Giving clients that fuller effect than can be achieved with classic lashes.

The benefits of Pre-made volume:

Pre-made volume, assist new volume trained lash artists to complete their sets. Use both pre-made volume and hand made when learning the volume technique.

Pre-made volume is great for a speedier lash treatment.

Pre-made volume is suited for client’s that may not be able to lie still for long periods.

Pre-made volume works well on oily clients as pre-made fans are less likely to close.


If we choose to use Pre-made volume (a form of volume), we must apply pre-made volume safely.

Below you will see a guide to assist you with how much volume is safe if you want to use Pre-made volume. You will see that we have used the weights of 0.15/0.12/0.10 eyelash extensions as a comparison.

If your client could usually wear a 0.15mm classic eyelash extension then they could safely wear either the following pre-made volume – (4x 0.07mm) or (7x 0.06mm) or (9x 0.05mm) on the strongest of their natural lashes, on weaker natural lashes a lighter weight Pre-made volume fan would have to be used.

The thicker the Pre-made Russian volume fan is, then the less dimension you can use.

Pre-Made Russian volume fan weight guide:

0.15 = max of (4 x 0.07mm) or (7 x 0.06mm) or (9 x 0.05mm) pre-made volume
0.12 = max of (3 x 0.07mm) or (4 x 0.06mm) or (6 x 0.05mm) pre-made volume
0.10 = max of (2 x 0.07mm) or (3 x 0.06mm) or (4 x 0.05mm) pre-made volume

Please ensure that if you working with Pre-made volume, you always work with a variety of different dimensions of Pre-made volume fans within your sets to keep the natural lashes healthy and your sets safe.

Additional information

Weight 39 g
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 2 cm

C curl 0.07 Mixed tray, D curl 0.07 Mixed tray

Fan Size

3D, 4D, 5D, 6D


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