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Dramatic M Curl Eyelash Extensions

£14.50 + VAT if applicable

Stunning M Curl Eyelash Extensions in our gorgeous recyclable packaging

The new lash curl on the block, to create dramatic effects on your client. It was the top Russian lash artists that first showcased M curl eyelash extensions. Although a very versatile curl, this curl is well known for its dramatic sensational effect when used with the Cat eye styling.

Available in both 0.05mm and 0.07mm

Mixed trays lengths 6-14mm




M curl eyelash extensions can create some stunning effects on your clients. The straight base leads into a sharp upright curl for an extreme lifted effect.

M curl eyelash extensions work well on hooded eyes to extend out and upwards over the hood, as well as being used for the Cat effect where the extreme angled effect on the outer corner creates that feline flick.

Our mixed trays come in both 0.05mm and 0.07mm so a thickness to suit all clients.

Our mixed length trays have lengths from 6-14mm in the following combinations;

1x 6mm

1x 7mm

2x 8mm

2x 9mm

2x 10mm

2x 11mm

2x 12mm

2x 13mm

2x 14mm

Would you like to learn how to use these M curl eyelash extensions correctly for the Cat effect look?. If so why not check out our Digital Cat eye effect Manual that you can find here:

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