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Eyelash Extensions Consultation Forms x 30 Forms – (NON patch testing)

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Eyelash Extensions Consultation forms are an important part of treatment, providing a legal document between you and your client.
NON – Patch testing Eyelash Extensions Consultation Forms
Eyelash Extensions consultation forms are designed for the therapists that DOES NOT patch test their clients (this varies from country to country) IF YOU ARE REQUIRED TO DO PATCH TESTS THEN PLEASE PURCHASE THESE
Designed to covers all aspects of client health, as well as cancellation/rescheduling policies etc to protect your business.
The “must have” Eyelash Extensions consultation forms for any therapist.

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Eyelash Extensions Consultation Forms (Patch Testing)
What is included in this Eyelash Extensions Consultation Forms?
Medical questions:
Below you will find the medical questions explained (why we ask them)
Allergy to latex, plasters, collagen, fish, acrylic nails?
Some therapists wear latex gloves or use latex based products. Some people that are allergic to plasters, may also be allergic to micropore tape or similar products used during the treatment. Collagen is present in some of the under eye gel pads. Some collagen can be derived from fish oil, therefore if you have an intolerance to fish/shellfish this could pose a very serious risk to your client. Those that are allergic to acrylic nails may also be allergic to the adhesive due to the same product used in our glue:  cyanoacrylate = acrylic (part of same family)
Other know allergies?
Is there any other product the therapist needs to be aware of.
Those that suffer with Asthma are recommended to tell the therapist of where they keep any asthma pump.
Hay fever?
This is a contra-indication in severe cases.
Extensions may not be suitable for those that suffer with this, due to the period of time with the eye closed.
Light sensitive?
Strong lights are used overhead – a diffuser may need to be used.
In some cases clients have returned with frazzled tips – this can be where they light a cigarette.
Eye disorders?
Can be a contra-indication for extensions.
Contact lens wearer?
Must be removed for the treatment.
Taking HRT, steroids, thyroid meds?
Can affect the retention in some cases.
We recommend to never lash pregnant women as it is recommended that they do not lie in one position for any length of time, which can put pressure on the Vena Cava which supplies blood to the fetus. Extensions are safe for pregnant women to wear, but the bad press associated with the industry creates articles that can provide scare tactics for the above subject, and a tech may be found to be held liable for any incident that may occur to a pregnant women who had a set of extensions applied.
Oily skin and hair?
A primer may be used in the circumstance and the client notified that retention may be affected due to the natural excess oils.
Chemotherapy with the last 6 months?
Doctors note is required as lashes can grown back very brittle, or certain medications may prevent the treatment.
Have you worn extensions before?
The opportunity to explain exactly what happens during the appointment.
Additional notes?
This is where any relevant info can be added that is not recorded above.

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Client Consultation Forms - (NON patch testing)

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