Skill Building Course – Chapter 1

Skill Building Course – Chapter 1

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Please note you MUST purchase the chapters in order. You will not be able to start a chapter without completing the previous chapters first.

Are you ready to learn the latest eyelash extension technique to take the world by storm? Would you like to extend your lash menu, increase your lash revenue by up to 90% and be able to cater for every client that walks through the door?

Purchase your Skill Building Lash Kit – selected by Frankie

x1 Skill building Manual, x1 Intermediate glue, x10 Under eye gel pads, x1 Mixed length tray of B curl 0.10mm, x1 Mixed length tray of C curl 0.10mm, x1 Mixed length tray of C curl 0.12mm, x1 Mixed length tray of Flat lash C curl 0.15mm, x1 Dental mirror, x1 Lash cleansing brush, x1 Lash Palett

Would you like to be the Master of your craft and set yourself apart from your competition, with your beautiful volume masterpieces?

If the answer is “Yes” then this is the course for you.

On successful completion of your course you will receive and accredited Volume Eyelash Extensions certificate.


On successful completion of your course, you will receive an Eyelash Extensions certificate. To receive your certificate you will need to submit 4 case studies (photographic evidence of your work). You must complete 4 full sets of Eyelash Extensions on different clients. Please send close up photographs of eyes open and eyes closed – both before and after, from different angles and a description of the lengths, curls and thicknesses that you have used on each client, as well as the eye styling, if applicable. Photographs must be clear and unedited, so your work can be clearly seen and assessed. Please include your name on your email and case study number. Please send your case studies to
Case studies will be verified by Frankie, before you are emailed with your certificate.

Case Study subjects: Feathering, Mixing curls, Capping and Stacking, Lash styling a client.


Many of you will already have all that you need for this course, however you may wish to purchase some additional lash thicknesses, curls and colours to assist you with the techniques shown in this course. This course will teach you to perfect your technical lash skills and will include practical exercises using makeup sponges and a mannequin head, therefore I recommend that you purchase these to assist you with the course. Please watch the lessons and decide for yourself what additional lash items you may want to purchase. You can purchase items from our online shop at

Are you an existing lash technician and feel that you are ready to take your lashing skills to the next level? This course will guide you step-by-step through a variety of Advanced techniques, that will provide you with an army of advanced lash skills ready to use on your clients.

The Lash industry advances so very quickly and you can easily be left behind, and using out-dated lash techniques. This course will demonstrate the latest and most advanced techniques to speed up your lash time, create extra fullness and fluff in your sets, easy in-fills, create uniformity, capping and stacking techniques, clever use of lash curls, eye styling and lash styling – and so much more. (See below for full list of the lessons included).

This course is the next step in your career from, ‘Beginners’ into ‘Advanced’, and is perfect for the novice technician, those returning to the industry, as well as those wanting to learn advanced Classic lash techniques before they move onto a Master course or Russian Volume. These skills are a ‘must have’ before you can progress onto the following, and will provide you with the technical knowledge required to allow you to move forwards in your lash career.


A good lash technician must possess excellent technical skills. Without these, you will never be able to create beautiful masterpieces. Most lash technicians I meet never “train’ themselves in lashes away from the client – but instead use clients to practice their skills on. This is ok, but with any subject or skill you must take part in training sessions, break your skills down into individual elements and work on perfecting those before you can put them all together.

As such, I teach all of my courses with a variety of methods and spend a lot of time with my students working on the technical aspects of lashing, away from the client – and only when we have perfected those, can we then go and work on real clients putting the skills we’ve learnt into practice.

During this course we will be working with practice sponges, mannequin heads and finally a real client. The use of each element allows you to see close up, exactly what the techniques require you to achieve. The practice sponges and mannequin heads will allow you to work comfortably and at your own pace away from clients, home-in on your technical skills, expose any flaws in your work that could be hidden by lashes on a real client, and prepare you for work on your clients using the techniques practiced and perfected.

I will suggest that you do your “home work” away from your clients – something that I do a lot of myself, using sponges and mannequins heads to learn and perfect new techniques, before I then apply them to clients.

Lashing is a journey that requires many hours of practice, both working on clients and in your own time away from them – never forget this. You may not be a busy lash tech, but it doesn’t mean you can’t practice all the skills you will learn on this course and perfect them, in readiness to combine them – as we will do on this course.

Remember that practice makes perfect. Enjoy the journey, and happy lashing!