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Camellia Eyelash Extensions (fringed)

£8.95 + VAT if applicable

Camellia Eyelash Extensions contain multiple lengths of volume lashes per strip. These easily allow you to create a feathery/textured look with a single pickup.
These Camellia Extensions have been designed to have the perfect variety of lengths per strip to ensure a gradual and textured effect.

Creating textured effect with these Camellia lashes has never been so easy.

*Packaging may vary*


Camellia Eyelash Extensions allow you to stay up to date with the latest most popular trend of the wispy look. Camellia were developed with 3 different lengths per strip to allow the artist to create a textured multiple length fan.

Check out the product images to see how our Camellia Eyelash Extensions work and the stunning textured sets that can be created with this clever product.

How to use Camellia Eyelash Extensions.

If the strip states 6/7/8 – then that strip is technically a 8mm length. The shorter lengths of 6mm and 7mm will add the texture in your sets.

Trays consist of

2 rows x 6,7,8

2 rows x 7,8,9

3 rows x 8,9,10

3 rows x 9,10,11

3 rows x 10,11,12

2 rows x 11,12,13

1 rows x 12,13,14

Additional information

Weight 28 g
Dimensions N/A

C Curl, D Curl


0.05, 0.07


Mixed Length, 6mm-8mm, 7mm-9mm, 8mm-10mm, 11mm-13mm, 12mm-14mm


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