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Super Fast Eyelash Glue – CLEAR Supersonic

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The same adhesive as our popular Super Fast Eyelash Glue Superonic, yet clear.

This fastest curing adhesive in our range meets the highest safety regulations that govern eyelash extensions, meaning this adhesive along with the rest from our range are the safest you can buy.

Clear Supersonic has been developed for experienced lash artists, or those working in low humidity environments.

  • Fast eyelash glue 0.5 seconds
  • Thin viscosity
  • Clear eyelash adhesive
  • Strength – very strong and flexible
  • Non wicking (will not close your fans)
  • Suitable for all techniques of Eyelash Extensions
  • Experience Level: Very Advanced (due to its super fast cure speed)
  • Temperature: 19-23 degrees (66-73f)
  • Humidity level:  40-55%

This is a super fast cure eyelash glue, suitable for the “Very Advanced” fast tech and where temperature and humidity levels have to be controlled to perfection or if you suffer with low humidity and require a faster adhesive.

See below for more info on this product.

In stock


Why is this super fast eyelash glue clear?

It is very much a personal preference when working with eyelash extension glues as to whether you prefer a black or clear adhesive.

If you have a client who is allergic to black carbon then a clear eyelash extension glue can be the solution for them. However, many lash artists incorrectly believe that if they have a client that has shown sensitivity to a black adhesive then by using a clear glue this will solve this issue – this is in fact incorrect.

Clear eyelash extension glue can be said to create a cleaner looking set, especially if working with coloured lashes where you do not want the black adhesive to be visible at the base. It works well on fair clients too where brown lashes are used and a black adhesive can be noticeable.

Many of you asked for a clear version of this eyelash extension glue, therefore we have delivered.

NB Product packaging may vary

At Eyelash Excellence, we are passionate about providing safe products to the lash industry, and ensuring that all cosmetic based products are produced within the EU/UK and meet all strict safety regulations which supersede those across the globe.

We are working hard to educate the industry on the influx of non approved products our industry is now saturated with, being produced in countries whose safety regulations fall far short of what should be set as an overall standard.

Buy from us with confidence that you are buying not only cruelty free,  approved products that are safe for you and your clients.

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