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Awesome Straight tipped YY Lashes 0.07

£16.95 + VAT if applicable

Our Straight tipped YY Lashes are available in both single length and mixed length trays. Our YY lashes have proved so popular over the months that we decided to introduce a slightly different variation of the YY Lashes so that you can offer your clients even more variety.

So what is new?

Our new Straight Tipped YY Lashes are still the same high quality standard we offer at Eyelash Excellence as well as offering great retention due to the long bases, however they have different tips that now offer a more uniformed look for the clients that prefer a less “splayed tip effect”.

Please read below for additional important information on our Straight Tipped YY Lashes….


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8-15mm available in 0.05mm

6-15mm available in 0.07mm





What is the difference between our YY Lashes and Straight Tipped YY Lashes?

Normal YY – Offers a more textured spiky effect with the tips spread open wider for a Hybrid type effect.

Straight Tipped – Offers a softer, volume effect with the tips closer together.

Important – our Straight Tipped YY Lashes come from a different manufacturer to our Original YY Lashes. This means that there may be a slight variation in the curl and length: for example, a C curl from one manufacturer may look like a CC curl from another. A 10mm length extension may look like a 9mm extension from another manufacturer. Although we do our best to try to keep consistency across the brand, sadly this is not always possible when working with multiple manufacturers.  This information is important if you wish to mix different type of extensions, therefore we suggest that if you want to do this, always test your extensions on sponge first of all to see if they will blend.

Our Straight Tipped YY Lashes have proved very popular and we can see why. YY Lashes provide a hybrid/volume effect yet with the ease of a classic application.

YY Lashes are similar to a pre-made fan, with x4 strands being present in that fan/lash. They are called YY Lashes because the shape mimics that of x2 Y shaped extensions bonded neatly together to create the YY fan, hence YY Lashes. They have a long base that then splits half way to form the fan shape. The long base of the YY Lash results in easy application (like classics) as well as great retention. The splayed YY Lashes tips create a volume/full effect hence why YY Lashes can be referred to as a hybrid effect.

YY Lashes come in both 0.07mm and 0.05mm, this means each YY Lashes are either x4D in 0.07mm or x4D in 0.05mm making them very lightweight. They are also a very cost effective treatment for the lash artist, due to the amount of YY lashes you get in a tray again making them a very popular choice. And with their beautiful box design and recyclable packaging how can you resist these YY Lashes?

Single length and mixed length trays available.

PLEASE NOTE – short lengths such as 6/7mm in 0.05mm are not yet available. However 6mm and onwards is available in 0.07mm thickness. We hope that this will be rectified over the months – until then you can always use a sharp craft knife and ruler to cut the base of your 8mm in 0.05mm to create shorter lengths.

Some of our single length tray inserts (the card inside) may not have lengths written on them and are blank. This was due to a printing error by our manufacturers. If you are an  artist that works off a blank tile that does not have designated lengths already written, you will need to take a pen to marks on the strip. However lash lengths are written on the box to identify each variety.

How many YY Lashes are there per tray?

12 line trays – 1740-1800

16 line trays 2320-2400

How to remove a YY Lash from the strip to keep the fan intact:

Grab the fan at the top of the long base but before the YY Lash splits into a fan (approx halfway up the lash). Gently pull forwards and upwards towards your forehead.

Always use a precise pair of volume tweezers. You are still working with a fan and to ensure the fan stays intact and all parts of the YY fan are grabbed, the tweezer used must be precise. Classic tweezers will not suffice.

Visit our range of hand tested volume tweezers

Additional information

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