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M Curl YY Lashes – 0.05mm and 0.07mm

£15.95 + VAT if applicable

The M curl has proved popular ever since it was introduced several years ago, however you will struggle to find M Curl YY lashes, until now.
We wanted to be ahead of the game, and offer those of you that love our YY lashes a different curl… introducing our M Curl YY Lashes.

To learn more about these M Curl YY lashes, please continue reading below.


Why use the M Curl?

We introduced these M Curl YY Lashes for several reasons. Firstly it is such a popular curl for creating another version of the trending “Extreme eyeliner/cat effect”. Its angular curl is perfect for creating an extreme look that cannot be achieved with the standard lash curls we are used to.
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The second reason was purely selfish, Frankie wanted an extreme curl that would suit both her own and her mothers lashes. Both have droopy eyes with poker straight natural lashes, so even the D curl never provided the correct lift. With both loving the YY lashes, this brought about the M curl YY Lashes being introduced so both Frankie and her mother had the correct extensions to suit them.

Available in 0.05mm & 0.07mm mixed lengths.
If these prove popular we will look to introduce single length trays in the very near future, so we would love it if you could provide us with your feedback to assist us.

How to work with YY Lashes.

Each YY lash is made up of 4 individual strands/extensions, which are pre bonded at the base. Minimal adhesive is used to ensure the base of the extensions are seamless and will attach perfectly to the natural lash. This means that these YY lashes are very delicate and the lash artist must pick them up correctly to ensure the bundle/fan of extensions remain intact.

For this you will need to work with a precise pair of volume tweezers, classic tweezers will not suffice. These extensions are created in a similar way to premade fans, therefore to ensure you grab all those extensions with precision and keep the fan intact, your tweezers must be suitable.
Please check out our range of Volume Tweezers

Grab the bundle/fan either at the very top of the straight base (before the bases split) or just slightly above where the fan splits.
Every tweezer works differently so it is up to you to experiment with the best pickup method to suit your tweezers.

We also have a helpful video to assist, view here:

Additional information

Weight 40 g

0.05mm, 0.07mm


Mixed Lengths

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