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Mega Volume Lashes – 0.03mm

£12.95 + VAT if applicable

Mega Volume Lashes 0.03mm

Mega volume lashes are ultra fine eyelash extensions which means they are super lightweight and can be used in large dimensions to create that mega volume effect on your clients.

By using multiple 0.03mm extensions, you can create bigger fans than the standard Russian Volume effect thus creating that dramatic mega volume look many clients desire.

Our Mega volume lashes fan beautifully, just like butter. Whether on the strip or by using the pinch or finger roll method. Watch yourself create beautiful fans.


Mega Volume Lashes 0.03mm mixed trays in 6-15mm lengths

Want to create that Mega volume effect, if so these lashes are for you…..

What is Mega volume?

Mega volume is advanced volume and will create the fullest achievable look within the eyelash extensions industry. Mega volume uses extremely thin lashes of 0.03mm in 9D upwards, depending on what level of volume your client can support. The most popular fanning technique for mega volume lashes is the pinch technique where by the extensions are fanned between the fingers. These mega volume lashes have been developed to be perfect for this technique and fan like butter for the perfect fan (of course skill is still required by the lash artist).

These extensions can also be fanned on the strip if you are an artist that prefers that fanning technique.

Tray combinations:

1x 6mm

1x 7mm


2x 9mm

2x 10mm

2x 11mm

2x 12mm

2 x13mm

2x 14mm

1x 15mm

Check out our online mega volume course here: 

Additional information

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C, CC, D


Mixed 6-15mm


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