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Festive Glitter Eyelash Extensions Spikes – 0.07mm

£11.99 + VAT if applicable

Glitter Eyelash Extensions may not be for everyone, however for the client that loves something a bit different, these glitter lashes are just perfect.
Whether for a special event such as Christmas, or for wear at any time of the year, you can wow your clients with our amazing glitter eyelash extensions.

These are the new technology in eyelash extensions. Our Glitter spikes are similar to easy fan volume lashes, but in reverse. To create spikes that will not fall apart, these glitter lashes are coated in a minimal film of flexible glue.

This means you can also choose how many extensions you want in your spike by simply peeling the amount you want to use.

Please note that we have limited stock of these seasonal glitter lashes. Once they are gone they are gone so don’t miss out.


How to use:
Using a pair of tweezers that grab well, peel apart the extensions to determine how much volume you want to pick up. We recommend grabbing the extensions either halfway down or near the very base – this will help to keep the bases together.
In order for your spikes to be consistent, it can also help to “pre-load” your spikes prior to commencing your set. For example, create your spikes away from the client and attach to double sided tape. This means you can then quickly pick up your “already created” spikes and place onto your client.
Bear in mind that these are glitter lashes, therefore some glitter debris may be left on your tweezers, so you may decide to use specific tweezers only when working with glitter eyelash extensions.
You will see the glue looks a little like strip lash adhesive: this is completely normal and what keeps the extensions together in a spike, without this they would fall apart.
Glitter spikes are best used as accent extensions placed evenly in the set, however who says you can’t use glitter eyelash extensions throughout the whole set.
We have put together mixed trays of these, with two complementing colours per tray.
Each tray is made up in total of 16 rows of glitter eyelash extensions, so 8 rows of each colour.
7mm  x1
8mm x1
9mm x1
10mm x1
11mm x1
12mm x1
13mm x1
14mm x 1

Additional information

Weight 40 g

Silver & Gold, Purple & Hot Pink, Green & Blue


C, CC, D


Mixed Tray (7-14mm)


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