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Lash Training with Eileen – Vancover, Canada


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Take our two days in-depth beginners classic lash course with Eyelash Excellence trainer, Eileen Eillott.

Friday 6th and Saturday 7th December in Vancouver Canada.

Limited space available.

Lash Kit & Refreshments included.

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Day 1:

In depth theory


Health & Safety


Contraindications & Contra-actions

Client consultation and patch testing

Growth cycles and lash sheds

Client expectations and how to meet them

Types of natural lashes – weak, healthy, strong – and assessing which type of lashes your clients have

How to assess the correct length, curl and thickness for the client

The science behind your products – this is paramount for getting good retention

The different curls you can use

The different thickness of extensions

The different lengths of extensions

Lash direction, correctional work, creating uniformity and direction

How to lash map

Lash styling for beginners

Creating symmetry between the eyes


Applying a full set of lashes

Infill procedure

How to peel the lashes off

Full Removal

Why we don’t infill others work

Client aftercare

How to price your sets

And much more…

Day 2:

(all students will work on a mannequin on Day 1, prior to working on their model on Day 2)


Re cap over practical skills in the morning, on mannequin head

Work on live models

Select the correct length, curl and thickness for their model

Client cleansing

Pad application

Lash mapping

Building their structure

Filling their set

Checking for stickies

Checking for uniformity

Finishing your set

Maintenance Infills

Removal of eyelash extensions

Assessment and Case Studies

Students are required to practice and perfect their lashing techniques on mannequin heads and live models after the course. Students must provide and pass 4 case studies to evidence their work before they become certified. Any student that does not meet the required standard will be invited back for a free refresher day. Students that pass their 4 case studies will be sent out their Eyelash Excellence certificate, this can then be provided to your chosen insurance company.

Case studies are photographic evidence of your work as such photos must be clear and unedited and be taken both before and after eyelash extensions have been applied.

Full requirements can be found at: please do read these as it clearly states out the criteria and what is expected.

Please complete one case study at a time emailing it to: and wait for feedback before completing the next case study.

Each case study will be assessed against the required standard by the Eyelash Excellence Team.

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Friday 6th and Saturday 7th December 2019


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