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Lash Mapping Guides

Lash Mapping Guides


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Lash Mapping guides.
These include every lash map you will ever need. Allowing you to cater for every client you meet. The simple yet effective way to map every client. Simply peel off, apply over your eye pads and start creating styles.
  • 336 pairs of lash maps – Bumper pack
  • 14 different lash mapping styles
  • 24 pairs of pads per page (per design)
  • Lash mapping made easy
  • Classic and Volume lash mapping guides available
  • Available in both white or blue pads
Developed by Master Artist and styling Judge Frankie Widdows. Now you can recreate some of her most popular styles as well as those seen at the Worldwide competitions.
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Product Details
Lash Mapping guides stickers:
Choose either the Blue pack, or white pack in either classic or volume mapping designs.
We offer pink lines to help you to see the lash map lines, and the “blue” sticker is perfect for those clients with very fair hairs, which can sometimes get lost against with white of a sticker or pad.
We have put together 14 different eye mapping styles to assist the artist. Peel these off, and apply over your choice of eye pad.


What’s the difference between the classic and the volume pack?

Volume designs tend to be much shorter in length overall, with the use of much shorter lengths in both the very inner and outer corners. As such we have incorporated this into our styling guides giving the tech more choice when styling.


What maps are included in these Lash Mapping Guides :

Mapping User Guides

The following information is a very loose guideline for you to be able to know which to choose. If you feel you have gaps in your knowledge regarding eye styling, then please consider taking our online course or in person training where this subject is covered in depth. There is so much more to eye styling than just choosing the look, it’s about choosing the correct curl(s) and where to place them, lengths, thickness, classic/volume/flats, blending curls/lengths/thickness, using advanced techniques, direction, face shape and much more besides.

We have provided both medium and long length mapping guides for various styles depending on your customers natural length. For example: Classic: Rounding (Long) etc

DOLLY – This will suit those who are wide set, who have a lot of space between their lid and brow and some hooded eye shapes. This also suits the younger client where their natural lashes tend to be naturally longer with shorter lengths on the inner and outer to keep it safe. It almost mimics a dolly look  have whereby the same length is used across the whole eye. The use of the longest length being used for a large proportion of the eye, but with the quick gradual step down to shorter lengths on the inner and outer zones gives the same illusion whilst remaining safe.

ROUNDING – Very good for a hood. This tends to be a great on the more mature person. Gives a beautiful natural lift to the eye and looks youthful with length over the centre of the eye with shorter lengths on the inner and outers to open the eye. This is also good to use on someone who has wide set eyes as it will draw the eyes closer together.
KITTEN ROUNDED – This is quite universal and this is what we teach beginners to use as it will suit most. This is usually what people want when they ask for a Cat effect, they just don’t know it. This gives lift and a feline flick to the eye on the outer third. Longest length usually follows the arch in the brow and then the lengths graduate back down on the outer corner to maintain safety and give shape. This is a great effect to place on someone who is close set.
FRANKIE’S KITTEN POINT – Although similar to the rounded kitten, this gives a slightly sharper point to the longest length and lifts the eye. This will suit most people as will the Kitten rounded, just if you want a more defined build up to the longest length then go for the Kitten point. Again is a good on those who are close set.
FRANKIES CAT – The longest lengths are usually placed on the outer zones on a “normal” cat effect. Frankie has adapted this to ensure that it is kept safe while trying to still give the desired effect. This only suits a small number, as they need to be able to support the longer lengths on those very outer areas. It will exaggerate a droop or wide set client.
DRAMATIC KIM K – The Kim K style is quite popular with the younger clients who are used to wearing strips. This will not suit those who do not have much distance between their eyelid and brow especially on the inner corners as the extreme lengths used for this style can distort the face. This version of Kim K is like the more traditional Kim K effect with long lengths and spikes being used throughout the whole eye, with shorter lengths used either side. On the style guides the pink lines represent the spikes, black lines are the shorter lengths to be used around the spikes.
SOFT SUBTLE KIM K – this is a toned-down version of Kim K, so this might be good for those clients who want Kim K but don’t have the lashes to support it or the distance between the brow and lid. Also good for those who want a more soft Kim K design, so the spikes do not stand out as much as the dramatic style. On the guides the pink lines represent the spikes, black lines are the shorter lengths to be used around the spikes.
DRAMATIC (in the classic pack) – This is great for those who are blessed with naturally long  lashes and want a more dramatic effect as it uses longer lengths throughout the eye. This tends to suit younger models, those who wear heavy eye make up or clients that want a long and dramatic effect.
EUROPEAN (in the volume pack) – With this style the lengths are kept short on the inner corners and then the length is continued from just before the iris on the inner section all the way to near the outer with a quick gradual taper down for weight safety. This creates quite a natural result by only really extending the outer part of the eye.


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Customer Reviews
Rated 5.0 out of 5
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Rated 5.0 out of 5
October 18, 2020

OMG these are amazing. How have I ever lived without these? I am new to lashing and although we covered basic lash mapping in my beginners course, I wanted to start learning to do different styles. These make mapping so simple. Just peel off, stick on and follow the map. I want to eventually be able to map my own clients when I am more experienced, but until then these are really helping me to understand the different styles.

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