Volume Lash Course – Chapter 4

Volume Lash Course – Chapter 4

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Are you ready to learn the latest eyelash extension technique to take the world by storm? Would you like to extend your lash menu, increase your lash revenue by up to 90% and be able to cater for every client that walks through the door?

Purchase your Volume Lash Kit – selected by Frankie

x1 Russian Volume Manual, x1 Advanced Black Volume glue, x10 Under eye gel pads, x1 Hand tested by Frankie Volume tweezers, x1 Mixed length tray of C curl 0.07mm, x1 Mixed length tray of D curl 0.07mm, x1 Speed lash accelerator, x1 Volume lash dome, x1 Dental mirror, x1 Lash cleansing brush

Would you like to be the Master of your craft and set yourself apart from your competition, with your beautiful volume masterpieces?

If the answer is “Yes” then this is the course for you.

On successful completion of your course you will receive and accredited Volume Eyelash Extensions certificate.

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Russian Volume is a technique developed in Russia. It is the use of ultra-fine extensions (0.05, 0.06, 0.07 – and sometimes 0.10), that are picked up in a “multiple lash pickup” technique, to create a “fan” or “bouquet” of eyelash extensions. These are then applied to the natural lash to give a fuller look than can be created with Classic lashes, where we can only apply one extension to one natural lash (i.e 0.12, 0.15, 0.18, 0.20).

The use of these “ultra fine” lashes allows us to keep the lash weight light, yet still create added volume, and with the fan or bouquet effect we can create extra fluff and coverage to give that “volume” effect that our clients desire.

The level of volume that we use can vary, depending on the look desired by the client, as well as what their natural lashes can safely support – so although we have the ability to create more volume, we must always ensure that we do not overload the natural lashes and cause damage.

There are many benefits to gaining the skill of volume including;

  • Being able to cater for any client
  • Natural progression in lashing career
  • Skill Enhancement
  • Increase Lash Revenue
  • Corner the market – when you become good at your craft!

So if you want to take your lashing to the next step and develop your career then this is the course for you.

What is covered in this course?

  • What is Russian Volume?

  • The benefits of Russian Volume

  • Correct level of volume for clients

  • Correct use of length

  • Volume adhesives and the science behind them

  • Working with your Volume tweezers

  • The perfect fan

  • Wide vs Narrow fans, and how to use and create

  • Fan consistency

  • Correct Volume fan bases (No T Bars)

  • Adhesive control and glue dipping

  • Attachment of the fan- the wrap technique

  • Correct fan angles

  • Volume lash/eye styling

  • Volume aftercare and cleaning

  • Volume infills

  • How to hold your tweezers correctly for perfect fans

  • 4 different pick-up techniques

  • Correcting an “imperfect fan”

  • Fan perfection practice

  • Working on real clients

Case Studies & Certification:

Once you feel ready you are to complete and pass 4 case studies, on completion of your 4th case study you will be issued with your certification.

Full case study requirements can be found at https://eyelashexcellence.com/case-studies/ , please read these before doing your case studies as it clearly sets out the criteria and requirements required for each course.

IMPORTANT: My online courses can either be purchased in full, or you can spread the cost by purchasing them chapter by chapter – (this option is more expensive). The courses and their content have been developed in order and come as a complete course, and not for individuals to pick and choose which chapter they want to purchase. You cannot access a chapter unless they are purchased in order.